First Movie: Jews “Jazz Singer” Public Domain

First, those who call themselves Jews will be exposed to the world. Their 95-year monopoly over all movies is over.

The first movie ever, “The Jazz Singer’s” 95-year copyright is over. We can debate who the historical “Jews” really were.

In addition, it’s how they stole White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine, bribed all public officials, then like cowards fled to start “Hollywood.”

There were six Jews who owned it. However, they fooled the Whites to avoid the individual “monopoly law” they put on White individuals such as Andrew Carnegie, US Steel owner.

The Jewess Communist founder, Emma Goldman, frightened him out of the USA forever. He gave away 90% of his earnings as Jews had Bill Gates do collecting 80% off the top.

Jews made all mainstream movies since it began, 1927 – now. By 1928, they bragged they invented the “American Dream,” which we are living today, not a real reality.

There’s no sense arguing about our reality, it’s not real but like a Jew Hollywood fictitious not non-fiction book like my manuscript. I’m Fearlessly White – But a Slave, 1,000 Years with the Jews.

The first movie ever made, The Jazz Singer, was about a jewish synagogue, a jewish star, Al Jolson who paints his face black to begin the end of the White people who were segregated as all the other races and religions. Jewish prayer KolNidre.

Also, he adores his mother as seen in the song, “Mammy.” She sits in the front row and melts the White audience into love and adoration until today. Jewess YouTube cut out the YouTube that showed the White audience walking out and offended by forced race-breaking for Whites only!

Now is time for the White mother and child to unite.