Garkowski Polish White sues Amazon

I myself was worried about my photos, karaoke itunes music, my autobiography, and still tons of pages about the White Race and exposing Jews  that haven’t been put on my blog.  Also, I want all my writings ‘out there.’  There are several places that have my writings now, and 2 back up sites besides a flash drive, and the hard drive on 2 computers.
I was listening to Kim Komando, she is called the computer goddess, talking about “Carbonite” and back up files.
I also have a data base for my church that I need to maintain with names, addresses, phones and emails addresses. If I lost that, it would be very difficult to replace, besides the above.
I ordered Carbonite, which backs up all files and one can access them by remote access since most everything I have is on my main computer, and I don’t have time to do a lot of fussing and saving individually. I found a discount. It is usually 54.95 a year, and I got 3 years for 103.00, or a savings of one year.  It took a day to back up my files, and now it backs it up all the time.
I also got “Webroot,” which is a anti-spyware, anti-virus protection. But for $10.00 more a year, they have 1 gb of back-up also.  This is my mini-computer that I’m typing my Purple Heart husband’s biography for the Purple Heart Museum.
The sad thing is that the Jews make us jump through hoops to accomplish even the slightest gain.  It should be just the opposite.  The Jews shouldn’t be allowed to practice business in this country, and they have their paws in everything, especially computers.  I wouldn’t be surprised if even the anti-virus companies are “Jews,” that produce them and then make us pay to get rid of them.
On TV today, a Polish White American high school student, with the last name of Garkow-ski sued  Amazon deleted the book “1984” by George Orwell, after the student purchased it and it had all his class notes in it. Amazon actually has the power to go into the computer box called “Kindle” where you can read books on line anywhere you go.  Kindle actually had the power to go into that Kindle box in his home, while he was sleeping and delete “1984.”  They didn’t even tell him why they were going to do it, nor would anyone think that a box like that could be controlled by the Amazon Masters. Don’t forget over 50% of our books today and publishing companies, agents, are Jews, so most of what we all know has been written by a Jew, and if not written, certainly, edited to never expose the Jews if the author ever expects to be published.
Garkow-ski the American Polish student, said on TV news today, (at work, I don’t have TV) that even though he is suing Amazon, he is doing it for the “principle” and does not want money.
Very opposite of the other half of the Holocaust coin, where the Jews own all the $$$ today, or at least as much as they can handle, that is why they are mating with Whites so they can have more Jews to help the load of monetarily raping the world.
I was talking to a black man regarding business.  Since much of Las Vegas is unemployed, I asked what his work was because the economy isn’t hurting him a bit.  Now, listen carefully to this:
He said he buys homes in Vegas then rehabs them.  He contacts Catholic Charties and the Catholics get a hold of the government $$$ and get third-worlders H.U.D. $$$$.  He is doing great at it.
But picture when H.U.D. money comes in, Las Vegas will be turning into a ghetto with all the non-working minority charity cases getting all these vacant homes, instead of tax paying White people.  I often wonder, what is happening to the Jews in Vegas and their 21 temples.  One never hears of them and their businesses falling.
I heard that the Jewish Princess “Feistein” of California called the police on senior citizens and voters that wanted to talk to her about health care. Apparently, the Jewish Princess Whore, doesn’t give a damn about any body’s else’s problems but her own.  But then the Jews ‘own’ America, lock stock and barrel.
I clearly from the little TV on Fox News I happened to see at work, that Obama has been on TV more than any other President.
I will say again.  The Jewish media used my writings about Col. Parker blanketing the world with “extreme” publicity about Elvis, and that is why we have him today.  The Jews did the same with Obama during the campaign, but it hasn’t stopped. They want to pulverize the White mind till it can’t take any more with pictures, words, speeches of Obama. They said that he has had 40 major TV appearances, way more than any other president in history. One older lady sold 2 of her TV’s cause she was sick of hearing and seeing him over and over.  You see, senior citizens watch TV all day, and they would detect that clearly that there is massive brainwashing going on.
Just in the last day someone came to work with a big picture of Obama on his tee-shirt and even when I went to the fabric store to sew myself a lingerie slip, Obama fabric was laying on the counter.
I try not to accept this. When I can remember, I just look at my own skin, or picture a White person in my eye’s mind to erase this brainwashing.  I don’t know if it will help, but I’m not swalling this Jewish cynanide pill to my White female brain called Obama, with side effects so disasterous they will be the source of our ‘dying race.’
Was able to order a book called “Goulags,” by Kizny.  It sells for quite expensive but found a like new one barely used on Amazon for only $25.00. It is 400 pages of black / white photos of what happened in Russia and Poland, and both those countries suffered horribly from the Jews.  Our day will come too, and we can only learn from these two countries and what the Jews did to them.
Wasn’t I writing recently about Stephen Hopkins colonist from the Mayflower Ship and “Here Shall I Die,” by Caleb Johnson?  I mentioned something that horrified me in my former emails. That they all drank beer.  16 glasses a day, by every man, woman and child.  So I wrote about this ‘beer-drinking’ and today there is a “Beer Peace Summit,” at the White House. But if that wasn’t bad enough, on Fox news on the Glenn Beck TV show, they have a mother, father, and a young son sitting at a picnic table. And in front of them is a glass with the words big and large for the TV audience to read “B E E R.”  Wasn’t it kind of odd to see a glass spelling “B E E R,” in front of a young child?
Well, I’m glad my emails show that I wrote it first, and am ahead of the president and the Fox news with these topics.

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