Hitler's Polish Secretary

Hitler’s hated Polish female Secretary! I just happened to open up book I read, “The Lost Life of Eva Braun,” by Angela Lambert. One of two written about Braun, Hitler’s wife and lover. (they had sex every Saturday, even if he had to leave war front. Very precise and organized those Austrians are. I’m Austrian also on Daddy’s side.) In contrast, there are about 1000 books written about Hitler so it is surprising everyone has the wrong view of him as even he admitted the (Jew) news of the United States had a totally different picture of him… a manufactured monster for Whites to be scared and terrified of.

I am editing my autobiography and wanted to insert page numbers so at random I grabbed book from my library and pulled out Braun’s life. It’s odd but that is how I was led to this book. I was at airport and had book to read on plane exposing Obama. But his picture was on cover and I found it humiliating for me to be seen with a book with Black man’s picture. Even Yellow Commie Chinese women wouldn’t that and I’m supposed to be a “Christian” of higher morals, character, not the bottom of the heap as Jews would have me believe I am.

I hid the book exposing Obama and went to airport bookstore. I walked into non-fiction or truth section and just walked over to a shelf above my head, pulled any book down and it was the Braun biography! That is how my ideas come often.

Well, in opening up book at random today I opened to a page of Hitler and his Polsih secretary, for I’m Polish also, in fact might be pedigreed but have to dig in ancestry further because Jews had us in wars for 900 years and changed boundaries all the time as in World War I which is what grieved Hitler to give back land that had German people on there. He was reasonable. I wouldn’t want land that Mexico is on, and perhaps since they stole our land, we should steal theirs, and deport all the Hispanics into South America. We have no time to think about their illegal immigration, only White Hope.

Here’s what Braun’s book says on page 230. Chapter Title: “The Women on the Berg”

“…Consisting of Hitler’s four private secretaries and his special diet cook. The secretaries, by no means all young or good looking, were chosen not just for their supreme efficiency but because of the Fuhrer also enjoyed their company. (I also consider myself a good secretary getting A’s even when putting my chapters on internet to edit book, but I am friendly, bring homemade food and baked goods to office occasionally, and genuinely love work and people. Whites should be grateful.)

“One in particular — Gerda Christian (nee Daranowski, hence her nickname Dara)… (my own note, any name with “ski” on the end is generally White Christian Polish, “sky” is when Jews forced royalty to race-break so Jews could have more intelligent and better fed babies. Whites only think of food stamps, education for all the other raced babies, not their own.) …. Gerda Christian… was a ‘stunner’, ein tolles Weib, the object of many men’s desire. Eva was jealous of her too. (I’ve been object of so many women’s jealousy, including Jewess who admitted it, I am surprised I am still coherent and alive for no human should have to be subject to that abuse.)

“A year younger than Eva, she joined the Fuhrer’s private office in 1939. Frau Kempka, second wife f Hitler’s chauffeur Erich, didn’t like her a bit. (Yes even German women can hate!) She told an interrogator after thewar: ‘She was a hot girl. She slept with anybody if they paid her well enough.’ (I’ve been secretary for office managers, lawyers, CEO’s, too many that I can count in 45 years. Yet it was only Jew boss at Production Tool that seduced me for me to keep my job after Viet Vet husband was fired. Nor did  I act sexy or seduce anyone. My sexy nature came only after singing Elvis karaoke, etc. which brought out many emotions. And I keep that sexiness on stage. Although someday I should be able to have healthy sex, not celibacy and rape.)

“”Traudl Junge (Hitler’s other secretary. I read her biography and she has nothing but praise and accolades for how kind he was, the kindest person she ever worked for. She mentions when she took typing test, she was nervous and made mistakes and was going to give up. But she said he was like a father and told her to take it easy, try again, and even if she didn’t pass, he would hire her for she would get over it. See if any White or Jew boss in USA would say that to me!)… Traudl Junge…gave Gerda Christian Daranowski a kinder description: ‘She was charming to look at with dark brown hair, full of youthful temperament and the embodiment of life. Her glance was “irresistible and her laugh like a silver bell. Apart from the fact that Hitler was aware of her sex appeal, she was an exceptionally good secretary. I’ve seldom seen anyone type so fast and accurately.'”  

Hitler never cheated on Eva Braun from all the books I read about him. He had female friends for, like my Viet Veteran, he loved women and they loved him back. I also love White men like that even after what I have suffered under them, I now understand but it took 30,000 pages of writing.

Here’s pix of her happy face. When I smile and laugh people never know what my life has been like to still be pleasant for others have to look at my face and I have to look at yours. So make my day and show me a happy face if possible. Although if you have other moods, sometimes that is good too.

Hitler's Polish Secretary, Gerda Christian Daranowski
Hitler’s Polish Secretary, Gerda Christian Daranowski

Hitler’s Polish female secretary, Greda Christian Daranowksi: Fast, Efficient, happy and…. what the White Nazi women hated… sexy!
Go-Go-Greda Christian!

Hitler's Sexy White Polish Secreteary, Gerda Christian Daranowski
Hitler’s Sexy White Polish Secreteary, Gerda Christian Daranowski

Hitler’s Women. Women adored Hitler like an Elvis.  Jews took my ideas and tried to make Obama a Black media hero having women faint as women used to do for Hitler. But  I saw right through their manufactured Jew news.  Hitler wanted more White babies and healthy ones with character. (Are our White babies today healthy with lots of character?) Women would scream out they would have a baby for the White Race just for Hitler! I’m sure they fantasized about him while having sex… Hmmph? What an idea! Now Jews constantly brainwash Whites to pay for Black babies since 1600’s and all their sex, and White women raped by Jews and Blacks who have to get abortions which may sterilize them for life, cause cancer, or emotionally disturb them so they can never understand or enjoy sex properly forever.

His Sexy White Polish Secretary, Gerda Christian Daranowski. Note how women hold Hitler for picture and she wasn’t next to him, so perhaps these Nazi women were jealous. They certainly didn’t like Eva Braun which made her life miserable even though she was always pleasant. If fact, she was called the “entertainer” of the large home where they all lived.

Looks like Eva Braun on Hitler’s right and Gerda Christian Daranowski next to Braun

Hitler's Polish Secretary, Gerda Christian Daranow
Hitler’s Polish Secretary, Gerda Christian Daranowski


Hitler’s Last Secretary’s Book complimenting Hitler throughout as best boss she ever had. I read her biography, Traudl Junge. It is really time that we see Adolf Hitler and World War II through a White woman’s eyes and heart, not just 1000 books on the warring aspect of Adolf Hitler. I study “life” not death and destruction as Jews have plagued our minds with.  

I want to cry for I have been a secretary my entire life and sharing Traudl’s experience with Hitler makes me cry, both for myself, and for the lies shoved down our throats and minds of the Jewish version (the only version) we have of World War II. (and the rest of the US wars including those phony Jewish led Middle East wars and Revolutions not only taking our White men and women, tax dollars but the doubled price at the gas pump used for these new wars since Obama took over.

Being a secretary my entire life I can identify with Traudl Junge's life with Hitler.
Being a secretary my entire life I can identify with Traudl Junge’s life with Hitler.


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  1. You should probably also make a note of Hitler’s Polish Chauffeur Kempka. I do sometimes wonder how on earth was Hitler’s thinking surrounding himself with Polish descendants and then invading the country. What was his inner thinking. As far as I know no other “foreigners” where allowed in his inner circle, but, bam! Poles where OK?

    1. Thank you so much. I’m working on my autobiography, growing up as White Polish slaves for Jews in South Chicago, and am delighted with any info I can get about the Polish – German connection. I do know that Hitler wanted to make Poland a “model” state for the Whites. Also, if a Polish man wanted to work in Germany, they would get full rights as citizen after a year. The Polish women were encouraged to breed and I believe would qualify for the same “Mother’s Cross” which will be on cover of my autobiography which I’m editing now for publication. The Cross was given by Hitler, He started started Mother’s Day for the world and his poem called Mother which I was first to put copy of on internet, for a woman whose husband came from Germany gave me his copy. Had my White Polish-American mama been in Hitler’s Germany she would have gotten the “highest” medal in the land, not the lower than animal treatment she and we got in South Chicago. Please feel free to send other comments.

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