Communist Chinese, Jews, Middle East Wars for White Involvement

Elvis & Communism: Elvis studied Communism and its effect on our people for ten years of his life. What Elvis never did was connect the dots to Jew-Race and Yellow Chinese Race. He knew it was the Commies who were intentionally drugging our (White, even Christian) youth up, and that is why he paid that impromptu visit to President Nixon so he could “actively” use his celebrity and entertainment as avenues to stop. That was 1970. It’s 40 years later and worse. Why?
Communists: Jew and Yellow Takeover. We have to think Jews started the Communist Revolution not only against Russia, but Whites. We were duped into World War I and II for the Jews. But Jews are always several steps if not several years ahead of us. When Communists were killing off 100,000,000 White (Christians) and Whites, we Whites of Canada, Europe, America, the World all sided with that sweet character, Jews made up, Joseph Stalin and his Jewish Commie handlers.  (and made the monster of Hitler when in fact the men the opposite was true about both men)
But we have to realize that the Jews and Commies pulled off World War II against us. That ended in 1945…. then…. coincidentally… the Yellow Commies revolted and took over an entire country of China with 1.3 billion people. That is when Jews and Yellows began making their deals.
It was 1921 when Yellow Chinese, so impressed with what the Jews did to the White Russians, they took began the Communist party there.
Jews made sure they destroyed Yellow Japan and it wasn’t long before we “felt sorry” for them and Japan become the #1 car dealer… replacing the USA. And the “car” was our #1 source of income. (Now it is illegal drugs, booze, pills, easy stuff to pawn off on unsuspecting Whites as Jews did the black workers.)
It was right after Jews dropped the atom bombs, that in “1946” immediately after Jews destroyed Whites and Europe, that the next kingpin on the scene would emerge… China had their “Revolution” and we know who the Kings of Revolution instigators are… the Jews. From Wiki:
Then in 1950, begins the White USA’s wars with the yellow people, just one year after Commie takeover of China. It was planned to keep Whites so occupied with the worst suffering on earth, wars and the injuries, addictions, bankruptcies of our treasury, and breakdown and murder of our White men and people. And we slid right into their hands as well as Jews.
At the exact time, US began our war with yellow Korea….. That kept us busy with war, robbing our treasury, making Jews rich, adding to the misery of the most miserable people on the planet, the White Race… and in 1950, the Korean War began. No sooner that ended in 1953, then in 1955, the Whites got sucked into the Viet Nam war for nearly 20 years! 200,000 White male suicides alone from just that one war.
Then the Jews realizing everything was going as planned, put the USA into Middle East Wars: Here’s list of their wars, and truly we don’t belong there. None of our news should be about their problems, and I don’t want to be part of the Jewish Israel takeover of USA and don’t want to be involved with them. It’s nearly impossible for everything in our 24/7 reality is Jew controlled, and now Yellow Commie control who is taking over with $$$ and Brown Mexicans are by strutting over the border, and Blacks thru Welfare and Jews laws. Other races replacing us in best jobs, housing, $$$, and above all schooling, while we descend into 4th world status. What a way to go down and how sorrowful.

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