Hitler's Diaries

Jew Publishers: Since we know Jews control book publishing and our entire thought as I have previously posted, I just “wonder” about the so-called “Hitler Diaries.” They are said to be fraud, and man who wrote the 62 volumes was a White German Christian fraud.
Now that may or may not be the case. But since Jews also control news since late 1800’s and surely before that, Jews had a field day around the world (selling lots of news papers and again forming our thoughts, opinions, even our loves and “hates.”)
But what caught my eye was the newspaper who was going to promote these Hitler diaries, was called “Stern.”
And I will write again, as in my autobiography posted here on Facebook around 2012, October, for I could not go to my grave with the 40,000 typed pages about the faked Jews and faked Blacks, who have taken over USA along with Chinese Communists, a “World Organization.” Whites never knew it was coming. My autobiography book draft, “White Slavery to White Rights: Growing up on Euclid Ave, Chicago, 5 blocks down from Black Michelle Obama.”
I wrote in my autobiography draft (here on Facebook) that when I was about 10-12, I went to a Jewish dentist, a Doctor Jacob Stern, on 90th and Commercial. While I was in dental chair he illegally and pervertedly felt my breasts up sexually as he had him terrified in the chair. (As you see above, “Stern” was name of news magazine, which was going to publish “Hitler Diaries.” He said, “Oh you are sprouting nicely.” In my days, in the late ’50’s, no one talked of sex but would be “ashamed.” Yet Jews got away with those crimes, as far back as my Poland, which was their empire for 1000 years. These Jews now bring in all the illegals, for Jews were responsible for all the blacks that came in USA… not white Southern men. Jews crushed the white Southern man, woman and child in their “Civil War,” in which they confiscated the great wealth the White Southerners accumulated!!! But first…. Jews annihilated them … controlling the North also in 1865. Jews were so powerful, as President Abraham Lincoln would walk around White House, Jews could easily on a first name basis walk up to Lincoln to “advise” him. It’s said they killed him, as it seems Jew Mossad killed White President Kennedy.
Now, my Grandmother, Helen, went to see dentist Jew Dr. Jacob Stern’s cousin, also Jew Dr. Jacob Stern, who was right across the hall from the dentist. Her death certificate shows both that she went to visit him on Halloween, October 31, 1939 (right at the beginning of World War II) and was found dead the next day. Her death was reported by and written by the same Jewish doctor. Did he give her something on Halloween: A slow release poison? I mean his brother, molested me sexually later in time, and I wonder if this cousin had molested or even raped my grandmother and then perhaps she mouthed off to him, and he administered a drug to her.
Also, my Mama was going to marry my Daddy, a poor but holy White Christian. But a rich Jewish man was in love with my Mama. It was 1930 and the stock market had crashed in 1929, but only for “Whites” to suffer, go bankrupt and lose their jobs. This Jew was richer after stock market. Today, Jews control Stock Market, and in fact, they made it as they did the Federal Reserve Bank, in 1913, Jewish bank, which holds all the Christian White $$$ and taxes since 1913. We’d be billionaires today and Jews would be homeless poor if they didn’t pull off that financial swindle.
Anyway, on Mama’s wedding day, the Jew came to Mama’s home to stop the wedding. Banging on the door, “Anna, don’t marry him, don’t marry him.” But Grandma got to the door first and with her heavy broom batted him out of the door front and he is still probably running away in hell today with all his devil Jewish friends below. The so called Holocaust victims which Jews are responsible for their own people’s deaths, not Hitler. The Allies, (Jew Communists who took over Russia and USA) were ones who blockaded Germany so the people in the “work camps” not “death camps” were starved to death and turned into those bald headed, skinny corpses. Jews also were responsible for blowing up a ship in World War II the Patria, whereby 276 of their own Jewish people were killed. Jews did it to gain the land of Palestine so Whites could not only turn over all their $$$ to them. Jews already had that since 1913. Jews demand we “worship” them as the Devil demanded Jesus to worship him/her, but Jesus refused!!! Who do Christians worship as “Jesus?” Certainly not the Jesus I have prayed to my entire life. Only now, since my study of exposing the Jews, as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did in the Bible, I love Jesus even more, for I see how the Jews made Jesus’ life a living hell from the moment of his Immaculate Conception, where Mary conceived Jesus without sex, to the point where Jews crucified him and killed him brutally. It was not enough for Jews just to shove Jesus off a cliff as they wanted to, but to make Jesus suffer.
The yellow Chinese Communists and Jew Communists were responsible for the Viet Nam war. My Veteran husband said we could never have won the Viet Nam war… we were fighting God-hating Communist China. He didn’t know the Jews are the $$$ and the brains behind Chinese Communists, both smarter in IQ than us. In fact, a high IQ might be say 109, but their “talking and writing ability” is 143! If I write a lot and talk alot I’m called “crazy.” But if a Jew or Jewess does it it is “genius.” Go figure. A male Aryan school teacher who lived in the mobile home park where I used to live taught at a Jewish school in Vegas. But when he met me he told me that my IQ was “off the charts,” it was so high, just from talking with me. Well, if he taught Jews and associated with them, perhaps in thinking anyway, not faked PHD degrees, I can think better than them. That is until they assuredly had me beaten up and hospitalized in Vegas over a year ago!
The Jew-Chinese Viet Nam war against White male and USA, was not just to “war” against the White male, but to annihilate him, pulverize him, reduce him to ashes. It is said to save our White male, our White species, the USA, White Christian 2000 year descendants, it is going to take 21 mentors for each male and the “female” has to change. So who is talking about this? Who is educating our white female? The Jewess? I doubt it. She’s been on a pedestal worshiped for she took the pedestal down of Jesus’ mother, Blessed Virgin Mary.
Anyway, whenever something surfaces such as “Hitler’s Diaries,” we can’t have all Jews are people taught by Jews calling our shots. We do not worship Jesus’ murderers and our own White genociders.

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