Eva Braun – the Entertainer; My Autobiography Similarities

In my autobiography chapter, “I Was the Perfect Human Hitler Woman,” I wrote that I’m a composition of two different women. Please let me know what you think of the cover of my book. Jews have put out millions of book covers, which is the most important feature. My book has to say what it’s about: I’m a good White woman and a “protestor,” who has suffered as we all have in silence. But no longer. This picture was taken at the Chicago Tea Party, which I discovered run by two jewish men. I confronted both of them, since I asked them their last names. They are shocked, when I say, “You’re Jewish aren’t you? And you ran the entire Tea Party protest? Whites will have to assume our leadership and have no more slaves of any race. We already have all the material items we need. Now we have to heal up, bind together, and love one another. I called Associated Press, who took this picture and sold my image to a British newspaper. Jews paid me nothing. Even though they made money on “my White” image, they wanted $5,000. Fortunately, I found the Chicago photographer and he gifted me not with the same one, but one he didn’t sell. My book has “meaning.” The cover also has “1,000 Years Together.”

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, wrote of what the Jews did to Russia for 200 years. My autobiography reveals the Secret Jewish Empire of Polish White (Christian) slaves in Poland 1025-1945, and from 1946 until today in America. Here’s his audio book:

On page one, he stated he did NOT go back before 1775. Why? Russia, Prussia, and Austria went to war against Poland who didn’t resist and they merely walked over the border as the Mexican army. Russia “won” the Polish land with the Jewish criminals. By 1875, 2,000,000 (Polish) Russian pure-bred Jews entered America. Criminals. See “The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Gangsters in America. What’s mysterious is that I recently watched the video about Ernst Zundel’s “Get Off Your Knees Germany,” made my someone who covered his life. After Jews firebombed his home and all his years of research and documents, the filmer shows Ernst picking up a book. He wiped off the soot off the white book cover as the fire damaged home is shown in the background. Coincidentally, I recognized it as the book that I analyzed in my autobiography:

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I was  domesticated, breastfed when all White women used baby formula drugs, gardened, raised pedigreed German shepherds as Hitler mated Blondi.

Queenie had 52 puppies. The first 39 were mongrels. Then she mated with champion pedigreed, Von Nassau’s Sherpa and had 13 pups. I reasoned in 1975, if dogs can be pedigreed, why are white humans forced to give up their race, be ashamed, and persecuted? It’s the worst injustice in human history to be replaced in their father/motherland.

worked and supported my family, and dedicated my life to my White sons and my Veteran who was a corporal, fought the Communists, lost, and suicided as Hitler did. I put this on my blog after President Trump made a new law for the military victims of jewish Communism, but gave the first award to a jewish soldier! It’s ok. Jews infiltrated the German and French churches, royalty, and government. By the year 1095, the German and French men got on horses and physically drove the Jews out. Some to Poland, where the Jew and Jewess already controlled Polish banking and our lives. Other Jews fled to Yellow China, who massacred them. Jews didn’t return until they destroyed Europe and America, (later South Africa) and started the Chinese Revolution. Both Jews and Chinese Supremacists now after they reduced Whites to lower than animals. 

But there was another perfect Hitler woman. Eva Braun, the entertainer, with gowns, as I am in costumed karaoke.

Barbie Doll, Queen of Karaoke, in a gown similiar to the dress famous actress Ginger Roger’s wore. SAMSUNG

I read she’d entertain at the Wolf’s Lair or Eagle’s Nest. If I’m mistaken about these names or other facts, let me know since I cover many, many other topics than the jewess holocaust lies. Eva in one of her many gowns. She was also romantic and had Hitler bow and kiss her hand! Jews who control fashion since 1900, now make clothes as skimpy, cheap, and lightweight so they can make more $$$$$$$$$$$.$$ off Whites who as of yet can’t think for themselves. But there’s an awakening and hopefully the En-White-nment!

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Eva sacrificed her womb knowing she wouldn’t have children. Gymnast. Lover. See her dancing in this German film. The movie made Hitler look bad, but the jews do the same to us around the world. 
In one book I read, Hitler went home every Saturday to make love to Eva Braun. It was on a couch in the living room or foyer. Jew Google criticizes every aspect of his life and that topic is no difference. Whites should criticize the jewish man’s sex life and his rapes of the German women and how the National Socialists deported the rapists before any others. Sadly, I would assume, those Jews hit America and other White countries to spread their sexual perversions worse than animals. What I read is that Hitler was loyal to her and never cheated on her. Since the National Socialists wanted more pedigreed babies and also brought the fighting White male and fighting White female together, it was simply part of the big picture, but a minor part. Ingrid Rimland wrote a book on sex and I’ve read 29 but awaiting marriage or a relationship or will save it for my next life. Metaphysically, when we die, we take with us what we’ve learned in this experience. 
Since there are over 1,000 books on Hitler but by the time I came along there were “0” about Eva Braun, my research is mainly German’s World War II from a woman’s point of view. Not a b – – – –  but a good White woman. 
Please ask David Irving to write a book on Eva Braun. His Secretary, Traud Junge, or his Mother Klara. It must be so since the highest medal of the land, the “Mother’s Cross” was given to a White woman who had more than 8 children (gold as Mama would have received if she moved to Germany), 5 children, silver, and 3 children bronze.

The Germans might have given Mama, mother of 12 babies, the Gold Mother’s Cross since German’s World War II wasn’t about White Supremacy, but babies since their population was endangered.

To the National Socialists, the Olympics of having babies was more important than those who competed on the field in the 1936 games. (I believe Germany took the most medals, but don’t quote me since I deal with so many topics.)

Persecuted since Mama’s womb. In this vintage picture Mama doesn’t wear a gown since she only knew work and slavery. It looks as if I’m glowing in a little white dress and shoes. What I never noticed is there’s a dead tree in front of my home on the right.

It was 1948, when Jews officially stole the land of Palestine to gradually become the gods of the White people, replacing the #1 anti-Semite, Jesus. What’s odd, is that Mama stood up to the Jews and even the other races. But everyone called her “crazy,” as I suffer today. It’s metaphysically dangerous since the mind adapts to not only a person’s thoughts but to those around them or the collective thought. Mama died in 1996. Within a year, the #1 Chicago caterer to the stars, George Jewell hired me to hire only Whites and no homosexuals. It wasn’t merely hiring Whites, which was challenging enough, but “developing” them. All laws today are against Whites . . . as in Poland since before 1251. It’s the same system, different continent. In the picture is the home I grew up in that burned down on March 29, 1960. I ran to the apartment upstairs through smoke and singed by flames to save Baby Pamela Wojcicki left in the front bedroom. Odd but Jewess Sue Wojcicki owns YouTube who banned all of us even in Europe so we can never communicate with our European brothers and sisters and learn of their customs, costumes, dances, art, music, songs, poetry, inventions, castles, wars, religions, philosophy, and history.  

Mama’s big mistake: she’d tell Daddy, “Stand up to the jews you coward.” We suffered agony, which will afflict all Whites, or whatever is left of us. I once wrote, the time will come when the last whites will be put into zoos with the animals as Jews kept my Polish people in barns with “less” rights than animals. Hitler was first to put laws in effect to protect animals, but he also had mega-laws to protect and save the White Endangered Species. February 27 is the Great White Polar Bear Day. My protest sign said, “Save Great Whte Polar Bear, Save White Race!” And Polish immigrant, Anna, said to add the word “honk!” in red, which I did. It was at a stop sign and when I looked in the cars the other races were mad, the Whites were dumbfounded, some honked and smiled. Ah, to get Whites to have a ‘real’ smile not an artificial jewish one. 

Last year I had a protest there and stood where I had seen White women protesting with Black men for “Black Lives Matter.” Those women hate White men and hate themselves, their ancestry, and descendants but love everything else in the solar system. Jews drove Whites crazy and even they aren’t as crazy as our people have become.
In the movie, Traudl Junge, Hitler’s Secretary is afraid. Eva’s dancing on the piano as I danced on the picnic tables around 2010 at the Las Vegas German Bavarian Hofbrauhaus. I read Traudl’s book as well as the “Lost Life of Eva Braun.” 
I read that Traudl applied for the position of Adolf’s administrative assistant. There were many other applicants waiting to do the same. She felt nervous when she took the typing test. Jews aren’t afraid of tests since they make them and the textbooks and train the teachers with all laws and scholastic grant money for them and the 92% non-Whites of the world. When she failed the test, Hitler “felt compassion and sorry for her.” Autobiographically speaking, I worked at jewish Donco Paper, for owner Robert Mendelson as his Sales Coordinator. The women who trained me from Arkansas, Wanda, warned me when all the others were out to lunch, “You must leave this place. It’s Satanic!” Her words, not mine. She added that she became desensitized to their abuse against her and was their victim of nine years. She was going to go back home even with no money or job.
Sure enough, after Wanda left, Teresa Alai, the Jew’s office manager, came up to me and told me to do a letter for Mr. Mendelson. No one would dare dress his highness by his first name. I reminded Teresa in 1994 that she said at our first meeting she’d train me to learn the computer and Microsoft to type letters. She ran and got a 1,000 page Microsoft manual, stormed back at me, and slammed it on my desk in front of me and said, “Here! Teach yourself! And (Jew) Mr. Mendelson wants it done in 10 minutes! Can you imagine what the South Chicago Jews did to Mama and Daddy who both slaved for them?
Hitler wasn’t a tyrant like Jew Chuck Schumer with is White Shiksa Pelosi. No one impeaches the Jew or Jewess like Janet Yellen who White traitor Biden appointed as Secretary of the US Treasury! All our money, gold, etc. Well, the Polish Jewess did the same in Poland but got their treasury through her Jew husband. Hitler’s secretary Traudl Junge. She begged Hitler to stay in the Bunker at the end, but he told her to save herself and she departed. 

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Hitler was kind to his secretary who had failed her typing test. He gave her another chance and comforted her like a father. Jews lied about Hitler and all we know about him is jewish faked news!

Try to find the good in this video as jewish Germans keep our German brethren in body, mind, heart, and soul chains. Germans now prefer black’s music and totally disregarded every pro-White thought, word, and deed that Hitler and his people accomplished in that first time in history White Racial experiment. We were 33% of the world, now 8%, damaged, drugged, silenced, punished 24/7, and replaced.