How Jews and Homos attacked the White Polish-American Veteran after WWII

Here’s the movie “Streetcar Named Desire,” Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh. It’s about a White Polish-American Veteran after World War II. Odd but the White Polish men and families were slaves for Jews for 1,000 years. Treated Jews so well, not only Jews, but all of Europe, knew Poland was the Jewish “Paradise.” How does the Jew (and then the homo writer) treat the White Pole Veteran? The character was so despicable and hated, even White Brando (who also stood up to the Jews on TV) said he would never talk about this role it hurt him so badly. I cry too. But knowing the Truth is the healing. Living the lies is still suffering.
Odd but the Jew and Homo writer, put in Vivien Leigh, Blanche (which means White.) Why? She starred in movie, Gone with the Wind, about how Jews destroyed the White Confederate Southern males as they did my Polish men for 1,000 years. Especially and recently Katyn forest.
There’s a lengthy analysis of this movie from my blog. For White History 101 you must read it. It will show you how Jews have a hidden psychological theme behind the movie we see and “pay” for.
Interesting is the symbolic name used to destroy the White porcelain mother and white male baby , Mary and Jesus. This other reality is so evil against us. Would they do the same to their new host, Yellow Commie China? See my link below for some great study. It shows in depth each action, name, both from a play (which is more thorough) and the movie, which is astonishing at the Jewish hatred against my White Polish people and Confederate Whites.

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