Churchill and Jewish Cigars and Brandy

Vincent Van Gogh:
It’s estimated Winston Churchill who led White Europe into war against Germany, smoked 1/4 million cigars in his lifetime. It was a Polish Jew who funded him with money to start a hate campaign against Germany, as did the kidnapping, cutting off the foot, and murder of Charles Lucky Lindbergh’s 2-year-old son in the USA. The USA convicted a German immigrant and the Jew involved in the case fled to Europe and lived happily ever after. It incited both White countries to World War II.
Jews invented the bottle to get White (Christians) drunk and are responsible for the tobacco trade and 13,000,000 Black lazy and savage workers, misnamed slaves, in the USA since 1650 and probably naive White Europe. All Whites who have ancestors or who smoke or drink owe their addictions to the evil Jews, who don’t imbibe in either since Poland 1025-1945, now hear. I don’t argue the exception; I argue the rule.
In this link, it shows how addicted and angry the Jews made White Churchill. His enemy was not “Germany,” but the Jews addiction to money, etc. etc. etc.

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