David Duke Radio Transcript 2-3-12

DD: I believe in freedom of speech, and all other principles of human freedom, are at stake. They can murder you, threaten you, persecute you and no one will know about it if you can’t talk about it. The Jewish editor, Edward Adler, called for the assassination of Obama, but “that” isn’t called “hate” speech, as they accuse European Americans. Many kids will read “White people or White Race,” and see what it says for text books for kids, etc. it is almost always in a “negative” sense. If you hear “black people,” we read and hear and watch of their culture, accomplishments, good qualities. But when one hears White it is always “slavery” etc. Muslims have done it. If you read Jew historians, (Shocking Truth About the Jewish Role of Slavery, my video)…… but Jews boast and brag about how “they” were the world champions of slave trade. Not just “African”. Not just here in USA but South America, even back to Roman times…. JEWS ARE THE SLAVE TRADERS. But because Whites bought from Jewish black trader salesmen, Whites are admonished.
You can check in Smithsonian that even in the Indian tribes today, the White genes were here before the Indian tribes came over the Bering Straight. Thousands of years ago, these White people, a gentler race, were genocided and taking over by a more aggressive Indian tribes.
Jewish extremists gained control of our people and demoralize us so they could take over. My guest today: Gary John
GJ: Slave trade…… eastern countries also suffered. In the opium trade, a lot of (yellow) Chinese were used in the opium slave trade. Opium slaved and addicted tens of millions in China, and also, enslaved (White) Europeans. Names like Sassoon, right thru India and Britain, right up until now.
DD: The basic Christianity philosophy, do unto others, you wouldn’t want to addict them. Our Europeans have “served” the purveyors of evil. Jewish Extremists ran the slave trade and it was Britishers ended slave trade. The Britishers went on high seas to stop the slave trading in Africa. That says quite a bit for “our” people. I am trying to reach the liberals so that they might understand it is unhealthy for them to feel hatred for themselves and other European-Americans. They who had ethnic solidarity has brainwashed us into believing we are an evil people. It makes it easy for them to take over our media, finances. The media makes us hate ourselves and makes the rest of the world hate us. It is a device the Jewish extremists have used against us. Let’s talk about Jewish role in anthropological say that “we” don’t exist, and the same as “Palestinians” don’t exist! Are you familiar with Franz Boaz?
GJ: We are all part of same race…. until you talk about slavery… Ah! there is a difference for them….. Ah! then you talk about Holocaust, then there is a difference in race…… Every race has a right for their own survival.
DD: Franz Boaz was a physicist, not anthropologist. All of the main accolades that taught this were Jews. (He mentions names,) . Media, government, finance supported it. And they taught us over and over again. And recently Mr. Gould (Jew) also said that race didn’t exist. Jerry Diamond says in the Smithsonian: Thanks to DNA we can now determine who are Jews. But it is only for “them.” This is a weapon used against us and to promote globalism… because we are all the same. But in fact we are very different.
GJ: Say to the Chinese we are exactly the same. You are a little bit yellow. And they don’t believe it. You feel a group tight unity that we are lacking. He mentions names who brought this left wing thinking into USA. They changed European American the way we thought. It has had a huge influence on western culture. We have become pathologized, according to Keven McDonald.
DD: The overwhelming Jewish role in this. They have overwhelming led this movement. The Gentiles knew that if they camped on these ideas their careers would be forwarded. These ideas have come from the most racist people in the world. In Israel, there are professors that teach: ‘Only Jews are men.’ They hold high positions around the world and no one opposes that, but applaud them. This is a racist weapon to control the West. As soon as Europeans regain control of our own destiny, certainly the world will become more free.
NoteNote Break “There has to be a way to restore the light that we have lost!”
DD: Use the search engine on davidduke.com for these topics. Again, see my video on youtube by Rabbi Edward Adler that seeks to assassinate President Obama for “Israel’s” sake. You can send these links on my archives also on rense.com. We are talking about Jewish extremism also in China as America. They are trying to destroy any ethnic loyalty for European Americans. It is quite interesting how they “mobilize” for their ethnic Jewish extremist goals. They support terrorize from Israel and double standards for them and us. If any one dares criticize….. it is like a nightmare… like a science fiction movie.. that they look like us, dress like us, but in reality are trying to destroy us. They try to make our people “hate” ourselves. Jewish extremists have a constant litany like the Holocaust. There were many crimes against Europeans. Bolshevism, started by Jews, killed many many more people. We vaporized and burned to death many in Dresden, Hamburg Germany and Japan. There is massive saturation of Holocaust. That is to make us immune to the Jewish question. We have deep resistance to thinking the Jews could do anything wrong. It is also seen by Jewish community and it makes them think that they have to stick together, support the state of Israel… because the Holocaust is always lurking behind the curtain.
GJ: The Holocaust is like a shield and mainstream media is under control of Chosen ones, and anyone steps out and says anything against them, the media will attack you with the media and make you feel guilty. But if you try to strike back at me, I will bring up “Holocaust.” How many Europeans will talk of tens of millions of Europeans that died? 50,000,000 + died vs 6,000,000… but the Europeans will stick up for “them.”
DD: When you see ancient cities of art works, to china, homes, women and children burned alive by intentional policies of bombing, it affects your mentality. And it might make one want to strike back. Churchill started people bombing. There was one vote away to accept Hitler’s peace proposal. 7 days Churchill bombing. Finally, skies cleared and German bombers came to retaliate and Churchill was seen on his balcony to shake his fist at Germany.
BreakNoteNote “I climb the mountain and get excitement at your feet. Right behind you, I see the millions, on you, I see the glory, from you, I get opinions, from you, I get the story……..”NoteNote
DD: We are trying to reach out to liberals, and so have conservatives who support the wars in the Mideast which hurts Americans. Hundreds of thousands of our own have been hurt. Many people hate us so much they want to kill us. It is the Jewish Extremists who use the media, government, banks. (The Triple Zionist Matrix of Power) If you control $$ it is easy. Humanity is not one, but many. We are different, culture, music, architectural form, we have different expressions of physical beauty, different heritages. I am “not” a racist. Media attacks me with what they are. I am the opposite of a racist. I want all to survive and to be “enriched” and be allowed to be diverse. What they are doing is the exact opposite. They are trying to get us wrapped into their sick movies and buying in to that policy and at the same time dominate Europeans. When they control West, what they have to do, (Russia, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada… etc.) is they have to weaken our own sense of what is good for us. If they can get us to hate each other or ourselves we will not defend ourselves. Europeans do not control our own government. Jewish extremists control our government, people. Instead we have the welfare of a tiny little country called Israel instead of our own interests. We would support ourselves as well as what Israel’s neighbors who have been persecuted by Israel. I want to pound these issues over and over since we face war with Iran.
GJ: Very insightful. Palestinians, Egypt… Zionists were there upsetting the Arabs and turning them against each other. No country is allowed nuclear weapons “except” Israel. You have to turn this around. If these Zionists were in China and could control of banking, media and Chinese foreign policy. It is not going to happen.
DD: Chinese won’t allow it. But the American people were not aware, nor were they ready. If they started to worm their way into China….. Chinese would recognize the Zionists for they don’t look like Chinese. In America, the Zionists were more invisible since they looked more like us.
GJ: You have a lot of Christians in America and they are “pro-Zionists,” and believe in Old Testament that “Israel” is first and foremost and support them.
DD: It is good to be with you, Gary…. Hollywood is into every thing that is not good for us.

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