Graphic: Jewish Lice Bugs & Other Dangerous Rodents

It was my autobiography that verified that the gas chambers must have been for jewish lice bugs, not Jews. As I mentioned, Polish Mama (born here) slaved for the jewess as we did in Poland for 1,000 years. Just think, we now have an entire jewish body of 13 governing us.
Below the first link are many, many more of my blog links on Jews and their lice! Just scroll down, pick and choose. Recently, I put up a GrowBox garden and asked the white family upstairs to water it while I attended a pro-White, holocaust exposer EuroBash meeting. The family was friends with the black grandmother next door whose black and white kids played together. The White family knew of my trying to help save the White species and Christianity. I had two beautiful cuke plants (organic) that grew and formed a heart. When I came back the black woman had put next to my little helpless garden, an ugly, deadly, untreated cabbage plant full of stinky and deadly green worms with white butterflies. The plant died. When I walked out to the parking lot in the evening, she was in the car next to mine and screamed at me that I threw her plant away. Odd, but it was the man upstairs who threw it out when I told him. I then shouted back to her, “You murdered my heart cucumber plant!” I sent the pictures to the apartment managers as records.
Here’s more on the Jews and lice and other rodents I got rid of. The rodents, not the Jews, yet. Hitler’s Madagascar, which produces the best vanilla, is still waiting for them and was a rather rich country.