I Worked with a Nazi Leader at Chicago Jewish Company

I was looking through my 12-year-old blog and came across this comment from a reader.
When I first wrote in 2009, I wrote that when I worked at Production Tool Corporation, it was owned by a Jew, Henry Brooks. It was a crooked company, which machined or welded from the local and numerous mega-steel corporations. Even as far back as 1968, when Chicago was a steel-hub, the Jew turned his back on his own customers and bought the steel he needed from “Japan.” 
He recently died and I read he was a captain of a US Navy ship during WWII. What makes this “real” and in my life, was that the man who headed the work crew was named “Helmut Zahn.” Jews know the Germans were innocent and it was all a ploy for the jewish illegal citizenship into the USA. In 1924, White Republican American had a ban on them (and the Chinese,) now both #1 superpowers off White agony.
The work crew in Chicago under German National Socialist, Helmut Zahn, were Polish White Catholic Christian immigrants who were paid low wages and many living together in small apartments. What amazed me was that I didn’t know the camps were in Poland and my people were there from 1939-1945, Jews 1943 1/2 – 1945. They were work camps, which Jew Henry Brooks duplicated in Chicago.
The janitor there, Black Benny Scott, had a shining gold front tooth as a reminder to Whites how good we treated and still adore them. I asked him how he could afford a Cadillac like the (jewish) owner. He said, “I sell drugs, my (black) wife collects government $$$ for 5 kids, and the (Jew) pays him a salary. I told him Daddy worked for Jews at Fawcett books where they underpaid him, treated him badly, and overworked him. Plus Mama was their slave yet we (as Whites) starved!
While I worked at Production Tool, two of the employees out of the office of five died of suicide. 
Black Louis Farakhan’s mega church was on South Chicago Avenue just blocks from where I worked.
Jew Brooks cheated his vendors. He didn’t pay them or paid so late it hurt their company. While his crookedness continued, he had a big party at his mansion in an elite suburb. The Chicago northern suburbs were once White and had the big Christian churches, now shut down and replaced with Jews and lots of blacks & non-Whites. I went to the jewish party and they had a billiard room bigger than my large 2-bedroom apartment! Also, the Jew had a high, high wrought iron fence to “protect him and his jewish crooked family.” His son died from an overdose (black drugs) or suicide. 
Jewish Henry Brooks had a black lover he visited every afternoon. While Whites slave our asses off to make it in this society, the jews and blacks laugh right through it and at us for giving up our land and country. Brooks asked me to call his jewess wife to get her leg of lamb recipe since his black mistress wanted to make it for him.
After I worked for them for five years, they cheated me out of insurance money when I was pregnant with my first White baby. They changed insurance companies as soon as I wore maternity clothes. 
When I returned to work after having my baby since my veteran husband was fired from his job, the new jewish comptroller, Norm Dolan, seduced me and I quit. 
Living in the jewish New Jerusalem was a nightmare worse than any movie. Norm told me earlier his wife told him that since she had his 2 babies for support, he had to find sex elsewhere. After the jewi doctor raped me and I confronted him, he said he loved me but had a jewish wife and kids and if anyone found out he’d be ruined for life. I called him recently to see if I could get him to sign a generic document to use his name for the publisher. 
He called me back, and with all the jewish hispanic Colombian (drug capital) chutzpah, said “My attorney said you can write anything you want. I’m retired!” I found on E. Michael Jones’ research into Poland that the Jews used the Polish women (and perhaps boys) for illicit sex since about 1250! The first Jews deported from Germany before WWII were rapists. Here’s an original reply someone wrote many years ago.
I didn’t know German Helmut Zahn was a Nazi leader until this woman asked me for geneology help. Here’s her reply to a blog many, many years ago.

Hi, Queen of Karaoke! I read that you worked with a Helmut Zahn, at Production Tool. I found your blog by Google Searching the name “Helmut Zahn”. A friend of mine is doing her geneology. Can you remember anything else about this man? Was he nice? Who were his work friends? Did he stay at Production Tool? ANY info would be very kind of you! She knows he was in the Nazi party, but everything was so “hush hush” that all she knows is his name. Have a great night, and thank you for taking the time to read this.Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash