Ernst Zundel & Carlos Porter: End Holocaust Rumors; Begin Truths

As I edit my book for the 39th time, I found this interview that has sound advice from Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists, Carlos Porter, and Ernst Zundel. My last book chapter is on ideas for Whites to survive and get along. It’s taken from the end of the video below.

Ernst Zundel, Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist, interviewed Carlos Whitlock Porter, who father was a California mayor, lawyer, and wartime Navy officer in Japan. Zundel thought the information was motherhood and apple pie but useful as the war of lies rages. 

“Keep the moral standards of the nation high. It’s sabotage on the home front to wangle something for ourselves on the side. Dishonesty and indulgence in us sap the nation’s finding strength. A decent world tomorrow depends on how much each of us lives today. And I would like to ask, ‘Is this a decent world? Do you think so?’ 

“The secret weapon that will win the war: morale. Congress can’t vote it. Dollars won’t buy it. It’s our job to build it. Put unity into your community. Unity starts with “you.” To win this war, stop private wars at home, on the job, with neighbors. Honest apology ends friction and starts teamwork. If we all pull together, we’ll all pull through. Be a rumor stopper. Rumors help the enemy. Trace the facts. Face the facts. Don’t exaggerate. Make your community gossip proof, smear proof, panic proof, fear proof. Every patriot shoots a rumor dead on site.”

Zundel says, “The holocaust is a rumor that has gotten out of hand. If all of us applied the very simple admonition that your father put out in the newspaper during the war, that rumors “help” the enemy. ”