Hitler's Dog Blondi Could Sing

Since I’m writing an autobiography, I had to teach myself to use the word, “I.” Whites don’t do that. Hence their minds are filled with the 92% of the world and other Whites. I don’t mean arrogant. I edited an autobiography for a religious teacher. But it was in the 3rd person. I explained from the research on writing about one’s own life, one must use the word “I.” She then changed her entire book. To write an autobiography is the deep unspoken yearning for every author such as she was. Hence I’ll put a picture of my pedigreed German Shepherd, who mothered 52 puppies. 39 mutts and 13 champion pedigreed. She couldn’t sing, but was my outfielder in the farm fields behind our home when I taught my little boy to play baseball!
Me, Queenie, Mikey, Paul

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