Chicago Crime – White Policeman's Story for being kicked off for "Excessive Violence."

Higher and Higher
Black Jackie Wilson / White Rights. I’m re-reading the chapter on my autobiography where I’m engaged to a Chicago policeman who was just kicked off the force for “excessive violence” against blacks when he was called to break up a race riot at lounge. It was right across the street from my home on 7916 S. Euclid Avenue, Chicago, and 5 blocks from the privileged and pampered Black Michelle Obama, 7436 S. Euclid. The Chicago Police department accused him of “hate crimes!” The blacks thru Jew block-busting pushed out and terrorized the White so bad, that Whites lost their businesses, sold their homes for practically nothing, left neighborhoods that were built and paid for with White tax $$, left Christian churches to close down. “Most” of those Christians are gone from the membership roles until today. If my fiance, an exile from the Communist (Jew) Hungarian Revolution in 1956 that came here was sooo hateful, why was his favorite song a “black man’s song” “Higher and Higher” for he said I lifted him out of his deep depression. Perhaps he was suicidal too! In fact, he “idolized” the black music and Jackie Wilson. But for his “worship” all the blacks, Jews and Chicago Police gave him was “hatred” and took the sides of the blacks who claimed “RRRRRRacist!” And each of us Whites had to stand “alone” to face not just these people but the entire world against us.  Now today, with Chicago the #1 crime capital of the World, more murders than anywhere even Communist God-hating China which has few if any, what do you think of the “crimes” in Chicago. Was my fiance “excessive” in his force? Why isn’t the crime of Chicago the “least”. Why did I have to run out of there so fast I almost didn’t use a plane because of the violence against me?  Here’s Black Wilson dancing. I’ve done many of his movements and I would just be called “crazy.” If a black man or woman does it they are “geniuses”.  The USA, Chicago, the world, has the mind of the Jew.

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