"Hey Jude" John Lennon, Jerry Springer

Just another short one:

I received this wonderful video and song by the Beatles. But I was not only on the Chicago Jenny Jones Show, but the Chicago Jerry Springer Show. It’s a long story. I’ll save for Autobiography Volume II, Rise and Fall of the Queen of Karaoke. 
What is odd, is that my Veteran husband who lived with the White Voodoo young whore in Texas, called me for the first time in 15 years. 
He said, “What are you doing singing and dancing on the Jerry Springer Show?”
I said, “Who is this?
“Your former husband, Mike!” (he’d alway say I’m a “former” Marine, not an “ex-Marine.” 
“Where’s 15 years of child support and help for school supplies for our son away at boarding school?” While I White slaved at 8 jobs, even lovingly taking care of two Christian elderly ladies, one blind for 15 years, his tramp was taking bubble baths and happy as a lark!
After the Springer Show, his staff took me on a tour of the studio. They showed me what they filmed of me. They had at least 28 screens they filmed from. It was then I realized what you see in movies or TV, is a compilation of what the Jews want to direct our thoughts to. 
This video below is an example. It’s a fine, fine video, but bear in mind your new knowledge. The camera angle. Jews send messages. It’s all about “communication.” Here’s some obvious ones. Also, since I also had to work within a Jewish industry for karaoke, it’s all we have, and I did my best with it and shouldn’t be judged for it. I’ll use the costumes again.
  • Note the first two and only two on stage are a Black and a man with a turban. Nothing is spontaneous. Actors. Like on the Jenny Jones Show except for me. Note where they put the Blacks throughout! Weapons to induce fear. I’m fearlessly White!
  • Although Paul is the singer, when they show pictures of John Lennon, note above his head. It’s like Jew Ringo Starr pounds the symbol on the drum over his head! It’s so obvious. Ringo is in the best color and surely appears like the star in his last fake name. Notice how all the people “surround him and love him.” He stole Pete Best’s the white drummers position. Note they put a White boy with a military costume, like Prince Charles would wear. Do Jews control English Royalty? For how long? Princess Diana, which was the gown White gown veil, and hoop skirt I was wearing in front of the audience at the Jew-owned Mandalay Bay, when I was beaten and crippled.
  • Note they show a really cute White blonde woman alone. But the second time, the Jews put a young Black man next to her. They know our mind is so sharp, it will be familiar with her, and move to the Black man. It’s how we now face a mullato USA by 2042, if it isn’t already. 
  • Paul sings alone, but then they put another actress. But she looks like a boy almost. I discovered the same in the movie, “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze. 
  • At the end a man is wearing funny glasses with flower and leads the group. They make a good song, for I think “Jude” is for White Christians, not Jews, and turn it into a circus. That’s all our White people and countries have become. Three-Ring Circuses, unfit for humans, let alone what we want to achieve which is our highest!

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