How Jews Stole Christmas, Brother Nathaniel

Jews Stole Christmas, the day of baby Jesus, and everything we hold dear of our Christian values, ancestry, labor, even martyrdom and death!  Brother Nathaniel is converted Jew, and sometime when the Jews awake, they can really see their own former brothers sometimes more clearly than even Christians who just nod their heads to everything the Jews do. If it were up to me, I would take action against Jews who intentionally targeted Louisiana, home of Dr. Duke, for their trillions of Jew attorneys, their clones, and their $$$, to attack a place that had a cross of Jesus. Why don’t Whites get smart? It doesn’t have to take a PHD. Unite all our white lawyers, their legal secretaries, paralegals, White teachers of law, religious, and ban the Menorah or any other Jew symbol, even the celebration of their Jew holidays in our White House. there is an old song, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.” Jews think Whites and Christians have to “turn the other cheek,” but I have only 2 to turn, and Jews assaulted me and mine thousands of times.

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