China’s 3 Baby Policy. Hitler’s White Babies

China upped its birth rate to two babies instead of one. Now three babies! My oh my! As I write in my book, World War II was fought against the Germans since they wanted more White babies. At that time, Whites were 33% of the world. Now White babies are 3%. I read that in Israel, they’re having as many as 12 babies as Mama had in the USA but was trashed here for doing so. If Mama were in Poland as our ancestry, and moved to Germany and worked for them, within a year my mother would have become a citizen. The highest medal of the National Socialists was the German Mother’s cross given in memory of Hitler’s mother, Klara. Six children.

I was conceived after World War II, which is when all hell broke loose in Chicago, where the Jews illegally immigrated to since their Polish slave population was already there. Mama said it’s when our people became spiritually dead. We need a resurrection.