Continued: Jew Leo Frank Innocent? Little Mary Phagan

I feel sorry for the author of the book I sent to you yesterday from
As a researcher for truth, I was surprised about Little Mary Phagan’s great-niece, Mary Phagan Kean’s book on the murder. My first impulse was to believe her assertions in Chapter 3 “My Search Begins.” And perhaps that is so and would like your feedback. I doubt if I’ll listen to the rest. It’s what the jews programmed into our people and to discourage us. 
The odds are a trillion to one that a “nice” Jewess befriended Mary Phagan Kean, that there was a tragic jewess’ relative male who died in the worst “accident,” and that the Jews gave Mary many documents of appreciation for sticking up for the dead Jew. The Jewess and Mary Phagan Keane were buddies for life even going to the same distant university. Whites don’t suspect a thing. And Jews are equipped to change identities, documents, locations, even faces through surgeries.
From my research, it seemed the Jews planned the affair of President Wilson, blackmailed him for $50,000. Plus they wanted the 1st Supreme Court Justice. Afterward, three Jews took over President Wilson who was their puppet. 
Little Mary Phagan’s murder on Confederate holiday, 1913. Jews were playing the race card against Whites. Their 1st movie after stealing the movie machine, The Jazz Singer, starred Jew Al Jolson, a son of a cantor, and the movie was about a synagogue. 1927. 
The Little Mary’s trial was to “feel sorry” for the Jew, have the governor commute the sentence, even though he was on the defendant’s legal team. Jews then started the Anti-Defamation League, ADL, to attack White Christians in our own country, home, and land. Jews must have done the same in Poland. 
Jews took advantage of our naivity when they forced White President Wilson to install the Federal Reserve Bank, also 1913. Christmas Day president. It was mockery. 
What was the 1st act of the Federal Reserve Bank: World War I? Why? So Jews could leave Poland where they bled dry from the tears and sweat of my Polish ancestors for 1,000 years of war/alcohol. The land of Palestine was promised to the Jews. Then Jews fomented the Russian Revolution. How did the ever get away with all this and no one knew?
The Jews are mathematical. Not a coincidence. Mary Phagan Kean says that the Jewess was her “best friend.” Really? So was Judah P. Benjamin to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. So was the Mormon founder’s Joseph Smith’s constant companion an English Jew who moved right next door and was with Davis 12 hours a day. Same for Elvis. The only two people who were with him all the time, not his mother, father, or daughter, were a Jewess who was hidden from the tabloids. Elvis’ other constant company was jewish Larry Geller his hairdresser and spiritual advisor. 
We can see the same with Biden’s first choices – all 12 jewish. Same for President Roosevelt. And went back to Poland and Hungary year 1572 and we have only begun to look. 
Jews destroy all books, documents, and authors, even metal bookplates. They bought up all the publishers and ousted them as they cheated Thomas Edison. 
When the author said that she worked from documents. By that time Jews controlled the news, which began before 1896 to now. Look at what we have today for White mass consumption. Jewish internet! Only their human, mortal, liver, and kidney’s trash! They are humans and not divine.
Anyway, here’s Chapter 3 again about The Murder of Little Mary Phagan, by her great-niece influenced and best friends with a Jewess and her family for life! It’s sad. I know a missionary who went to Israel and Russia for 9 years. He said they are the most wicked people on earth. Forging documents, even identities. Even the rabbis!