Hitler, Jews, Extraterestrials, Trillionaires

Mary Scott, UFO expert sent me this video. To begin, please advance the video to 1 Hour and 34 minutes. Linda Moulton, who has dealt with Navy Seals, connects Adolf Hitler to Extraterrestrials from the Cosmos. (My thoughts: Keep up the space program. The last Whites might have to leave since there’s so much hate working against us and our best interests.)

Adolf Hitler also wanted to solve the jew and jewess problems plaguing the Whites for 2,000 years! Linda compares the jews to reptilians. So did Jesus and his cousin, John the Baptizer!

It stands to reason since the Germans developed the rocket ship that led to the atomic bomb. Although the jew, Oppenheimer, in the movie, is there for Whites to adore, genuflect, and worship! NOT! In addition, he chose the name “Enola Gay” to turn our White men into girls. He named the two bombs dropped on Japanese’s two most Christian countries, “Fat man” and “Little boy,” again negative White male references. When are the Jews going to stop this against us. I’m not afraid! I seek to love but I don’t love evil!

Linda also brought up “Trillionaires” running our planet.” I’ve lamented and wailed about that for ages. Jewess Janet Yellen, runs our trillions in the USA government. “All” the money coming in!!! Before she ran the trillion$$$ for the Federal Reserve taking all the money in. Her co-jewess conspirator, Nita Lowey, spent all our money!

Finally, she echoes my thoughts and observations, unless there are changes, there’s no hope for the planet. I’d add that there’s no help for the White people, our countries, and Caucasian Christianity if we don’t act in our own best interests. If extraterrestrials can help us, we need it!

Let’s let Whites work together for our survival. NOW!