Fictional story of how 9/11 happened between Whites and Jews.

9/11: Fiction: World Trade Center explosion. For my homework, in Creative Writing, I’m writing paragraph about a crime as the one in the guidebook… a real thriller. But this is “fiction” so I imagine that there is a Jew and a White man that are setting the nuclear explosives in the buildings on the floor. The Jews worked well with the White men who vow to keep the silence of the historical, horrendous, and horrifying hell of a catastrophe. Their names were David for Jew and Sean for White man. They were the top honchos. I have the story written that after the last explosive was set, David the Jew tells Sean the White man that he has been succored in for this act, and now he must die. The Jew conks him on head, ties him up unconscious, and leaves him to die in a building that will be totally destroyed in just a matter of hours, like any Jewish Hollywood flick. Hence the Jews used the whites to pull it off, but destroyed them when they were finished. That is why no one talks. Now in “non-fiction” I hope to live to see the day when the entire “true” story of how 9/11 was executed really came off. Not a single lie, cover up, exaggeration, no names withheld, world-wide. That is how it must be if we are ever to gain our White sanity. Our minds are going off in different directions like raquetballs hitting against walls bouncing from every direction for Whites. It is not that way for Jews for they are master-minding our events.



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