Graphic: Jews kidnapped, raped, slashed, & sucked Polish woman’s blood

Jews kidnap, rape, slash, suck Polish woman’s blood. Murder?

Jews are obsessed with blood (think jewish Dracula movie) and excrement, (think homosexuality forced on our men to deneuter them and enforce their own supremacist manhood. It’s the most base and the lowest instead of refined, cultured, and dignified as the White species must become again. Although the movie is long, I watched it in increments.
This drawing is from German der Stürmer News. Once the jewish sons of bitches (and the jewess is the worst bitch of all time) kidnap, rape, and tie the Polish woman, the Jews slash her wrists, and suck her blood. Did they murder her or did she have to live with this curse while watching the jewess control the Polish government, royalty, churches, and banks!?
Jews Suck Polish Blood.png