Der Stürmer: Jew Sax, Black, & White Blonde

1934: How Jews forced Blacks on Whites until today. This is what the Germans faced under Jewish tyrants.

They also started Hollywood in 1927, after stealing both White inventions: movie and talkie machines. 1st Movie had a Jew who had his face painted Black. Now Blacks have no self-esteem problem, pampered since 1650, no wars, (Vietnam many Blacks had business positions not as White bodybags for Jews and Chinese.)

Jews weapon: control Whites sexuality our most basic instinct and breeding for survival. Now the White woman as in the picture seems to be a sewer for the Jews’ and non-White’s sperm. And Jews force laws protecting them and hate me who loves my God, people, country, and self. God made all so He / She will care for them not me. Guilt = Death and I’m not guilty.