Christian Identity, Pastor Eli, White Alliance Radio,

Whites as Chosen of God, not Jews. This live show is about how Jews blame Catholic Church as “rulers” of World. When Jews have written back decades ago they control world, and definitely USA, Whites, our Tax $$$.  I have written about Christian Identity as far back as 9/09/09 on my blog and I think facebook: You would have to then look up on radio the 9/9/09 shows.
It explains why Jews had to get land of Palestine for their ‘god-hood’ over White species hence world. But their object is not to build us up, but once they give us loans etc. they will take them away, as Jews are chopping up USA and all White world countries and giving them away to any other race to “oppose” and rob us.
I’ll be watching at 12 noon CST for another show of Christian Identity. If you are White no matter what your Jew, black, brown, connections, you still must learn of your own true identity which is the highest not the lowest as Jews have done to us. You are not a slave of Jewish wife, Black president, Brown maid or worker, but a son and daughter of God the true Israelites in Bible.

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