First Autobiography: St. Augustine's Confessions

FIRST ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY EVER!’ President George Washington’s father’s name “Augustine,” and since painting below shows a “religious, sacred scene” I’m going to assume his father was named after a holy religious White person from Europe, (White Christian) St. Augustine.
St. Augustine’s life is quite an amazing story, since I used to read the “Lives of the Saints” for 6th grade Polish Catholic Grammar school every am, until our house burned down.
He’s one of my favorites for it has to do with a mother and son. His mother was “Monica” and she prayed 26 years for him to come to his senses for Augustine led a very wild lifestyle. And this was in 400 AD! She never gave up. Of course, it was customary to have time and direction to pray for it was “fashionable” and “normal” not being burdened with so many activities as we have today. I’m more of a “doer” than a silent prayer, but I will incorporate more prayer in my life. I do study about God daily, and “man” as His/Her image and likeness.
His mother also became a saint.
What really makes this off the charts for me for inspiration, which will never come thru Jew TV, Jew radio, Jew books, Jew news, Jew magazines, but the White St. Augustine WROTE THE FIRST AUTOBIOGRAPHY!
His autobiography was entitled “CONFESSIONS!” What a wonderful Title! I wish I thought of it myself. Perhaps my autobiography should read “White Racist’s Confessions.” Since we are the only ones that can’t even say the word “White” without the Jewish bash over my white head as being a “racist” if I study my race and pray that we don’t die soon.
Let me look up Wiki on St. Augustine. Someday, Whites will have much better encyclopedia’s that are not made by Jews, although much of Wiki is made by Whites for anyone can enter anything in there. Also, Jews can remove things, so as I expose Jews, they can read my posts and go and remove it for Jews think in terms of “eternal” living, not a single lifetime. They want their species, religion, race, business to be handed down to each generation, with their $$$.
I’ll just put some of my comments, although the entire essay is below.
The autobiography is actually “Confessions in 13 Books.” Sounds like he had a lot of sins, a lot of renewal, and lot of action in his life, both good and bad.
(Perhaps my 25,000 pages of emails and post could be put into 13 books, but if I put it into 1, it will be more than enough since most of my writings are published on internet.)
From Wiki: “The work outlines Augustine’s sinful youth and his conversion to Christianity. It is widely seen as the first Western autobiography ever written, and was an influential model for Christian writers throughout the following 1000 years of the Middle Ages. It is not a complete autobiography, as it was written in his early 40s, and he lived long afterwards, producing another important work (City of God); it does, nonetheless, provide an unbroken record of his development of thought and is the most complete record of any single person from the 4th and 5th centuries. It is a significant theological work. In the work St. Augustine writes about how much he regrets having led a sinful and immoral life.”
This is very interesting for he regrets his sexuality. There is merit in that. Although I believe in the “Highest” of sexual expression as White Renaissance People, it would be in “quality” not quantity. Jews have really destroyed our White man’s mind with quantity where White men think of sex every 8 seconds. And… White men are not satisfied as Jews get all the sex they want from White gentile women for the Jews are not broken down intentionally, and have $$$, and high intellect. Whites can correct that but we are not on the right path: We can choose White Renaissance Life or Jewish genocide, which we are on today. I doubt if Chinese Commie men even think of sex every 8 seconds.
In my studies, I discovered when I was writing and thinking about sex, I was using a different brain of sorts. I was not able to type, or think logically, I was all feelings. It is probably why my sister that took me to see Elvis who never graduated grammar school was about the sexiest woman I ever came across as far as quantity. Her intellect was on hold, but not the other brain, the sexual one.
Sex is healthy for White male and female, and would hope I could marry or find one man, as I think it more moral, one can reach higher and deeper sex with just one person, and no STD’s to smell up my vagina or force me on more doctor’s pills and visits.
Once I got a love letter from the man who came to USA during the attempt to overthrow the Communists in Hungary, 1957. Hungarians are said to be the best White sexual lovers. In it he wrote: “We have all the ingredients for a perfect marriage. We get along on all aspects that are important to me. And I love you for you are not ‘molded’ as most (White) American women are. (His first wife was a lesbian that he could in bed which nearly destroyed him. I lifted him up with my domestic servant’s attitude, and he needed that.) He added that we had a great sex life which was important to him, but… that was only 10% of our relationship, and it was just as important to work on the other 90%. While our government thinks of 99% etc. what about our individual growth, a couple’s growth, parent-child, spiritual growth, intellectual, etc.
Here’s from Wiki on St. Augustine and sex:
“The first nine books are autobiographical and the last four are commentary. He shows intense sorrow for his sexual sins, and writes on the importance of sexual morality. The books were written as prayers to God, thus the title, based on the Psalms of David; and it begins with “For Thou has made us for thyself and our hearts are restless till they rest in Thee” . ”
Now I’m not one to go into extremes at either end, but a “healthy” sexual White attitude, not one molded by Jews, nor should Whites relinquish their sexuality which took 2000 years to mold in favor of descending into 3rd World sex, animalistic, having babies for Whites to support as if they came out of our womb and penis. Remember the words my Aunt told me when I wanted to borrow $5 for food: If you “played” (had lots of sex) then now you “pay.” (I’m not loaning you the $$$.)
I’m not here to pass judgment or criticize but to grasp what I can learn for my own life to become better. After all this is 1600 years ago but even Hitler said he had to turn back time 1000 years to resurrect the White species. That would be exactly when Jews barged into Poland and made slaves us and used Poland as a capital for Jewish crime, trade, slaves, etcs.
Outline of his book (picture shows him reading his own autobiography perhaps “Confessions!”
1. Infancy, boyhood to age 14 (can’t remember his sexual sins although the autobiography is partial since he is writing at age 40.)
2. Excellent insight into Augustine’s view on “stealing” pears. He notes even that far back that there is such a thing as “group mentality,” & he stole to be part of the “group,” (bad companions) not as his mother wanted for him. He wasn’t poor.
3. His conversion to Christianity but is screwing around from 16-19. One of the bad things about “civilizing” other races is when our White men left Europe or go to war, it’s understood that “free” sex from 3rd worlders is part of the booty. You can see why higher standards Muslims keep their women covered and it would be sin to expose them if it is against their religion, culture. Especially since Jews prey on the Arabs like the Palestinian women. DNA father tests required for Israel/Palestine. There is a marked difference in DNA for Jews are not from that area historically as Iran’s President spoke as I’ve been reasoning and writing. At least some “cares” for brown Muslim women.
4. Augustine studies White Greek “Aristotle,” and along with Bible Whites should study White writings. He loses a friend and “Augustine then suggests that he began to love his life of sorrow more than his fallen friend.” I perhaps am the same. When I weep and cry, I feel more true to my life and experience, although I had happy times too. My other brother is writing of our growing up and the happy times only. I will write of the sad times that no one in family wants to talk about or listen to.
5.”Augustine begins to understand that things said simply can be true, while things put eloquently may be lacking in substance. ” Do you see his stress on “True” as opposed to just writing or speaking “eloquently,” as perhaps the smartest people, Jews, write.
6. Steps towards Christianity under St. Ambrose. (in Wiki I find that St. Ambrose was born in “Germany” part of the Roman Empire. “He was educated in Rome, studying literature, law, and rhetoric.” In those days there were 2 capitals of Roman Empire, and that might be compared to Washington DC & Tel-Aviv Israel. Or perhaps we need 2 capitals in USA. One for the Whites in the North, and one for the Browns and blacks and Jews in the South. Perhaps even two governments, since they also occupy Mexico, all of South America and the South of USA. Poor poor Whites. Ambrose battled with Arianism, but it was about religious concepts of God, and not “Aryanism” about keeping White Race pure. Whoops! Here’s Ambrose & Jews, so I will start another post for this is a holy, educated and White man that might teach me something.
7.  (Hard to believe that extreme violence was used in burning down synagogues. Must have been driven to it and pushed over the edge. It seems like government and churches have always “stuck up for Jews” Jesus’ murderers and against their own White Christians. Perhaps I’m not understanding this correctly?) “He struggles to create his own views on God which moves him towards a better understanding of God.”
8. “His continued inner turmoil on whether to convert to Christianity at 32.” “While reflecting in a garden, he hears a child’s voice chanting “take and read.” Augustine picks up a Bible and reads the passage it opens to, Romans 13:13-14. His friend Alypius follows his example. Finally, Augustine decides to convert to Christianity.” (Here’s from King James version: Romans 13:13-14: Let us walk “honestly” as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantoness, not in strife and envying (keeping up with White Jones’es) But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.
(also I found this while opening up Message Bible about the bad Jews in the Old Testament: Does any ring true of Jews of today? or our Whites that have adopted Jewish heritage?
“Amos 2: God’s message: “Because of the 3 great sins of Judah–make that four–I’m not putting up with them any longer.
They rejected God’s revelation, refused to keep My commands.
But they swallowed the same old lies that got their ancestors onto dead-end raods.
For that, I’m burning down Judah,
burning down all the forts of Jerusalem.”
“Because of the 3 great sins of Israel–make that four– I’m not putting up with them any longer.
They buy and sell upstanding “people.”
People for them are only “things” –ways of making $$$ money.
They’d sell a poor man for a pair of shoes.
They’d sell their own “grandmother!”
They grind the “penniless” into the dirt,
shove the luckless into the ditch.
Everyone and his brother sleeps with the “sacred whore” — a sacrilege against My Holy Name.
Stuff they have extorted from the poor is piled up at the shrine of their god,
While they sit around drinking wine, they’ve conned the victims.
“In contrast, I was always on your side.”
9. His baptism done by Ambrose at 33/death of his mother “St. Monica.” On my class reunion picture of St. Mary Magdalene posted several days ago, I’m holding sign as I sit, but gal next to me, her name was “Monica.”
10.”Continued reflections on the values of confessions and on the workings of memory, as related to the five senses.”
11. “Reflections on Genesis and searching for the meaning of time.”
12. “Continued reflections on the book of Genesis. Augustine especially focuses on the language used to tell the creation story.”
13. “Exploration of the meaning of Genesis and the Trinity.”
First Autobiography ever written: “Confessions” St. Augustine

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