How Sad: Jew Book Publishing: “My Life as a White Trash Zombie”

As I contact literary agents and USA book publishers I’m astonished at how the Jews hate and depict the Whites but adore themselves and non-Whites.
Here’s a sample of a “series” of successful Jewish books about White blonde women. How utterly despicable as the world laughs at our agony. As her white mouth bleeds with a cigarette, who mentions the Jews started tobacco in the USA in 1650, and 13,000,000 black army (called slaves) to torture us until today. Yet, the jewess doesn’t smoke but hijacked three USA treasury departments. Can you imagine this book to have a Jewess with her mouth bleeding and $100 bills pouring out of her mouth? As a Jewess Trashed Zombie? 
How utterly sad for our White people when all forces should be elevated to our highest!

This Jewish Book Defaming Whites Must Be Censored!