Hillary & Bill, Blacks Rosa Park, White Christian me, Jew: Rape

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From: Kevin Hughes 
Date: Tue, Dec 27, 2022 at 2:44 AM
Subject: What happened in Hillary Clinton’s 1975 rape case?


 I live in the 5th highest rape capital in the USA of 50,000 cities. We’re not afraid. The solutions are already at hand. We have to get on a different road or survival.

A White woman’s womb is sacred and not a sewer! It seems that’s what it’s turned into as well as a White man’s butt and mouth!
Jewesses forced their version of feminism on our White women and in the World War III between the male and female, the female must change. Jew monopolized Hollywood created us as freaks of nature. It’s not our true being and we can shake it off.
What’s really ironic is that her Democrat President husband Bill was accused of a similar sexual involvement of a jewess, her name famed for history. Did the jewess rape him or did he assault her? I read in the book Rise and Fall of the Jewish Gangsters in America by Albert Fried, that 50% of the entire world’s prostitutes were in Lower East End New York. Jewesses!!!!! What happened to that criminal neighborhood and evidence against Jews: Destroyed and the 7 World Trade Center Skyscrapers put in. 3 destroyed on 9/11!

President Clinton also exclaimed to a college audience “It’s good the White race is going extinct” during his presidency. See by 2010 blog: Terry Graham’s Complaint of Genocide against him and the government! She included European American Christians! Terry and I are good White women who suffered and risked ourselves.

I put the first law in Congress to protect Whites, Anti-White, Anti-Christ. https://authorbarbie.com/my-anti-white-anti-christ-congress-bill/

Terry Graham Files Complaint to the United Nations of the Genocide of White People in the USA

The mind doesn’t know if something is good or evil anymore just is. Computer mind without morals.
Also, see my next email on black Civil Rights Activist made a household name for refusing to sit in the back of a bus. They turned the tables on the Whites in my Chicago homeland. Now 28% White, with the 7% (highest) Polish going back to Poland the non-Whites treat them so badly. Whites can’t even get on a subway, train, or walk the Chicago streets. Lived in the Black Panther’s neighborhood. Three gang members went to beat and rob poor Mama who had 12 legitimate pregnancies and worked with Daddy to support us as White slaves to Jews. Mama fought them off and held on to her purse scolding them! 
When White Daddy traveled on the Chicago South Side elevated train, the black gangs beat and robbed him. He was on his 2-hour trip to slave for the evil Jews who overworked, treated badly, and underpaid him. What happened to my family is already happening if not worse for our homeless Whites who litter the streets in this freezing cold wealther begging for a quarter. If history repeats itself, the Jew bankers will starve to death 50,000 a year in a city like Daddy’s ancestral Galicia, Poland, then put on golden glittery robes and rob the corpses. 
I wrote that in 1968 a Jewish doctor at the University of Illinois research center raped then threatened me for life, “because he had a jewish wife and children.” Now, Jews made rape “normal” and have us thinking about sex every 8 seconds which is NOT “normal.” See how the other races race ahead of us.

I’m a White Civil Rights Activist and tortured for it since Mama’s sacred womb! Would I get a burial in the Washington DC Tundra for the billions to watch and mourn? I even lamented about that on Las Vegas talk radio, 50,000 watts of power. I loudly talks of “racial” hatred against Whites and preferences for Black women. Brother Eddie, English teacher, said they were the strongest people on earth, as they dragged him into court for 30 years straight. Why? He didn’t pass their black pampered sons (370 years) if they failed English Literature. He did the same to Whites. He never gave up and perhaps was sued as was the school for $$$$$$$$$$$.$$

A rape can cause for the White girl or boy

1. trauma for the White girl or boy 

2. sterilization

3. dysfunction

4. 278 possible Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STD’s, 

5. Abortion or murder of a living baby within, perhaps even White.

6. Cancer 

7. Fear of sex or sexual promiscuity

8. Hatred of the opposite sex. 

9. Inability to compete with the other raced women in the world who keep their womb sacred or attain preferred status.

10. Confusion when we need to think straight. We have a tough battle and long road ahead of us. We must write and speak loudly and optimistically about our future and come up with ideas to save it and ourselves, each other, our Highest.

Black Civil Rights Activist 
Here’s an unbiased Christian Science Monitor exerpt. 



When an icon is widely misunderstood, it takes fearlessness to correct the narrative. Soledad O’Brien does just that with a “brutally honest” documentary on the life and work of Rosa Parks.

The beauty when you’re dealing with a documentary about a civil rights icon is I think you’re free to be a truth teller. And especially with this doc and especially with Rosa Parks, what is the point of what you’re doing if you’re not brutally honest? Rosa Parks was taking testimony from women who’d been raped. I can’t clean it up. … I didn’t know that that was her job, that she would travel around the country doing that. It just really changes your take on her, and I think my take was probably a lot like everybody else’s: She was a little old lady who was tired that one day on the bus, and it’s just so inaccurate.