I'll name Jew names

It’s only just for the Jews, who seem so benevolent with our White money, to give me full restitution for all the crimes against me and my people and my offspring and descendants to come for the next 500 years.
I have much, much more on my blog from 2009, but these are the ones which seem to stand out the most.
Kay Griggs did a 7 hour YouTube naming names of what was going on at the head of the Marine Corp and government. But I wanted to do one email which includes all the crimes I know of exposing Jews  from my autobiography. I make the Jewish-Polish secret empire. But moreover, I’m the only one on earth today who can write what Jews actually do to the Whites from my life as well as Poland. What Jews do is to make legal what was and should be illegal to be bred out of our experience so we can rise higher.
What Jews do is after they are cornered for their crimes they just change the laws, even the White House.

SPLC brags:  Fighting Hate, Teaching Tolerance, Seeking Justice, Civil Rights Memorial… As a White woman whose womb is sacred for maintaining the highest possibilities for Whites anything else is “Hate” against my White Civil Rights. The SPLC will have to reverse. I will fight Jewish hate, and the other races against us. There will be tolerance, freedom of speech, even “love” for the White species as a whole, and there will be White Civil Rights Memorials for all pioneers and will be treason to deface, destroy, or mock our Memorials.
Jews who ruled comedy at the turn of the century defamed my people with the term “Dumb Polak.” It’s worse than the “n” word. Odd people are terrified to say the “n” word but it only means “Negro” with a southern drawl. But they are not afraid to keep telling me “Dumb Polak” jokes for my entire 70 years of my life. Jews also defamed the White Aryan Blonde woman, with their Jew-monopolized Hollywood since 1927, “Dumb blonde.”
Even the Vietnam Memorial for 50,000 dead White men with their names, will have to add 200,000 suicides from Vietnam, all White men, and will be called dying from battle wounds. Jew SPLC, who just sent $328,000,000 to offshore bankers in Caymen Islands declares who are White haters. I can declare double who the Jew haters are such as SPLC and ADL, as Mama said give it back to them with compounded interest, something they understand.

Since the new anti-Semite laws, (considered Muslims and Jews) are against Christian (White) descendants, the law says we can’t blame “all” Jews for crimes committed. Really? I can’t be brainwashed by Jewish laws. I’m not Jewish.

It is legal to warn the public of crimes. If anything should happen to me, these Jewish names should be out. If Whites do the same, we only imitate them, and need to rethink it. This is just a list of Jews to expose. Just as we do Jew George Soros today, these are from my real autobiography. Whites need to do this all around the world so we have a real case. Study the Jews in their country, like Scotland, Edinburgh. Jews got them drunk, the entire capital, then pushed forth the “Enlightenment Period.” Late 1700’s, same time as they did French Revolution, American Revolution, Polish and American Constitution. It’s this “equality” bit which brought the White Species down and Jews and the others up. I’m already free. Henry Ford says just to know the truth is freedom.
 A Jew banking families ruled all 7 Polish Tribes, 1025-1945. Kept us Whites fighting each other within families, tribes, tribes against tribes. International bankers (with the very few rich, “Magnates” at the top, kept us in constant wars, Turks, Mongols, Muslims, Tatars, then with whites, Russia, Prussia, Austria, France, Sweden. Germany’s WWII, was just an extension of constant wars, slavery worse in history, starvations, rapes, kidnapping.  Only such country in history. Silenced until now.
A man from Vegas knew I studied ancestry and found this book at a garage sale. It was on pictures and maps but had some paragraphs in it. Jew’s cover up their crimes or make new laws so their crimes are “acceptable” even “worshiped.” Jews know my beating started with the Confederate Flag fiasco in Vegas while I was entertaining. Not if I write that in my book, Jews look like saints, and me the sinner for being beaten just as the Whites were beaten innocently in Charlottesville. Poland would be fighting 4 enemies at once. When the Pole would die on the battlefield, the live Pole would pick up the gun even for parts since his was old and broken down or couldn’t shoot.
“Jews Arrive in Poland 1096.” Jan Matejko – Germany and French men got on horses to drive them out. China massacred them. We already had Jewish bankers. Note the shifty cunning Jewess laying her Jew baby down, either as a worker or a sign she’ll give him sex as happened to the Russian leaders during Jewish Revolution Against Russia, 1917. Jews keep White male and female apart, unmarried, fighting, so we are easy prey for them, not damaged. How does one study one’s Polish, White, ancestry, when we were kept illiterate and all books burned. It’s the same today. USA is the new Jew Poland. We might as change the name of our country to New Poland, as we did New York, for Jew’s heaven, New Jersey.  Image result for jews arrive poland 1096
Here’s brand new video on Poland, Jewish paradise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOI0cVs6rm0
1291: Jews had their “Jewish Paradise.” Other European called it Jewish paradise also. Jews would “wander” as the plant the “Wandering Jew,” but as Jews run to Israel today, Jonathan Pollard, Jew, who Obama pardoned after I blogged about him. They had own laws and didn’t have to obey Polish laws. Now Jews have it better. We obey their laws. We haven’t a single law for Whites in the world.
February 8, 1296 – Jew assassination of Polish King Przemysł II while he slept in his bed. (This was the same year King Edward of England expelled  Jews in that charter.) No one can look at 1 Jew, only Jews make us believe that.
1557, Assassination of Queen Bono of Poland. (from Italy like Sonny Bono and Cher) Queen Bono assassinated by Spain because of her Jewish bankers. They don’t assassinate the Jews, just us. Poland was already the original “Zionist State.” Poland was called “New Jerusalem” and Queen Bono, the “King” of Jerusalem. Perhaps because of constant wars, 1,000 years, our military leaders were 11 yrs old sometimes. Notice the two figures hiding in the background as they hand her the poison.
See the other Jewish involvement of assassinations of our White Kings, Queens, leaders, Archduke, Arch Duchess, ambassadors, USA Presidents. All white countries must now challenge our historical assassinations. Jew Armand Hammer, son of Julian Hammer, who started Russian Revolution (“Hammer” and cycle on the Communist flag,) paid to frame & bring down Republican President Nixon and his Plumbers.
I found in the 1500’s all laws were for the advantage of Jews, plus Jews obeyed only their own laws. Same as when Bavaria expelled Jews for “Civil Rights” which meant they ascend to Messiah and be worshiped
1500’s Poland only total lawless country in the world.
1600’s the crooked law: If anyone did their money business with anyone except a Jew, they’d be put to jail and worse, burn in hell forever in an eternal Holocaust for White Christians. Terror on steroids. As I said, no black was ever a slave as my people, folks who worked for Jews, Veteran with Polish mother, and me.
Used book given me by friend in Missouri. “Poland” James Mitchener. About 100 years before WWI, Prussia, Russia, Austria, were going to war with Poland. But we were so broken down as in USA today, they just walked over the border. The Austrian leader (as Hitler was from Austria) had compassion and told the other two leader to let Poland go. He said Poland had suffered constant wars for “800 years,” and deserve to be free and out of constant misery, starvation, slavery, only such country on earth. The other two said it would be too painful for it’s the only reality we know. The book also mentioned the privileged Jews, and also Jews as he “entertainers.” It makes sense. Jews keep us “entertained” so we don’t know they are trashing us even until today.
Jews bring black workers to gouge the white unsuspecting Southern Men of the USA. The White Puritans from the Mayflower, 1620, were going to set up USA as the Promised Land. England was plagued with alcoholism, drugs, smoking, fighting and debts. They were going to stay apart from even the Indians and no Jews or their tobacco plantations or the bottle of booze the Jews invented to get us addicted and drunk. Jews like “repeat” customers such as soap, nylons years ago, food, cars.
Although Whites can fool them, and not buy another thing for the next 10 years. We can “connect” and use what we own. We have too much already and have Jews in a good spot for breaking down their monopolies. Although the Whites tried to keep the Jews out, in 1650, Jews brought so many black workers to Barbados for tobacco plantations to get the White addicted the governor had to issue order to stop them. Unless Whites stop the Jews, they can’t stop themselves. It’s too rewarding and enjoy our suffering.
1654. Jews bring not just the booze but the black misnamed slaves. White men are getting the hatred against them as the Slavemasters when they were victims even for Jews who overcharged. I read Jews used $20 beads for the African Kings, and the Whites (Christians) bought them for $2,000 our money. If one steps way back and looks at the South’s experiment with black workers the Whites lost big time. I’m going to read this article and stop writing. Must read: I see many, many similarities to the treatment of my Polish White people as slaves for Jews, wars, sex, drugs. Jews used a bull whip on the blacks of Africa. And worse. And Jews think they’re smart and we’re dumb and couldn’t figure this out.
This is why today, White women, especially entertainment, are done at age 25. “Women under 25 years, pregnant or not, resulted in the same measure, if they were well and comely. Any over 25 years lost 25%.  And here it should be stated that those Negroes, purchased free at the African Coast for 20 to 40 dollars, were then resold by the same slave dealers in America for two thousand dollars.”     Get off your knees, White Southerners. No more guilt, no shame, no sinners, no Christians demanding Whites are evil and need to be saved, and Jews worshiped.
It’s just the opposite, although I don’t want worship. I want to live without Jewish slave masters over me and my entire reality . . . Our entire reality is simply a Jew Hollywood production in real life. They are the villains and we the victims. This isn’t a movie folks. This is do or die. Jews complain, whine, and cry like spoiled brats about tattoos put on them, but Jews branded the blacks with hot irons.
And Whites like General Lee got the blame and bust the White man’s statues. This gives one an idea how the Jews managed to acquire tremendous fortunes. Following the bargaining, Captain Freedman paid the bill, either in merchandise or cash. He also recalled some advice which his Jewish employers gave him as he left Newport for Africa: “Pour as much water into the rum as you possibly can.” In this manner the Negro chiefs were cheated two times by the Newport Jews! I’ll jump later to South Chicago, Jewish Irv at Saginaw Liquors, destroying Daddy, Mama, Brother Bert.
Once they were destroyed the younger ones followed either either with alcoholism or depression, worse in State of Illinois according to research done on my large family, by Dr. Dorus. Jews don’t drink, drug, smoke. They ruined us for 400 years hear, and 1,000 years Poland. And they just have to put another law through or influence all these companies against us, and voila, the genocide of White Species continues.
“This gives one an idea how the Jews managed to acquire tremendous fortunes. Following the bargaining, Captain Freedman paid the bill, either in merchandise or cash. He also recalled some advice which his Jewish employers gave him as he left Newport for Africa: “Pour as much water into the rum as you possibly can.” In this manner the Negro chiefs were cheated two times by the Newport Jews!”
In Poland, all the Polish men had to work for Jews. The Poles married, families, homes. The Poles were “expected” through peer pressure to drink at Jewish bars after work. The Jews offered them credit by strong liquor then watering it down and selling more shots and more beers. The Jews would treat the Poles bad at work, and the Pole’s behavior was so addicted he couldn’t hold a job. He owed the credit to the Jew both for home, tavern, and had to probably accept the Polish women had to give the Jews all the sex they wanted and become beasts. It’s how the Jews starved to death, 50,000 a year just in Galicia, Poland alone. “This gives one an idea how the Jews managed to acquire tremendous fortunes. Following the bargaining, Captain Freedman paid the bill, either in merchandise or cash. He also recalled some advice which his Jewish employers gave him as he left Newport for Africa: “Pour as much water into the rum as you possibly can.” In this manner the Negro chiefs were cheated two times by the Newport Jews!” Jews love black sex which I will talk about from autobiography, 1977.
If the Jewish mayor of Charlottesville, VA, and the Black vice-mayor and Black head of police department, newly appointed before the Charlottesville Horror against us, would realize, the Jews are gouging our White men in Virginia, just as the did in Virginia: ” Its captain—and we are reading from his ship’s books—did a profitable business. He sold all of his Negroes in Virginia, invested some of the money in tobacco, rice, sugar, and cotton, and went on to Newport where he deposited his wares.” Jews takeover White laws USA: “Prior to 1661, all of the Colonies had laws prohibiting monopoly, and unknown to the non-Jewish Americans, including the great masses of people all over the world. Others, however, acquainted with the facts, had good reason to remain painfully quiet.”
(What we don’t read is when the first White ship came here all but 4 died: Freezing to death, Indian women chopping and boiling the first Whites, starving, for the soil was poor and needed worms from Europe, and Henry Collins cannibalized his death wife and embryo. He was executed when the look out ship arrived to find them. They stopped all trade with Indians. Made into groups of 10 to survive. (Which is what Whites should do around the world today.) No smoking, drugging, booze, no fighting or stealing or be beaten.
No one beat the Jews. Brother Eddie, one year older than me, who listened to shortwave radio even years ago, said the African Kings were responsible for slavery. I have on my website they weren’t to be pitied but the wealthiest men on earth. Brother Eddie also heard black Martin Luther King had Blacks united all across the USA to burn it down if the White (Christians) didn’t pass Civil Rights Act, against Whites and for 92% of non-Whites around the world. Here’s perhaps where Charlottesville got the name: Jew slave traders, black slaves: Names of ships with Jew masters: •’Charlotte’ by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks.”
Most ships had women’s  names perhaps Jew’s prey on white women USA. Our women won’t talk about this but will die for the Jews they love them so much. I’m the only one I know of many who came foreward to talk. “The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism: without it Jews would have long since ceased to exist, their racial-religious nationality notwithstanding.It is a fact that the Jewish people have suffered numerous hardships in the course of their history, but this is true of other peoples too. The chief difference is that the Jews have kept score. We Must repeat—they have kept score—they have made a tradition of persecution. 
A casual slaughter of thousands of Christians is remembered by no one in 50 years, but a disability visited upon a few Jews is preserved forever in Jewish histories. And they tell their woes not only to themselves, but to a sympathetic world as well.”   (Well, let me be one of the first to “Keep score!” and encourage all the others around the world to dig into their ancestry, history, lives today. And expose anything the Jews are criminally guilty of despite laws they put against us. Europe cornered them.)
Jews brought the slaves to America
1751 – British painting – Gin Lane. I have an in-depth study. The woman on the landing is drunk on gin and her legs are filled with syphilitic sores. Her breast is out to breastfeed but drops the baby on it’s head. You can see on right top, man hanging from ceiling on porch, casket of woman in the back, dog and man fighting for a bone. On the left is the Jewish pawn show and the starving, drunken, desperate White English trading their wares which they worked for or inherited, (or stole) to the Jewish pawnbroker. In the back is a Jewish tavern. Jews did the same to my Poland. When the Whites started to leave England, the King emptied his prisons (people like this probably but surely no Jew or Jewess who invented the bottle to keep us Whites addicted and suffering) and the King send those Whites from prison here to America and Australia.
Image result for gin lane william hogarth
Jew, Poland, Haym Solomon finances American Revolution. As I see it, Jews had destroyed France’s royalty, soon Polish royalty, now the White relationship and communication with our forefathers and foremothers overseas.
Before 1865, Jews, Judah P. Benjamin and the Jews in England foment Civil War, take entire Southern Treasury to the Jews in England. All Blacks let loose to do damage and lawlessness in the South (as in South Chicago after Jew’s Civil Rights’ Act) and many Jews forwarded to be an army in Washington DC, after it seems, Jews killed Abraham Lincoln. We Whites are always in such shock, we don’t know if we’re coming or going.
Today, DC is mostly black. It’s better than it was when I first wrote. I mean the sent so many blacks to Washington DC, our capital, Blacks outnumbered Whites 2-1. Whites wouldn’t dare protest. We’d be annihilated. This Jew on White paralyzation is a natural reaction from our Whites for survival. I did the same until 1997.
I find on Internet, Jews starved to death 50,000, White Polish Christians in my Daddy’s town of Galicia, Poland, each year; then Jews put on golden glittery robes and robbed our White corpses.
Europe expels Jews 106 times. My Bydgoszcz, Poland expels them. First Lady, Melania Trump’s, Slovenia, expels Jews 3 times, burns them out another time. 1968, most recent expulsion of Jews from Poland.
1819 – Jews barge their way into Germany to begin a takeover of our smartest people. They weasel their way with their “wares.” (see South Chicago below and after Civil War.) Once they begin to cheat the Whites on a small level, Jews will then slowly apply their web-like spider-web over the country, and the country is doomed. Slavery. Germany is slave to Jews today, and where Jews once worked in German – Polish camps, now Germans are slaves for Jews and yes, the other Commies, Chinese. In one city of China, they are all driving German Mercedez Benz’ all over the road. Not in the USA, no White country, perhaps the Arab oil countries, but the bottom line we are slaves for them, our smartest. Was really a coup against the White species for the assurance and eternal life of the Jew, Jewess, and their Jew kids. Think of that when they have their $1.5 million Bar/Batz Mitzvahs, and Whites have nothing. Sister Josephine slaved for those parties downtown and glad to get the work.
Almost all Jews come from my Poland. Once 60% of Poland was Jews. No one more shocked than me to find out all the “camps” were in my Poland, none in Germany. But Jews weaseled their way into Germany.
Hence in 1871, rich German Jews dominated South Chicago. “Due to his (Jewish) connections, money flowed regularly flowed into the university. Today, the University of Chicago is one of the most elite private universities in the United States.” Do you know even 2 Whites who “connect” for the sake of “money” and “takeover?” Even just 2 let alone an entire Jewish tribe now “connected” to 1.3 Billion Chinese Communists, God-hating who will do anything to get their Yellow people working and in White German Mercedez Benz’.  http://www.dw.com/en/golden-ghetto-german-jews-in-early-chicago/a-16391465\
1871-1876 Both Great Chicago Fires; I have on my blog, Jews definitely are to blame. JEWS ARE ARSONISTS!
Here’s several blogs: https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/?s=Great+Chicago+Fire

1886 Jew massacre of Chicago police in the “Haymarket Riots” to bring down White businesses. https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/chicago-haymarket-massacre/
1888 – book, “The American Jew – 1888,” Telemachus Timayenis” shows the Jews buy up New York old homes, or apartment buildings, get them furnished with junky furniture, over insure, and burn them down.
1907 – Jew, Joseph Pulitzer, New York World, attacks Scottish-American, 87 year old, Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science healing. Jews were fomenting a way to organize all medical and tried to shut down alternative medicines. He first slandered her but Jews don’t get charged or punished for “libel” just Whites. The Jew tried to shut down her church, destroy her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Destroy even the copyright so no more books could be printed. Get control of her fortune, (she was richest woman alive; today a Yellow Chinese Real Estate woman is.) He had been slandering her for years in his newspaper, as well as Jew newspaper, New York Times, conned away from White Protestant owner. He tried to declare her incompetent, insane. It’s really odd because Jew Pulitzer, hired Nelly Bly, 7 years before this to expose the horrors in female insane asylums. Even with that knowledge, he went to attack her. His hearings even turned her two sons and her granddaughter against her, who she was extremely generous to.
1913: Jew Leo Frank, was head of Jew Bnai Brith whose mission statement is “One Race” at least for Whites to break down while Israel only allows Jew-raced marriage, not Jew-religion. He brutally sexually assaulted, murdered, and urinated on the corpse of Irish-American teen, Lil’ Mary Phagan. He left her body on the floor of his pencil factory wit her arms crossed over her chest, as would be seen of White martyred women.1913 – It’s odd but the Jews started Anti-Defamation league, ADL, so Whites couldn’t defame anyone but all the other races and religions could defame Whites.
We need to expose the “hate crimes” of Jews and other races against us, as Jews define “White hate groups” around the USA. Jews made that group because they knew they were starting, 1913, Federal Reserve Bank, taking all our White slave labor money for them, the IRS 1913, taxes begin on Whites. Why did the Jews and their imps do that? 1914, World War II, for Jew’s rights, pulverization of our smartest country’s men, Germany, and 1945, Jews exit en masse from my Poland after a 1,000 Secret Empire enslaving my people, worse slavery in history. Silenced until now. I’m the only one who can make this connection.
April 10, 1940, Jew led Russian Communists massacred 20,000 my finest, and most intelligent, Polish men ancestors at the Katyn Forest, but blamed the National Socialists, Nazis, to make sure the Jews hung all their leaders, or German bravest men. Never in history has there been a trial like the Nuremberg Trials which murdered innocent White Germans with laws made “after” the war. See my blog on “Doenitz.” See April 10, 2010, the 70th anniversary where Russia and Poland were going to meet for the first time at the site. The White Polish Catholic Christians filled an airplane with 96 of their top people to reflect those who were massacred. There was a mysterious plane crash killing all aboard, including the President and his wife, Maria Kaczynski.
Afterward, a Communist Jew took over Poland as First Lady: I’ll name names:
“Anna Komorowska, Former First Lady of Poland
Anna Komorowska, First Lady of Poland
Anna Komorowska (born 11 May 1953) – Polish-Jewish Classical philologist, the First Lady of Poland and the wife of the President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski.


(Jews change their names and appearances to blend in and be camoflauged.)
She was born as Anna Dziadzia in Warsaw on May 11 1953 as a first child of Józefa Deptuła (real name Hana Rojer) and Jan Dziadzia. Her mother was a daughter of Polish Jews Wolf and Estera Rojer, and worked as a high-profile member of Służba Bezpieczeństwa, the internal intelligence agency established in the communist People’s Republic of Poland. Komorowska’s father worked in Ministry of Public Security of Poland, Polish communist secret police, intelligence and counter-espionage service. Her parents changed their family’s last name to Dembowski in 1954 .)
Any evidence or findings of that plane crash were under her power. Just as after 9/11, Jewish Bloomberg took over as mayor of New York City and suppressed any investigations.
Also, I just found this, the First Lady of Poland today, is again Jewess. How so few wield so much absolute Jewish Supremacist power, both in my Poland and in my USA is beyond comprehension.

Agata Kornhauser-Duda, First Lady of Poland (since Aug 6, 2015)

Agata Kornhauser-Duda, First Lady of Poland (since Aug 6, 2015)She was born in Kraków, the child of Julian Kornhauser, a well-known writer, translator and literary critic (of Jewish and Catholic background), who dedicated a book of poetry to her in 1981, and Alicja Wojna, a Polonist. She has one brother, Jakub, a poet and translator, who collected signatures for Anna Grodzka, a fellow Presidential candidate.
She has been married to Andrzej Duda since 21 December 1994. Together they have one daughter, Kinga, born in 1995, a law student.”
(See more Jewess Whore names today’s blog but there’s many, many more yet to be listed: https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/29821 )

1945: all Jews moved here. Save a world-wide 1 1/8% of Jews in other White countries. It’s child’s play for them to rule us; a nightmare for us.
1927 – Jews steal White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine, run to Hollywood and made the first talkie. The Jazz Singer about a Jewish son of a cantor in a synagogue, who paints his face black to begin to get the White audience to accept Blacks and Jews and moreover, takeover. Jews got the brains and the $$$, and blacks are their internal army to keep us afraid. That’s why Jews make Blacks even more dangerous than they are. Each time we hear of Blacks or now Mexicans murdering in our home, USA, we get more terrorized and paralyzed. All movies since then are Jews. It’s our entire minds. I never had them being poor so I’m here to see through this camouflage. More on blog.
Autobiography: November 22, 1930. Mama’s wedding day to Daddy. His boss is set to be only male saint in Catholic Church 400 year history. It’s during the Great Depression, when the Whites were in really bad shape, unemployed, bank riots. All led to “accept” going into World War II for work. A Jewish man, who apparently wanted Mama for high breeding, as they did in Poland, came to break up Mama’s wedding. Name: Grandma, Helen Kopaczewski, batted the Jew over the head with a broom, she killed the mice with.
1846 German Jews emigrate to the USA. In this article the Jew “Rabbi” chastises his “servants” or “slaves.” It was the Golden Ghetto.  http://www.dw.com/en/golden-ghetto-german-jews-in-early-chicago/a-16391465
1931 – First horror film, Jew Dracula who literally wore the Star of David around his neck.(all films Jewish since 1927; they stole White Edison’s invention.)  Hungarian Whites gave him, character, Renfield, Star from Broadway, Dwight Frye, a rosary, with a cross  of Jesus to take to Dracula’s castle for they knew he was a monster from the grave. And said to bring the cross out if Dracula tried to overwhelm him. But when Jew Dracula did try to overcome White Dwight, the Jew did overcome him. From that point on, 1931, until he died, Jews typecast this Aryan looking actor as a monster, hunchback, murderer, madman, lunatic.
If you watch the 6 part series on YouTube, a quote from Frye begs God to get another kind of role. Jews never did. Once Jew Dracula overcame Dwight, Dracula no longer wears the Star of David. You can see on my website, kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, and search the link bottom right for Dracula, or Dwight, and I think youtubes are on there too. Jews have conditioned the world into hating our White man as either an evil White monster, like Hitler, who was a meek artist, but at the same time making themselves look like our Savior, Messiah, rich, powerful men. White women have turned in 37,462 police reports against Black men for rape, rightfully so. I bet I’m the only one in America, who has filed two Complaints of Rape, against a Jew, Jaimie Svartz Rejtman. Because we’ve conditioned our White women to “love money.
1935 -In Germany’s Nuremberg Laws, White German women couldn’t work as domestic for Jews, nor marry or have sex or be victims of the Jew’s rapes anymore. They were encouraged to run and get police reports if Jews raped them, pre-World War II.
1939 –  Halloween,  just as World War II started in Poland, Granda Kopaczewski, goes to see Jewish Dr. Jacob Stern, 90th Commercial St. It shows on her death certificate. She dies the next day. Notice how Jews use just one word to control us: Stern, mean, they discipline us and actually play the mean side of God in the Old Testament against us. It’s not God; it’s Jews and now their imps. (His cousin, also Dr. Jacob Stern a dentist, sexually assaulted me see below.”
1939-1945 – Anna Rose Kopaczewski, Mama worked like Rosie the Rivetor, WWII, Mall Tool. She worked for Eastman Kodak Camera and sent “V-mails” to the “V”eterans of World War II for them. Sample of G-mail. Odd but for all the suffering war has caused the Whites even our species, it’s like a big joke to hate our fellow Germans overseas. Foremothers and forefathers.
Mama worked in Chicago, the same as Germans had White Polish and Jews work in the work camps making supplies for the war. She also needed work after the war, for war brings temporary work and all debt. She worked for Jew Dr. Goldenberg, took care of their home, and children in addition to her own. She also worked for Vice-President of Jewish Spiegel catalogue. Overworked, underpaid, treated badly. Mama said Jews were the filthiest people. She worked for Christians also who were clean. She’d bring home lice from the Jews on the dirty rags she’d wash by hand on scrub board. They were lazy.
I got the lice and it itched terribly. We didn’t have $.25 to buy Fels Naphtha soap used to kill lice. This next excerpt from Wiki shows Jews invented the soap because they were filled with lice. It proves from my autobiography, the  Jews of the German-Polish camps who had their heads shaved and died of Typhus caused by lice, were indeed, filled with lice bugs. Anne Frank wasn’t beaten, crippled, raped, swindled, or nearly killed 4 times, by the so called evil National Socialists, Jews named Nazis, as the USA did to me in my book, but she died of lice bugs. Here’s about the Jew inventor or soap for lice bugs. The Zyclon B used in the fumigation camps, not the death chambers as Jews told us, was used to kill lice on Jews.
Joseph Fels (1853–1914) was an American soap manufacturer, millionaire, and philanthropist. Born of German Jewish immigrants in Halifax County, Virginia, Fels moved with his family to Baltimore in 1866; by 1876 he’d assumed control of a soap manufacturing company based in Philadelphia, and brought two of his brothers in as partners shortly after.  (Notice how Jews take over a White man’s business, so smooth, and get to write and brag that they do it. For every White man’s business, there were two to steal it from them.)
Sister Josephine and I worked as domestics too. She said the Jewess women left their bloody pads on the floor for her to clean up. they do it “deliberately” to act like they are Chosen (which they aren’t; they are Turk Mongols who took over my Poland.) and treat us like scum. I worked for one Jewess Purdue University Professor after divorce. Her daughter would leave her vibrator in the middle of the room for me to pick up. Her Jew husband, she told me was insane. He hoarded those little plastic Walmart bags. They were in the rafters, the drawers, falling out of everywhere. She’d throw the away, he brought back more. No one could stop him. He was also a Professor at Purdue, and now we see what the Leftist Communist Jews did to our schools.
She accused me of stealing her necklace. I looked all over for it because I’m honest to a fault. She left it on her headboard shelf under her book. I worked for a Jewess and did her housecleaning. She then tried to con me to not just clean house for a small amount but babysit her 6 month old. I said no. The next week when I walked it, to make me quit, she told me to pick up the dog crap on the floor. Her baby crawling looked as if she were about to eat it. She either put it there in hate, hate, hate, or left it there all day. Talk about Jewish hate. Even General Patton, when he went to open up the work camps, and the Jews were alive, he saw them poop and pee on the floor when there were toilets they could use. The stench was horrible. Jews did it on purpose to show how much they hate us no matter what they seem like on the surface.
If we ever break the Jew monopoly on Hollywood since first talkie, 1927, after robbing white Thomas Edison’s invention and patent, we must make movies, horror movies, exposing the Jews. Does the ADL know about these hate crimes? One would be enough for prison especially with since I’m part of the white endangered species. but this entire email?! I worked for the Vice-President of Jew Spiegel Catalogue. Michelle Obama’s mother worked as an executive secretary for another Vice-President of Spiegel.
I once saw on someone’s TV two Jewess in a nursing home who were 99. The one said to the other, I’m so happy in the USA I wish I could live another 99 years. Not so for the poor people (Whites) I know who pray every day for Jesus to come they are so miserable and have no way out. If Whites want to start saving our species, start with ourselves. Clean homes, rehabbed. Nice teeth. Whatever it takes to be the best you can at least for this one day. We can’t change anyone else but ourselves.
1939-1945 – Germans built work camps for the prisoners of my Polish people. I assume the Polish were the Communists, who Hitler fought as my husband did in Vietnam. 69% of the camps were my Polish Christian people, not Jews. Also, in those camps were gypsies, homosexuals for re-education to eradicate Jewish programming, prisoners of war, and Christian Scientists and Jehovah Witnesses, who don’t use the medical much. Hitler’s only constant companion, which probably cost the war, was Dr. Morrell, doctor to the Jewish entertainers who knew his every thought, word, deed, and health aspects. So how many “Jews were in the camp?” 10%? I protested the Holocaust Museum 2017. “Where’s the Polish Christian version of the Holocaust?” We only have the Christian’s enemy, the Jew’s only version, in fact for all World War II. Jews control all book publishing.
Those who did die in the camps were at the end of the war, when the Allies, England, Russia (Jew Communists,) and the USA bombed German’s railroads and highways. No food or medical. Most deaths: Starvation and Typhus.
1945 – Autobiography: Lil’ Joe Nowak. War is over. Daddy had a union job because of all the kids he didn’t have to go to war. (12 babies) Veteran’s got their jobs back; Daddy was unemployed. Took work at McGill-Weinsheimer. Irish book printing confiscated by Jews. Turned into the famous Fawcett Books, with Superman comics, etc. which Ernst Zundel, Father of Holocaust Revision, talks of on the Internet. He worked for Jews and Mama’s words repeated constantly, “Stand up to the Jews.” 4545 W. Touchy, right near the 2nd Holocaust Museum with White tax dollars only for Jew religion, not the White Catholic Christians and Protestants also in those camps. The 1st amendment demands separation of religion and state and Jews have to face the courts for treasonous crimes against that law.
1945 White War ends. We lose; Jew Communists win. Worse 1949, just four years after, Jews true colors come out. Chinese Revolution. Jews were priming them to do what they are doing now: New Chinese Dynasty with a one-raced people, 13,000 foot wall, undamaged, and under an Iron Curtain so we Whites don’t have a clue what’s going on there.
1947 – Jews and a homosexual writer make a play and movie about a returning Polish White Veteran from World War II. In Louisiana, Streetcar Named Desire. Jews bashed that Polish man so bad in the movie making him a beast not even human, Marlon Brando refused to ever bring up he was so disgusted at them and himself for making it. This is what the Jews did to my Polish people who slaved for them for 1,000 years and as soon as they get to the USA they bashed my people like crazy! See my blog kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, right, bottom, for  Streetcar Named Desire.
1947 – Year I was born. Greedy Jews paid Daddy  $.40 an hour when I was born, 1947. No raise until government forced them and retired early, 1962. Treated him badly, overworked him. He was the “Man with the Golden Hands,” who could do anything.
Born 1947. I look just like my older sister, Mary. In 1949, I contracted incurable double pneumonia. The doctor on the case who took me to Children’s Memorial Hospital. I just got intravenous. Jew Dr. Philip Rosenblum told me when I was 10 and had to see him for an illness, he didn’t cure me. (Auntie Josie lost a daughter at the same time, named Barbara Ann to double pneumonia.
South Chicago. We lived in an old Polish neighborhood. Mama told me we were surrounded by Jews in new apartments and homes. We were their (White) slaves. If Mama knocked them down, her friends, such as Auntie Josie, would tell her to shut up, she’s crazy, Jews give us work otherwise we’d starve. Auntie Josie only one who stayed with Mama of her 13 siblings because Mama went over the brink with too many White kids, and no money.
As White slaves for Jews – (Both Mama and Daddy employed by them) I started to work at 7, brothers child labor, no toys, no dolls,no games, often no food not even ketchup, sometimes no paper and pencil for homework, no TV, radio, news, movies, magazines, bed, sometimes no heat in freezing weather, no shoes or boots, coat, scarf, gloves, I failed first grade because I couldn’t walk to school in freezing cold winters, sometimes no friends, no vacations. If I found a single penny, I’d live on a piece of candy all day long. Blacks didn’t have it that bad.  What I see happened to us, is already happening to the USA. We are silenced and have program as the Jews do who have a database with all their names, biographies, businesses so they can trade with each other. I am grateful though because today I can at least try to think. I have little if any Jewish propaganda, guilt, terror put on me as they’ve done to our White Species. (Race.) I had no distractions other than church for an hour from our misery.
1819 – White German (Christian) riots against Jew peddlers. First the Jew peddler comes in, is sweet to the White women, then White women will fight their White male, often brutalized by Jew wars and Jew addictions. The White woman is then open to “worship” Jews who then become rich off White (Christian) misery. In this painting, the Whites are resisting Jew takeover of their neighborhood or territory which even a male and female cat or dog would do. Note all the Jew goods falling all over and the German woman dousing the Jews with water. Anti-Semite or Anti-Christ when the Jews put us into slavery, wars, death, suicides, misery, depression, drugs, future dumbing down, genocide. It’s how Grandma hit the Jew who wanted to force his way to marry Mama for higher breeding. Don’t forget, Jews got President Kennedy’s daughter, President Clinton, and now President Trump.
Jews always think they are smart hiding but it’s right in front of our eyes. They can’t destroy all their White hating movies since 1927 until today, even their TV, radio, books, all which they control against us.  They made themselves the “Messiah” and putting Raum Emmanuel, Jew, Barack Husseins’ first appointment and now King of Chicago was done so because “Emmanuel” means Messiah. Jesus, White Jesus, will be destroyed. Image result for Hep hep riots
1948 – After Jews and their imps, destroyed the “Old Europe” a Jew-led Russian Communist, Sokolovsky was ready to execute World War “III.” World War II had just finished 3 years before, and the White Race was in a state of exhaustion, addiction, pulverization. The USA Wedemeyer planned an airlift of food, medicine, supplies for the vanquished White German Christians, pulverized by Jew Communists, (Probably working secretly with Chinese because 1 year later, Jews were pictured with those Yellows who fomented the Chinese Revolution. My husband fought both those Communists in Vietnam, Jew Bankers, Chinese Bodies, and lost. It’s strange, but I discovered this watching 139 I Dream of Jeannie episodes, by Jew Sidney Sheldon. I analyzed each one with my “no Jew media” mind, since I’ve never had TV, movies, radio, etc. My family: White Polish American Christian slaves for Jews, South Chicago. Jews used the name ( Wedemeyer ) about 15 times in one of the episodes. I looked it up and found this story. In the same 139 episodes, I found the Jews used a character called ( Sokolovsky ) but the Whites never dreamed how the Jews were smashing our intellect. Jews complained the White Germans smashed their glass windows after a Jew killed a German White Christian ambassador. They expect us to forever be their White Idiots worshiping them. Here’s my detailed explanation including the Jeannie TV show. ( Watch it because Jews will destroy it soon. ) https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2017/09/05/name-jew-names-sidney-sheldon-jew-solovsky-inciter-world-war-iii-i-dream-of-jeannie/
1958: I was about 11, I went to the Jewish Dentist, the cousin of the Jewish doctor above, who had the same name, Dr. Jacob Stern. After he numbed me, and ready to drill, he pulled my blouse tight and felt my breasts saying “You’re sprouting nicely.” I’ve been scared of dentists ever since although want my teeth, my smile for other whites, to be intact. If I were President’s wife I’d get all Whites to have nice teeth, not all the world, 92% non-Whites. We’re stupid to fall for this anymore.  Again, same as in Germany, pre-World War II. This doctor’s office right across the hall from the other Jew Dr. STERN. Oh, yes Jew’s wars against us and our genocide is certainly carrying out the word “Stern” to the infinite.
1951 – Jew Irv’s Saginaw Liquors, where the Jews would pump up my Daddy and brother, and once Brother Bert the Polak went to kill my mother with a heavy tire chain but she ran away. Mama kept telling Daddy, “Stay away from that Jew at Irv’s, he’s pumping you up against me.”  Daddy was a good Christian and loved the Jews more than God, Mama or himself. What Jews do on a bottom level of family, they do the same to incite entire wars against us.
1953: Slave Sister Rose, middle sister. She went to Philip Coles (Jew) school near our home and not St. Mary Magdalene’s where I went. Her teacher asked her to sing in front of the class. Since Rose took me to school for kindergarten, I remember this. I don’t know if the (Jew school) teacher set her up, but the other Jew boys and Jewess’ who you can identify in the picture easily, are making fun of her. I just remember her crying after school, as she took me home after school. She told Mama the (Jew) kids were cruel to her, so bad, she’s quit school.
That was 8th grade and she never graduated thanks to evil Jews and Jewess’ and their hatred against Whites. Jews do that for Jewish control of entertainment and media. Only who “they” choose is allowed to make it. The Jewish lawyer I worked for at Pre-paid Legal, Vegas, told me the only way anyone can get into any form of entertainment is a (good?) Jewish agent. Surely all those Jews and Jewesses today are doctors, lawyers, professors at Harvard or University of Chicago, prestigious school in my neighborhood.
Here’s me on the Jenny Jones TV show. The Jew Time Warner told me they’d make me look good but sound bad. But “any” advertising is good. Should be reversed. We should say “yes” to good advertising, “no” to bad. Otherwise it’s Jew brainwashing of idiots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qABWy10zCUw
Mama would take me at her knee and tell me all about the evil Jews.  A woman in Branson, also the baby daughter in family of 12, is writing her book, (If Jews didn’t ban her yet.) She’s got a disclaimer. It’s her father’s words from Poland as she remembers. It boiled down to “Jews were responsible for World War II” not the Germans. My research showed Jew led Communists killed 20,000 of my finest, most intelligent brave men and officers, Katyn Massacre but blamed the innocent National Socialists of Germany, (Nazis.) Pastor Eli, from Christian Identity on the North Side of Chicago, his German mother also taught him as a child. We used to learn from our parents, now Jews outlawed them and the Jewess is the grand mother of all White children. JAPP, Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal.
1954: A Jewish peddler roams our neighborhood; Mama buys from him. With the few pennies we had, the Jews get them. All the Polish women did, even my sister after she got married; from generation to generation. There were all kinds of stores around us. Here’s what the Germans did to the Jews who weasel their way into the White Christian neighborhoods. Note also, the first Jews to takeover the South “after” the Civil War, were Jewish carpetbaggers who begin with simple sales of a pot or a pan, break down our will so we “trust” them, and then eventually takeover our entire treasury as I name the name, Jewess Janet Yellen today, Federal Reserve Bank, and Jewess Nita Lowey, who forced the Anti-Semite bill, (it’s the Anti-Christ-ian bill) down our House of Rep’s throats, both White males and females. She’s head of the House of Rep bank, and didn’t accept Hillary Clinton’s vacacy when Clinton ran for office, because if Hillary got in this Jewess Lowey (worth $41,000,000) would make sure Hillary got all the $$$$$$$$$.$$ and support for all her needs.
See Hep Hep riots picture above showing how the German men and women tried to drive these paddlers out of their neighborhood. We Polish had no clue. We worshiped Jews. Mama didn’t. She exposed them 24/7. I had no Jew media, but I had Mama’s 24/7 expose of the Jews. Mama was a more forceful orator than Adolf Hitler. Mama screamed for Daddy to “stand up to the Jews,” but he couldn’t. Hence she assaulted him wit the word “Coward” and then beat him bloody. She was driven over the brink. I thought it was just Mama who was extreme. No one can know the shame and self-hatred I had when growing up.
1959: Polish Irene Debowski from Dachau camp. I feel sorry for her. She was a DP, Displaced person whose parents worked in the “camps” of Poland under Germans. The camps had Leftists, Jews, Communists, and homos, which take our White men, sometimes our best, to the lowest dating back 6,000 years. Work camps, not death camps. After the war, Jews had the Whites arrested, thrown into camps, and killed 1.5 million Germans and perhaps Polish who worked with them. It was against the law, as were their Nuremberg Trials. I met Irene after our home burned down and we moved. She went to a beautiful school and church, St. Mary Magdalene’s made with White Italian marble. I wrote on my website how I’d look at the gigantic mural of the Jew’s crucifixion of Jesus.
And I wrote, one of Jesus’ final sayings was “Father forgive THEM for THEY know not what THEY do.” We all took it as he forgave the Jews and Whites must also. WRONG. The next sentence: “And THEY parted his garments.” I knew from the mural the THEY were the White Italian Roman soldiers, who, in the mural, were gambling over Jesus’ fine expensive garment woven into one. The White Polish Catholics built that church about 1950, almost like a basilica.
My poor family paid tuition even if it meant Mama working as a slave for Jews. But the Jew’s black and brown invasion took over. They no longer had to pay or once they got their education for free, never went back. The church closed down forever. Same will happen to all churches and even White USA.
When Irene came here she looked for friends being an immigrant, so rightfully joined the Drum and Bugle Corp. Being very talented and beautiful, the non-Whites who were everywhere in South Chicago, attracted her. Being punished in Europe for defending a country, Germany, who was promoting Whites to have pure white babies, she went to “love all other races and religions but not ourselves. Even stop loving God and worship Jews.” I was the same in entertaining until I became White Enlightened.
When Jew real estate agents “Block-Busted” our neighborhood they brought in a lot of scum as the Whites fled for their lives rather than stand up for their homes and family and country. Wimpy and Roland Gomez ruined her life. Their friend, JR, ruined my cousin Debbie Novak, who actually lived in a suburb. They went after the “best” White women. WW III between or White male and female as in Germany before WWII. Jewish strategy to leave Whites unable to get along and the Jews go in for the kill, getting all the White women and boys they want. Leaving the White leftovers for the non-Whites to devour.
The Mex’s (and a few blacks who will work with Mex’s against Whites for their territory they stole) brought in all sorts of drugs and got Irene hooked. Something Germany fought the drugging of our White Species and especially babies. Although Germany too much into medical with Hitler’s only constant companion and advisor, Dr. Morell, doctor to Jewish entertainers. Surely the Jews knew every Hitler thought and move. The Mex’s brought in for Irene and other White males such as hillbilly Jimmy Glass and me.
I was able to resist but still watched. I did try inhaling polystyrene glue to share with the Mex’s on a dirty rag which is deadly and now behind locks at stores. Imagine I would soon be childbearing age and I’m inhaling lethal fumes. I had a horrible reaction and never stopped although the other Whites didn’t. Mex’s males brought in Kool-Aid and Ripple Wine and taught us how to find drunks to buy our booze illegally. They taught us how to steal, smoke pot, and subjected Irene to the Spanish Fly as they did my sister, Rose. Sex drug. I didn’t have sex with them. She did — from what I understand they taught her all forms of sex to perform on them.
Here’s the clincher, how the Mex’s had her entire heart, mind, soul, and womb. They convinced her to belong to an All White Girl’s Gang whose mission statement was to protect the Mex teens, and to hate their own White males. Irene even beat me up as initiation for this gang to make me “tough.” Which I admit, I’m still weak and sissy today and won’t fight. And if we had our own White Union(s) our fighting would be through organizations and for our rights, not against each other.
South Chicago. It’s how Jews used the White man’s own female to destroy him, and divide and conquer. It happened in Germany, and Hitler knew his hardest task was not finding a home for Jews in Madagascar but bring together the White Male and Female who hated each other and loved their dog or cat more. Same in Poland 1025, when 7 Jew banking families ruled over Polish and had us “fighting one another.” Male/female, children/parents, siblings, neighbors, other Polish tribes, and all Poles fighting Easter non-Whites and Western White countries, sometimes at the same time.
1959: Jewess comes to get Mama for work. Mama sick so the Jewess grabs me at age 12 to scrub her floors on my hands and knees. I read Jews like to see us on our knees because they tower over us like gods and make us like beasts or animals. I got $.25 for cleaning. Even though I desperately needed money for food, school supplies or carfare, I was already condition to be addicted to cigarettes and use that money to buy cigarettes. That only that, when I was a little baby and my mama breast-fed me, and she did all of us, mama would have to work and pump bottle. But because she was such a wreck of a slave, should have to come to so the other half coffee. That was to make sure we had plenty of energy as their slaves. It took me up to recently to stop that Jewish habit. Tea and coffee come from non-White countries and make them and the Jews constantly rich off things we never needed. We “think” we enjoy that or “believed” Jews many years ago. At least 600 years before. We are White slaves today.
1959 – Mama would warn or prophecy, the Jewish “Blockbuster” Real Estate agents would takeover our (White Polish Christian) neighborhood, block by block, hence “Blockbuster.” That means Jews “bust”  our White neighborhoods, and it’s a violent action against us. I saw it happen not just on our block but way past Chicago into the South Suburbs of Chicago where the White Fright Flight flew to. Jews’ weapons: Blacks and Browns. Chinese for Vietnam war. How long do the Whites want to suffer?
1960 – Mama falls prey to Jewish “blockbusting” and after our house and apartment burn down (I saved white 3 month old Polish baby) Mama sells home which was rehabbed with insurance money. Mama and Daddy fought tooth and nail, and it then turns into Mama beating Daddy, after he kicked her in the stomach while pregnant.
1963 – Jew Mossad assassinates Kennedy – book, Final Judgment Michael Collins Piper.
1964: Jews are notorious for pushing illegal immigration, including their own en masse immigration from my Poland to USA. Even in 1300’s Bavaria kicked Jews out for “Civil Rights Act,” which destroyed the White Civil Rights and would have replaced Jews’ only rights, as happened in my Poland, 1,000 years. Sister Rose married an illegal immigrant, Epigmenio Prado. She gave up her life for him. She was no longer American or Polish but a White slave for Mexicans. She sang Mexicans songs,danced their dances, spoke their language. She cleaned their apartment till it shone. Race-breaking sex. She wanted to become a nun before this and was very spiritual praying so hard her head would bow to the floor. I know she too was given the Spanish Fly by Mexicans in South Chicago. She also got a sex disease, the crabs crawling all over the toilet. He also got a fabulous paying union job:  US Steel #1 company, “Union job.” Jews are responsible for unions which were to bring White companies down.
Although I got paid well as a Teamster, the end result of the unions, destruction of Roadway Express, another #1 company. The Mexicans probably haul all their own products to the USA from Mexico, instead of White Truckers. The illegal got his driver’s license, Social Security card. He waited 6 months which was the trial period at union jobs before they put one on full time. Once he got vested, he went home to my loving sister. He screamed at her he had to get rid of her. He had a wife, Hope Prado, and 5 kids in Mexico and just used my White sister for citizenship to the USA. He went to kill her by putting her head on the oven. Did he hate her White looks and burned her to death, or use the oven as a gas chamber? She ran and got a divorce, shaken to the core, he lived happily ever after, after 5 kids who will have more brown Mexican kids, and surely have hundreds by today. The Mexicans are the 2nd happiest people in the world. White Americans don’t even get on the chart.
About 1966, one year after Jew Rabbi’s Civil Rights act against White rights and for 92% of the world’s non-Whites. Brother John was at work at #1 US Steel, night shift, going to DePaul university during the day. He didn’t get free schooling as others; he was white and from big white family of 15. While at work, a big Black man got into a fight with my brother and kicked him in the groin crippling him for life. He was getting a Master’s Degree to help the Jew’s Blacks and Browns who “they” brought in our formerly White home of USA. My brother was going to give us life for the minorities as a Social Worker.
My brother then peed in his pants involuntarily. Just as the Yellow Chinese Communists and Jew bankers shot off my Veteran’s testicle. Jews and blacks know how to kick a White man where it hurts the worse. My brother tried to flee onto the first Chicago Transit bus in the all minority neighborhood. When he got on the bus, the black chased after my brother who clung to the bus driver on an all black bus. The black man beat my brother bloody. He went to school that morning, to the DePaul director who his bloody face and urine stained pants. He just told brother “get to class,” and chose the Black rights over my white brother’s safety. He’s 75 and still on disability. Of all of us, he’s the most Aryan, blonde hair and blue eyes, he had perfect teeth. Jew lawyers already set up to persecute and prosecute White (males) for anything the blacks said. Go to South Africa, and see if the new Communist government of Black rule is as good and generous with the White South Africans, as we were to Black Africans in the USA?
1966 – Two of my other brothers, home from the seminary, went to the Avalon show during break. They were beat up walking home by a black gang after Jewish Civil rights Act. The man next door, Kenny Bogielczyk, murdered.
1966 – For my husband, and father of my sons, Vietnam war. White men given heroin, cocaine, uppers, downers, yellow women, gambling overseas, caffeine, cigarettes, and even invented these violent video games are kids watch today to “kill.” Jew bankers, Yellow Chinese soldiers. Both have undamaged populations not because smarter, but undamaged and united. White men having nervous breakdowns on the the battlefield, the yellows were so savage and hateful. Move the entire White male population of the USA to China’s Vietnam, pulverize them there, keep our Whites back home hypnotized by war, and forced takeover of White man’s territory or home. USA. Jew Mossad involvement President Kennedy, 1963, Jew Rabbi drafted in a synagogue, Civil Rights Act, 1965, Immigration Act, Affirmative Action. The White man couldn’t resist or protect the women and children back home who had no idea of the genocide. Jew Sex revolution to break down our values so Jews could get all the free sex from White (Christian) women and boys until today. Laws to force White churches to race-break or face Jewish courts of law against them.
1967 – Hungarian refuge from Communism, came here 1956. Joe Fekete – last name Black. After Jew’s Civil Rights Act against Whites, he was called to break up a riot on a 79th Street Lounge, Chicago. In fact, it was right between where I (white) lived 7916 S. Euclid, and where Mrs. Barack Hussein lived, black. She was utterly pampered by her parents with government job and mother working as executive secretary for Jew company, Spiegel’s. She had special education through her Master’s. Pampered. I was lucky I graduated high school and did so lifting myself up from F’s to Straight A’s, so poor as slaves for Jews I sometimes didn’t have paper and pencil, let alone food or shoes in freezing Chicago winters.
It’s the difference in slavery for Jews and slavery for White Christians. The Whites should really debate this and shed the guilt and hate attached to us. When Joe went to break up the fight as a Chicago Policemen, the blacks roughed the police up. The Blacks, with Jew lawyers and Jew lawyers, cried “Racist” and the Chicago Police kicked the White Hungarian off the police force. Worse, he came home early from work, and found his blonde wife in bed with . . . another woman. Could Communism in Hungary been this bad?
1968 – Jews Weathermen, SDS, Black Panthers incited riots in Chicago against the Whites, even Chicago police. Even the Democratic Irish Mayor Daily tried to fight them as the Jews and their imp protestors made a shambles of the Democratic Convention. https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/6414/
1966 –  This I’m going to assume, but reason things together. My husband was overseas suffering and fighting. He’s Jewish friend, Art Karchmer, didn’t have to go to Vietnam. He got an easy job in Alabama working in the office and became a very successful entrepreneur. Both his sons are millionaires today. My husband’s first fiancé, Cheryl Goetzke, sent my husband a dear John letter. There were three close friends, my husband nicknamed “The Deacon,” the man in the wheel-chair, “The Nose,” and the Jew friend, “The Pipe.” After he met my husband, I went to a party by the Jew’s house. My husband’s other friend, Greg Simon in a wheelchair, took me aside and said that my future husband was in the bathroom with Cheryl his ex fiancé. He told me she was screwing his buddy back home while he was suffering in Vietnam overseas. There were only three of them who were close. My husband, the veteran in the wheelchair and the third was the Jew. I therefore make this assumption since that you didn’t go overseas and came home from Alabama during the war that it was him who broke up their marriage it was screwing her back home.
Also when I called Art’s wife, for info about my husband for my book, she said she hated my husband. Oh yes lots of haters including Jewish men’s wives. He told her my husband would beat the Jewish boy up when they were about 12 years old after school. What the Jew boy did I don’t know. I do know that the Jew’s mother of the boy wanted revenge and when he Jewish woman wants revenge she gets it without a blink of an eye along with $41 million in her bank account.
The Jewish mother bought her Jew son all the supplies for baseball and got him the best baseball coach money could afford. She groomed him to be a superstar so she could send him to play on the same team my husband was on. My husband’s father was the coach. My husband’s mother was dead. The father and son had a close relationship. But when the Jewish mother sent her to her son into break up their relationship it worked. My husband was just a Street lot player with no expense if equipment and no professional coaching.
The Jewish boy weaseled his affections into my husband’s father’s life. From that time, my father-in-law preferred that you wish boy for the rest of my father-in-law’s life to he was 77 years old. Between with a Jewish boy did and with the Vietnam war did, and the laws against him, the addictions that they pulverized my husband overseas with the Chinese Communists, my husband never had a chance fighting both Jews and Chinese communists as we do today. We just don’t recognize the weapons. Driven over the brink as 200,000 other White men from Vietnam, “only” White men, my husband committed suicide. We will not recover from this damage for at least 1,000 years. No other on earth is in such bad shape. Not the blacks of the USA, Africa, Hindus, Yellows, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, 1/2 breeds, yet we keep on the same hamster wheel going in the same circles of death.
1967 – Jew of Israeli, crime capital of the world, bomb the hell out of the White Navy and Marine men aboard the USS Liberty. Covered up. 34 dead; 171 wounded. Ton of info on my blog: https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/?s=USS+Liberty
1968: Jew doctor Name names; Jaimie Svartz Rejtman used his nurse, Nancy Cook to teach me about vibrators and pump me up to give men sex. I was 21, and had attempted suicide, coming from a family of White slaves for Jews. In Germany, pre-World War II, 200,000 suicides of White German men and women, so broken down, each year. He not only raped me but ejaculated in me.
See my blog, kkkaraoke for the Black (Jew) Entertainer, called the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, when he raped Jacque Hollander at the point of a shot gun. He foamed from his mouth like a Black Mamba snake, in my Chicago. She too kept silent. After 20 years a lawyer friend, she was lucky to have such a friend since she was connected, even though White, who told her to prosecute him. She took James Brown to court and lost. Took it to the Illinois Supreme Court and because the law favored the rapist with a statute of limitations, she changed the law. If a man rapes a woman and threatens her mentally or physically no statute of limitations. Why didn’t anybody put a statute of limitations against Jew Holocaust so called victims?
I managed to write about this after I put my life in order to put husband, Veteran, into ‘his’ biography for the Purple Heart Hall of Honor. I went to see him as directed by Fr. Barry, Our Lady of Peace. Also, pre-World War II, German women and girls raped like crazy by rich Jews. Germans suffered from Jewish bashing of Germans after World War I. Jews worked this up since Hep Hep riots above to bring down our smartest Whites. Bring down the smartet men, it’s genocide. Leave the Jews to be the only sober, educated, lazy people, Whites will worship them not realizing our own united potential. What I didn’t include in this was the 2nd attempted rape see below. My only youtube about the Stockton Murders and me    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeRC0RxBCJ8&t=8s
1968 Found employment at a Jewish company, Production Tool Corporation, 1229 E. 74th St. Chicago. The owner was Jew Henry Brooks. He had a real Nazi supervisor, Helmut Zahn, over an all White Polish Christian immigrant machine shop workers. Paid less, overworked, treated badly. His wife from Germany, Ursula, had to work 12 hours a day like her husband, while the Jew owner would take the afternoon off each day to screw his black mistress and only work about 5 hours a day. Those Jews made Whites out of us, but no one put this together.
We’re not allowed to talk about White problems at work or even on the Internet. Just as in the work camps of Germany. One would have thought Jews would find it offensive to hire Nazis but in fact, turned our smartest White Germans into slaves for them and the world. Where Hitler tried to put them into work camps and even had on sign “Work liberates” the Jews did a 180 and turned the Germans into slaves, now the first of our European ancestors to go extinct. (Genocide by Jews.)
Henry Brooks was President. He knew in 1970, there would be such a thing as Ebay, they are so far ahead of us. Mr. Brooks constantly gouged his vendors and didn’t pay them. He was in Chapter 11 all the time it had the most beautiful big mansion I could ever imagine it’s tall black wrought iron gates so nobody could get near him to protect him all the time. He had big American steel customers and they used the Machine shop for their machining and welding needs.
Production Tool needed steel for a machine, one would have thought they would buy the steel from their own customers who paid the bills. Instead, even as far back as 1968, the Jews brought their steal from yellow Japan. There was a Jewish treasurer is vice treasure his son, Jerry Rehaut. The Jews make the tax laws and then know how to use them to always keep ahead of their White male competitor. His son stayed on the phone all day long with his Jewish wife and kids and his mother as well.  I did all the work and never talked or said a word.
Five years no raise. I was the least paid there. The janitor, black Benny Scott, with gold teeth, drove a black Cadillac,  just like the president and vice president. He didn’t have to work hard like White Polish Daddy who slaved for Jews in Lincolnwood, Illinois  and would take all day to just dust with a feather duster. He told me his wife had five children and collects welfare so he doesn’t live there all the time. Defraud the government. Which was a piece of cake after Jew’s Civil Right’s Act. It seems as if he was a drug dealer too.
President Jewish Henry Brooks’ son committed suicide and I think from drugs. The vice President was, Ed Allman, White Gentile. I recall correctly how they managed to drain money out of him for the Jew’s business. Never suspected a thing and was too nice to even think it. The Jew Henry Brooks, had a black mistress in the black neighborhood. He asked me to call his Jewess wife and get her leg of lamb recipe and then call his black mistress and give it to her since she wanted to make it for him.
A man who worked there Gene Berchem, surely would attest to what I’m saying if still alive and remembers. After slaving there for five years, I was pregnant with my husband’s child for I didn’t mess around on him. I was seven months pregnant and asked to my insurance rights. Maurice Rehaut the Treasurer told me they changed the insurance policy and they cut out maternity, which would just mean me.
I cursed out loud and quit. If you find fault with me, think of what the other White women know who don’t trust you enough to tell you the truth. After I left, the beautiful blonde woman who replaced me who was my cousin’s ex-boyfriend’s sister, committed suicide, as did the White male engineer, in a small office of 8. Her name was Maxine Gratsen (spelling?) and Chuck Harmon was the engineer.
About 1970. Since Jews control news, we only hear of Jews as saints to be worshiped and hide all their crimes or make their crimes legal as in Poland 1,000 years. Sister Mary DeMarco was a virgin when she married legal immigrant from Italy, Tony DeMarco. Jews had their sex revolution only to give Jews all the White sex Jews wanted, turn our White men to Jewish porn magazines, computer, to break down our White Species pedigreed, and turn our people into moral degenerates. A man wants to support their own White baby. Jews, Chinese, Hindus, Muslims do it. Black and Browns are supported by us. Only the White baby is a freak of nature.
She listened to talk radio. She wrote boxes of long and uplifting poetry. She’d call it occasionally and read it. Once there was a doing for the station and the Jewish talk show host, Eddie Schwartz was there. He seduced her. (typical) Perhaps she felt guilty and told her husband. Being from Italy they used to have an extreme sense of protecting their women and children. Not today. White women and children have no protection. He went to the station in Chicago and waited for the Jew.
My brother-in-law took his gun out, pointed it to the Jew’s head and cocked the trigger. The Jew, always outsmarting us, begged for his life to our Christian sentiments. He also bribed my brother-in-law. If Tony DeMarco, my brother-in-law (he’s dead now) let the Jew go, the Jew would give him free advertising on his new Italian Restaurant for one year. Since Jews controlled the station, the advertising and the radio host was Jewish, this wasn’t a big deal. My brother-in-law reluctantly accepted. He knew there was no way for him to ever afford that being White.
My brother-in-law went back to his business. Soon after the advertisements were on the radio for his Sorrento’s Restaurant, two men came to give my brother-in-law an offer. Since they knew he worked also at US Steel and he was working around the clock, the two said they would buy in. Again, it seemed too good to be true. He accepted. No sooner his signature was on the dotted line, the 2 men turned against my brother-in-law and bought him out with a 66% majority holdings. He broke down and so did my sister. Their lives were ruined forever. Jews in the media.
1970 – I invite Brother Nicky to live with me for a year to get $ for a down payment on a home. There was a glut of school teachers since those who were, got deferments from going to Vietnam War. He taught English Grammar. I suggested he start as a substitute which he did. But he said he had to spend the first class in the boy’s bathroom as a monitor. Boys were coming to school, drugged, drunk, vomiting in the toilets, high on illegal drugs from war veteran fathers, high on mother’s prescription medicine in the cabinets, smoking, fighting.
When I read the same thing was happening in Germany under Jewish control before World War II, and it was the German White Christian “school teachers” who voted the National Socialists in (Jews defamed with nickname Nazi which terrorizes Whites until today.) The USA became the cesspool Jews turned Germany into.
Brother Eddie Nowak, the 8th grade English teacher who also did plays, said many that make it to 8th grade are “unteachable” even Whites! The Black women kept taking my brother to court claiming racism. He wouldn’t pass their black kids if they didn’t meet the State curriculum. He didn’t pass the Whites either but the Blacks who are not too refined, cultured, and very hateful, kept him in courts (looking for settlement $$$ anything free they could get) for 30 years. I mention the Jews I worked for accountants, Maurie and Jerry Rehaut. He said his 2 grandchildren’s college is paid for by age 2.
In 1977, my Veteran husband and I had gotten along very well considering him suffering from pulverization in Vietnam, China, and me suffering from the worse poverty and domestic violence in Chicago as slaves for Jews. But he was fired fired from another job. I went back to work at Production Tool Corporation. Jews created a reality and society where we can’t function without them.
The new Comptroller was Norm Dolan, Jewish. He promised to make me an accountant so I had a good profession. But it changes after I was hired. He would talk about sex in the private conference room. He’d sit near me and he literally stunk with the smell from hell. You White men need to know this. Not get angry because that’s what they want. They laugh at our anger and wars. But one confident and loving White woman is telling the truth and not afraid. No White woman will confront the “Jew” because he is rich and powerful and White women desire that.
Sad, the Jews bashed our White men through every avenue possible and it’s the White woman who must change if we are to save not just our Race but the USA. Dolan, as Rejtman, Jews, snakepit I’m caught in, tells me his Jewish wife had her two kids to get his money and support, but told him she won’t give him sex again. He had to go get the Shiksas. Meaning White (Christian) women, which must have been customary for 1,000 years at least. He then asked me personal questions if I’m having problems at home being married to a “Veteran.”
They are so sneaky and we are so dumb. But I was having a lot of problems at home with the addicted and damaged White Veteran. Jews, not damaged, for a millennium at least, seem like such good men on the surface. I wasn’t used to that with any of the White men I dated in Chicago. He took me to Midtown Bank to show me how to make a bank deposit near downtown. He took me to lunch at the Holiday Inn attached to the bank. Apparently this bank was chosen to use the hotel rooms for sex and I probably wasn’t the first. He seemed visibly shaken at lunch when he talked of his Jewish wife. He said he couldn’t make it back to work.
I heard just recently almost all Jews are schizophrenic. He asked me to help him and go with him in the hotel room until he settled down. I’m an extremely good employee and never said no to a boss. And being a Christian I couldn’t let him have a nervous breakdown. But they would do it to me. He then made it clear if I were to keep my job I’d have to give him sex regularly. He seduced me. I quit the job and never went back or called. My guilt was overwhelming which it should have been.
Again, not having anything in my entire life to understand this, I called the Jewish doctor again. He told me after I told him I wasn’t pregnant in 1968, he really loved me and wanted to marry me. Actors just like the Jew’s Hollywood actors. He said he was undergoing psychoanalysis. I would never know that he was Jewish if he didn’t tell me because he was Hispanic from Columbia. I certainly wouldn’t know he had a wife or kids, or something private like psychoanalysis, like Jew Freud.
He was the head of Ravenswood Hospital. It even says on the Interent if there’s a sexual predator they must be exposed for the sake of the community. It means “babies” which is something sacred for Whites. Jew Dr. Rejtman had a secret meeting with my Veteran husband. I wasn’t to know about it and he should just try to keep me relaxed. I’ve never been violent in this violent USA. When I went to see him at 666 N. Michigan, Chicago, he was rich with a big desk and a leather couch.
I immediately told him I wanted to get help not just for me but my Veteran and son. We were all suffering. The Jew told me to get rid of him, he’s no good. Sad since my husband’s insurance was paying for this. He knew Jew Norm Dolan was pursuing me for sex and he advised me to marry a “good Jewish” man for my (White) son’s sake. Really? After all the hidden damage? He came around the desk really smoothly. He as a big man, broad shoulders. He came up to my chair and again coaxed me to stand up and went to kiss me. At the same time, he began dragging me to his black leather couch. Not this time!
One thing about breastfeeding is it makes a woman very domestic to protect my husband and children. I began to walk out and get my coat. He stopped me at the door. He premeditated another rape. He told me since he was head of the hospital, he knew of the prescriptions first. He lied and said there was a cure for depression and handed me a prescription for it. Anyone who suffered depression is literally dying for a cure. I grabbed it and ran out. I didn’t go home.
I went to a walk-in Tri-City Mental Health clinic and got a Chinese female doctor. I asked about the prescription if I needed it. She was astonished and said, you cry a little, but that’s normal for what your’ telling me. I didn’t tell her or anyone of these things. She said it could have made me seem crazy. I knew then the Jew had a meeting with my husband a secret meeting. I would have taken the medicine and he would have seen my bizarre behavior and called the Jew doctor. He would have done what he threatened to do 10 years earlier, commit me to insane asylum for life.
Worse, he would have had to kill me. I could never be on a psyche unit and blabbing about the doctor’s rape. Jews and doctors have cocktails of pills now, to kill patients or those in senior homes. Especially with all non-White staff who really don’t care of we live or die. And with Black Lives Matter, our death would be their joy. White “lives” Matter! I was able to finally overcome both of them through a religious healer.
Thanks to Jews bringing in blacks: 37,462 Blacks raping women. Scarred for life, could be sterilized and no White babies from their sacred womb. No Jewess gets raped. Look on the Internet. I think I heard of one in New York and the Rabbis killed the psychiatrist who did it.
1990’s – Niece Jolene Murphy, had a gold chain around her neck. A Mexican attacked her on the streets of Chicago, when the chain wouldn’t break, he drug her across the pavement until the chain broke!
1995 or so -Must be nice to be pampered by Jews, while Mama and I had to scrub their dirty floors, 3rd generation Polish American. 2nd smartest of Europe. The Jewess Spiegel vice-president, Mrs. Silverstein, I cleaned house for had literally a snot-like green puss oozing out of her cold registers near the ceiling at 777 N. Michigan.
She had a black maid before and believe me the Whites and Jews love their blacks because they “talk,” and I don’t. I work.  Her bedroom had so much dust it looked like Jewish Dracula’s castle. Jews made all the monster movies.  Another Jew I worked for sat in his chair and he really looked schizophrenic. He was stiff like a corpse and spaced out. His house also filled with so much dust I began choking. Jews know they will eventually find a Christian desperate or hard working sucker. I worked for a Jewess and Jew psychiatrist couple. 94 years old and the healthiest happiest people I’ve ever seen.
1999 – I was on the Polish-American Jenny Jones TV talk show, as Barbie Doll Queen of Karaoke. Ron the Producer said he’d make me “look good” but “sound bad.” Everyone knows TV is a Jewish circus. This was Jew’s Time Warner. The people I asked about going on said there’s no such thing as good or bad advertising just “no” advertising.  But that’s not intelligent. That’s hearing a name or idea over and over and it becomes our life’s reality.
Afterward Jew Owen Robbins, marketing and advertising for Telemundo TV, and Super Bowl, a friend of Linda Dillon, who was an acquaintance of mine told him about my costumed karaoke. I don’t call her a friend, because she hated White men with a passion. She told me and she showed it when we were out. She was engaged to the Jew, and last I knew she was in love with a short, brown Central American.
He called and asked to go to karaoke with me for ideas. I took him karaoke-hopping; four places plus the Polish Festival Taste of Polonia. I told him about the TV show and he asked to see it. He was super impressed and told me to make him a copy since he saw my dubbing machine. I did. He called later and told me he turned it into American Idol. I get nothing. Jews don’t think ideas; they steal White ideas and sell them back to us to become billionaires. All the while the Whites reject each others new ideas until it comes from Jew media.
Also in the video, around 6:00 minutes, I’m singing Fame and my nipple accidentally fell out as I did the shimmy as women do in Zumba today. I had a great milk supply to nurse both my sons 3 1/2 years each. Average time human’s nurse was 7 years. I told him that. Later that year, at the Super Bowl commercial, which was his account, Black Voo Doo princess, Janet Jackson’s nipple accidentally fell out during half time! Nothing Jews do is real . . . it’s our entire 24/7 reality. Here’s the video. Odd but Whites don’t worship a God or Jesus, or their highest, but worship a Black woman, Janet. Protestants removed statues of images of Jesus, yet Jews put up images for Whites to idolize and worship 24/7. Her nipple falls out at the end and they said it was a “malfunction.” (Planned just like most of our news.) Here’s a race-breaking video with her pushing her ass into White Justin Bieber’s penis. Jewish entertainment (genocide) against Whites, especially the White male.
Here’s the real (not fake) story. Everyone else on the TV show was fake and I saw a Black woman get paid $1,000 to knock down a singer, Sanchez who she didn’t even know. I got paid nothing. I was asked to go back on and get $150; I refused.  I have the Jenny Jones video Jew Owens turned into American Idol.

More below”
2003 – Jew Phil Spector, who blanketed the Whites with Black music, Motown, murdered blonde actress, Lana Clarkson, from the House of Blues. I’d be beaten and crippled at a House of Blues in Vegas, in 2013, (see below). Here’s Spector Mugshots – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEaOQoB3QNw&t=176s
2005 – I went on talk radio for the first time, on August 29, 2005. I’d been writing for three years to the Chicago then the Las Vegas DJ’s about either my life or how I viewed this reality from a mind, like a dinosaur, that hasn’t had all these layers of TV “Programming.” I then wrote in exasperation, I would go on talk radio the next day and begin to talk about my deceased Veteran’s suicide and last words, “There’s no help for the White man.”
I looked up talk radio for Vegas and KDWN, with 50,000 watts of power, came up. I listened and heard Jew Michael Savage’s show where he screams at the White audience of 10,000,000. Although mostly White males, Savage said he had a high (White) Christian female audience. I thought if he can scream so can I. So I wrote down my notes and called Hart Kirsch, on the station, at about 6 a.m. I was very adamant and pounding my fist on the table as I spoke to the morning radio audience. He was kind and let me speak without interruption. I went on perhaps every two weeks. I not only addressed White problems but how the other races had effects on us. I’d say the Blacks, Browns, (Illegals) Yellows, Reds, 1/2 breeds, Muslims and the Hindu’s with the dot on their forehead. I was welcomed.
Then one day I was ranting against feminism because it made our White women do twice the amount of work as they used to do. I then focused on and said, “And it’s that Jewess’ fault, Gloria Steinem.” Her Jewish people are all rich and don’t have to work all those hours, plus raise a family.” Well, within a few weeks, Hart said there would be drastic news of changes for the 50 year old (White family) company. Then he dropped the bomb: the station was bought up and would have a new format. He and the other White radio hosts were fired.
I looked up the people who bought it and it was the New Jersey Beasley family who replaced the White family radio station. They paid a mere $24 million which is a drop in the bucket for them. The USA is such a gold mine for the Jews they don’t know what to do with all the White money and so many jobs they race-break and have more babies for more future employees.
It’s just a coincidence, but I later found out, Hart Kirsch was born in Dachau, Germany in a camp which Jews asserted was filled with gas chambers. Jews lied. The Germans even put up signs at their camps and no gas chambers were ever there. In fact, there’s thousands of references by historical revisionists which show even the camps in Poland had no gas chambers. They were run by Germans and Polish sympathizers as my Polish-American friend, Irene’s, parents.
2006 – I met a KJ who was German-American, tall, blonde, family man, Doug. About 40 years old He got to be very successful. He had the first large touch screen karaoke in Las Vegas, where the singer could use a computer screen to put in their song instead of a slip. He had 5 gigs. Coincidentally, I once went to a Radio Shack in Vegas to see if I could buy a recording machine. I was going to call the Jewish doctor who raped me and record him on the phone. The manager at Radio Shack was Jewish and told me he was subbing for Doug who was sick. Later Doug told me this (Jewish) guy stole all his 5 gigs and he was unemployed. Later he took employment as a roofer, stepped on a rusty nail, had his foot chopped off and died. Odd, but my Vietnam Veteran was given a roofing job, stepped on a rusty nail, and was supposed to have his foot chopped off. Here’s details on Doug.
About 2007, the legal assistant I worked for, Tracy Mabe, nearly decapitated in Vegas, as he took his bike off the bus and the black got $5.
2007 – Tea Party, first two speakers, who actually came up to me for pictures for their government election and a guitar player, were Jews. The Whites need to come up to me also. But I can’t at this time, sacrifice the few moments I have left on earth, for feeling sorry for Jews. Let God take care of them, and the 92% of the world’s non-Whites not us. Jews infiltrate and manipulate any white organizations. Jews even did it to USA KKK and Nazis to cause trouble and shut them down. While the Jews can hate us 24/7.
2007 – “No More Wars for Israel” conference in California. On my way there, my car engine blew up, but rented car and Palestinians towed and fixed my car eager to get me there. I know Jew bankers kept my Polish kin (White) in wars for 1,000 years. USA 200 years straight. Jews need five years to prepare for World War II, the so called Holocaust, in order to move their entire Jewish population of Europe, (85% of Jews come from my Poland) to the USA. Israel has the Russian Jews who fomented the Russian Revolution against the White Christians of Russia. I’d say we are dealing with diabolical Jews in both Israel and USA today. We’ve done so much for the world and to think we have to suffer this is the worse in history. Finally, just a month ago, a USS Liberty, US Marine, will be on a panel, 50 years of trying, to debate the USS Liberty. (If the Jews don’t infiltrate that! I hope not. Whites have got to have a win. We’ve been pulverized to White ash. But just getting the investigation in the USA is a big, big win, and we must be grateful for even the smallest wins we get, for every article written, youtube filmed, radio show broadcast, (no TV shows yet or movies, but we can wish.)
2008 – I sent Whites Are Discriminated by Jewish Monopoly, an entire binder of my documents, 14 page letter, and 25 copies of the I Dream of Jeannie, TV shows, by Jew Sidney Sheldon, to the USA FCC, Federal Communications Commission.We can’t help our government advance as the others around the world, who are like lightening years ahead of us, unless we find out what we are doing wrong and correct it. Smiling and laughing at Jew sitcoms unto our genocide or slavery isn’t the way to go. I sent them to Kevin Martin. Sadly his secretary was black and she may have destroyed it.
Here’s how the Jews pulverized the two White male astronauts. I blame the Jewish government for the death of my US Marine Purple Heart.
2009 (about) While temping in a legal firm, the White French owner was out. The White manager and other White temp, Rose Farina, whined they didn’t like the French woman. Rose added, she loved her Jewish bosses. She added, she was their sex slave along with working for them, for 40 years and never regretted it. The manager nodded she too loved the Jews (more than the Whites.) After the Whites have been divided, conquered, and turned against in another in the USA, as Jews did from my Poland 1025-1945?
2014 – Niece Jamie Sudar married rich Jew. Her brothers are straight A students, she has a sweet demeanor and nice looking. Jews breed for these qualities. They married and he barred my sister, Joan, from their home forever. She called him a Kyke. Talk about punishment. When my sister’s husband died, Jamie told me the Jew divorced her because he said the “kids were grown.” He used her for breeding. Her friend from church gave her a statue of Jesus’ mother Mary, which she had on her dresser. Even Martin Luther who started Protest-anism, said Mary had a place in theology. Only recently has that changed.
Now we have JAPP, Jewess American Princess on  Pedestal. All the worship we do for the Jews takes care of her and her offspring. The Jew got angry because he said the statue’s eyes were looking through him. He was so visibly shaken, he took a dirty sock and covered Jesus’ mother’s head and eyes. Jaimie took it off. He put it on. And then he told my niece she was no good anyway. “Go sleep in the basement where you belong.” She was merely a cattle for him or a beast. When she was forced to leave their home after 20 years of giving her life to them, she told me he never did a day’s work in his life. But as she got into the car upon departure, he grabbed the statue and actually did manual work and carried it to her car and threw it in the back seat. She thought it crashed but didn’t. He has a Jewess mistress and Jews are getting thicker than ever with signs in Israel to “marry your own.” Jews read my blogs.
2015 – Sister Joan’s life was put into a Jewess woman’s custody, Nan. My Nephew, John Sudar, met a Jewess at Chicago College many years ago. She was so disposed, the other Jews hated her. My nephew, as Whites often do, “felt sorry for her.” She remained around the family for a long time. At the funeral, Nan was so obnoxious, she stood up in front of the entire funeral and knocked my sister down. My sister was chair bound and her needs not cared for.
If I hadn’t self-educated myself to Jews, I would have turned against my sister, (as taught to us by Jews since 1025.) And my sister isn’t the nicest person in the world. Although my sister had a Polish lady watching her, the house was sold, and Nan the Jewess got custody. My sister called me, and I heard her say Nan was taking her away. Nan moved White sister to another nursing home and no one knows where my sister is.
2000? Again, same family above. This time Sister Joan’s other son. Jaimie’s Jew husband hired him away from the place he worked for. He used my nephew to fire the employees for a merge. Once the firing was done, he got rid of him.
Same family. Niece Jeanine. When I lived downtown Chicago, we went dancing once. I was beginning to be Jew-wise and I told her about Norm Dolan and the seduction at work at Production Tool. This cartoon I used on my website, truly describes Jew Norm Dolan, who literally had a smell from hell,  and even Jaimie’s Jewish ex-husband, Richard Gordon, looked like this. I’m so ashamed to admit this but this, but White women must be brave and come forth or this plague will last 1,000 years or for eternity.
Sister, Joan, confided in me it broke her heart to witness her oldest daughter never married and no grandchildren since the family adored her, the 1st of 52 nieces and nephews. When I told Jeanine about the Jew seduction, she laughed.
She said after she left high school, she went down town, Chicago, and got a job at a stock broker’s company. A smart Jew, seeing Jeanine’s high IQ, stole her from the company they worked for, and started his own business. She laughed when she admitted she had been his sex slave I’m going to guess from 1970, until she retired 2017.
I said to her, about 2010, “Don’t you care you do all his work to make him rich as the president, you give him all the sex, and his Jewess wife and kids will get all the respect, all the adoration from the Whites (Christians,) his home, cars, business, fortune, insurance policy, and the Jewess doesn’t do a single thing to get it as I slaved for my Veteran husband and kids. It didn’t bother her. But . . . something must have sunk in.
She joined a Single’s Gourmet group, I joined. She began dating (White) men and one even wanted to marry her. But once women race-break, it’s a haunting road ahead.  That would have been about Jews got all the starlets of Hollywood our most beautiful women. This drawing is from pre-World War II. The rich Jews were raping the White (Catholic and Protestant girls like a plague. The first Jews expelled from Germany to the USA, were the rapists. It was the schools who “taught” the White girls racial purity and as I see, our womb is sacred. The girls were to get police reports if a Jew tried to con them into sex or actual rape as Dr. Rejtman did to me 1968.  Jew masters taught us to use our sacred wombs as sewers for Jewish and non-White sperm, because their sperm doesn’t belong in us. It’s a curse to race-break – see my blog for “Phinehas” in the bible. Right after God gives Moses 10 Commandments, Moses comes down, talks to his brother Aaron, who talks to Phineas, who takes a javelin and puts it between the groins of a race-breaking couple in a tent. Even pedigreed dog owner’s keep their race pure.
Image result for jews rape german women cartoon
1986 – In Poland, since 1025, Jews married in royalty. “Ski,” like Mama’s name, Kopaczewski, is royal blood. Few Kopaczewski’s in USA ancestry data base. If a Jew marries into Polish royalty for power and money and looks, demeanor, disposition, IQ, their names end in “sky.” Meyer Lansky, Murder, Inc. #1 crime syndicate in USA history.
1986 – Jew marries President Kennedy’s daughter  for highest breeding, power, tight Jew control, and money. http://tzvee.blogspot.com/2009/01/is-caroline-kennedys-husband-edwin.html
1995? – Jew marries President Clinton’s daughter for power, money, control of USA. Her Jew husband’s father is Edward Mezvinsky , who embezzled more than $10 million from people via both a Ponzi scheme and the advance-fee scams, and was found guilty of fraud in 2001. The Jew’s parents declared bankruptcy shortly before Mezvinsky’s conviction and divorced. President Clinton’s daughter and President Trump’s daughter, married Jews, taken out of our gene pool and our ancestry and history forever as Whites. As Jews kill off our finest men, think Katyn Polish massacre, they marry our finest White women.
1994-1997 – Jew Robert Mendelson, Donco Paper. The woman whose place I was going to take, confided in me privately as she trained me, “Get out of this place – It’s Satanic.” It wasn’t just I who suffered for 3 years but according to Sandy Johnson, CFO, they did that to a forest preserve full of people (only 10 employees, ritzy area Chicago.) But it seems as I look back on my life, I had to go through this to walk in White Mama and Daddy (12 babies and terribly treated slaves for Jews) in my folks footsteps. Otherwise I would have thought my folks were exaggerating. This link is quite revealing showing Jews tactics.
One other thing I didn’t mention on link below. When I told Fran, Vice-President she can’t threaten to chop off my head and put on a silver platter for Jew Mendelson, she said, “I can talk to you anyway I want. As long as we keep the company under 70 employees the government doesn’t check.”
Here’s my link where Fran threatens to chop my head off and give to Jew Mr. Mendelson.
2000 – Richest Jew in the world, Las Vegas Sheldon Adelson. His wealth: First Mega-Casino in Yellow Communist China. Yes, Jew Communists and Chinese Communists work together. I once said on the air, I wished I were born a Jewess who came from the Slav countries like my Poland, the “Master” instead of poor me, the “Slave” for Jews for 1,000 years even in South Chicago. I read he made $11,000,000 an hour, but now find they reduced it to $1,000,000 an hour (like the Holocaust number of 6,000,000 to 300,000.) But then a Jew tried to buy the Grand Canyon and his plan was foiled by smart White (Christians.) But the way the Jews are selling off White USA lands and businesses, giving away our homes, streets, schools, parks to the other 92% of non-Whites of the world, the non-Whites probably already own the Grand Canyon. Why? The debt the USA makes used to be backed by gold, then silver, now the USA land and properties. (surely people as they may send us around the world to be their White slaves.)
2001 – Jew Larry Silverstein, ower of the Three USA skyscrapers demolished and blamed on two tin airplanes which crashed into them. Two planes, three skyscrapers vanished in dust. A year before he bought them for a low price and insured them double indemnity. That means he got paid double not just for the three but now will own all seven skyscrapers free and paid for, brand new. Also, he’ll get “double” meaning he gets to pocket in his banking half of the billions. Orthodox Jew Judge Alvin Hallerstein, the only judge ruling litigation regarding 9/11. No coincidence, Jew Bloomberg, became mayor of New York for “three” terms after 9/11. Again, concealing as many avenues as possible against the Whites. 79% of those killed in 9/11. Whites. Jews were warned via global message by ODIGO two hours before the White World Trade Centers’ tragedy. Silverstein who is always there, absent that day.
2001 – Dancing, laughing, and cheering, Israelis filming the pulverization of the World Trade Centers. Naming names:  The five were later identified as Sivan Kurzberg his brother Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari.

2001 – Two hundred Jew Israeli art students getting access the government buildings, around the USA, before 9/11 tragedy. “According to FOX news, throughout late 2,000 and 2001, a total of 200 Israeli spies were arrested. It was the largest spy ring to ever be uncovered in the history of the United States. The Washington Post also reported that some of these Israelis were arrested in connection with the 9-11 investigation. Since were “naming names of Jew criminals” for the safety of society, we’ll have to get the 200.
names. http://rense.com/general87/14_1.htm
Also see how the Jews pulled off assassinations against Whites, burning down New York homes for insurance money, Great Chicago fires, sinking ships, such as their own, “The Patria,” killing their own. (Usually the lowest or 1/2 breeds of the Jews to purify their race such as those Jews left in the World War II camps at the end.) Jew Oppenheimer’s signature and first listed as creating and dropping the atom bomb on the only two Christian cities of Japan.)
2004 – My deceased husband, Michael Duncan, US Marine Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart Hall of Honor’s suicide: His last words: “There’s no help for the White man in this country.” Although my blog started just with innocent topics in 2002 about my autobiography after my husband’s death I soon discovered the Jews when I had to struggle with his last words “There’s no help for the White man in this country.” This is what led  me change my writings to being very racial. Here’s link of his Purple Heart Hall of Honor entry. We can’t solve White problems or any business problem if we can’t talk about them.

His story: https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/us-marine-purple-heart-hall-of-honor-michael-the-deacon-duncan-purple-heart-white-miracle/

2009 – Jew Kushner wanted to marry a Presbyterian White Christian, Ivanka Trump, the President daughter. (3 of them so far.) But the Jewish parents were furious because they are racists as is the State of Israel. Jew raced can only marry Jew raced. Jew religion doesn’t matter. The Christian parents didn’t object, because Christians marry everybody and anybody. (Jews infiltrated church, about 1970, forcing churches to race-break or lose their 503 non-profit tax exemption. Odd but do synagogues have that or do they pay big taxes since they are the richest per capita religious church/synagogue.) They marry in 2009.
2010 – Was singing karaoke in Vegas. White men are afraid to approach me, which leaves the Jews open to prey on me for my entire life. This is designed and White men have to hear this. I met man at karaoke and when he asked me to dance he seemed vulgar. I know you find it hard to believe thinking well if she’s been in Vegas all these years she’s been around the block. I dance with White men. They’ve always been respectful.
I pulled away from this man. And I thought I was being prudish. He apologized. And afterwards went to the casino for breakfast. We talked about karaoke which was fun. I told him I had both karaoke equipment and he asked if you could stop by. Being friendly and he looked white, with blondish hair even. So when we exchange numbers and I gave them my address, Jews are very aggressive and jumped on the chance to sing with me at home. We probably left the Vegas restaurant at 2 o’clock in the morning and by 8:30 in the morning he was ringing my doorbell. Jews know what they want, and they want white sex, and nothing stops them. I was shocked when I saw him that early but he said he was on his way to his business.
I turned up the karaoke machine and began to sing a duet which is  the number one thing I like to do, but nobody will do it with me. I think a man and a woman seeing together is the bible, and God made them male and female, white. But after just a few words of singing, he, like the Jewish doctor begin to drag me on the couch. And again, I jumped up. I walk toward the door to show him out. I was calm and confident.
As I said he looked white, but I asked him “does your wife know you’re here. Are you Jewish?” He nearly fainted. How did I guess he was Jewish. He admitted he was. He lives with his wife is a business arrangement. He had White mistress. The three of them have lunch every Tuesday.
It’s amazing these white women go along with this and get shafted both ways with devil sperm. Like Rosemary’s Baby movie. Needless to say I told him I wasn’t interested and pushed him right out the front door. Having all those White ShowGirls, some of the best looking in the USA isn’t enough for Jew controlled Vegas or the White homosexuals to use for sodomy?
I’m not a witch hunt, the Jewish men told me. In fact, Norm Dolan, Jew, said he would have a nervous breakdown, if he couldn’t see me again, to wear down my sympathy and nerves. Shakespeare said (1,500’s said,) “Hell is empty and all devils are here.”  You can see the condition of England so when the 1600’s arrived, the Whites were happy to leave the trash of England and set up USA as the Caucasian’s Promised Land.
2007: Was in protest against Illegal Brown Mexicans. Leader, Irish-American Michael O’Sullivan, White. 8 of us. Las Vegas Boulevard. On the medium, were 4 protestors, one face covered. Male leader against Michael, like a war. The leader incited the others and the cars between us just watched. The news TV team was there and told I made national, perhaps international news. But I was warned, the news makes us look crazy like “White evil Supremacists.”
Jews who are the Supremacists, make Whites look crazy. Do you know how many Whites have been terrorized with Charlottesville, afraid to join our groups or even writers or readers? It’s how Jews have gotten 100% worship, more than any God or Diety on earth, we worship them. The TV news of course Jewish and set up right next to me. It was my first protest, so wasn’t very vocal. Mexicans have taken over Vegas and once they get the territory, White Flight must begin for even the Polish immigrants at the Polish Deli there told me the Mexicans treat the Polish immigrants terribly. The Mexicans form a mafia against them.
Mind you, my Polish come into the USA at the bottom menial work. Other races and religions come with degrees from foreign schools or we pay and get the highest jobs. Mexicans at the grocery mart had $100 bills flying from their wallets. Brand new SUV’s. Iron workers, Union jobs, see above my sister and the illegal. During the protest I turned to the TV reporter. I said, “look at all the swat team, Las Vegas police, and national guard who are surrounding us. Not one of them is white. And if they would arrest us whites we wouldn’t have a chance in a sea of nonwhites. After the protest the leader of the counter protest came across the street by the TV reporter I was talking to. He introduced his name to me and I asked him if he was Jewish and he admitted he was. The counter-protester leader was a Jew. But when the Jews treat me nice, the White men just treat me nice also, for I’m battling for your rights.
2008 – Black and White Barack Hussein elected president of the USA for eight years ruling over Whites. Our capital of the USA is Washington DC. But after the Jew’s Civil War, they released the Blacks from the South to travel North and Blacks have been the majority since 1865. When an opponent takes over the capital of a country, the host country has been conquered. (the Whites) Barack Hussein’s first appointment was Jew Raum Emmanuel. It was done for two reasons. “Emmanuel” means “Messiah.” Jews programmed us Whites to worship them 24/7 as the “Chosen” mentioned in the Bible. They aren’t. They are merely either barbaric Turk Mongols who took over my Poland in 1025, or the Pharisees who murdered Jesus Christ.
British Israelites, Christian Identity, Mormons (and perhaps others of the 41,000 denominations we have been divided into) teach the Caucasians are the “Israelites” in the Bible and have billions of documents to prove it. But only Identity exposse the Jews.
Jew Emmanuel who wasn’t even a Chicago resident, was elected Mayor and perhaps Chicago, my home town, is the “New Jerusalem” or Zionist State as was my Poland for 1,000 years. Both Jews and all of Europe knew Poland was title “Jewish Paradise” while for my White Christian ancestors, it was “The Dungeons of Hell,” the worse slavery in history — still silenced until now.
2008 – Wrote in emails, there was only 1 White Protestant Supreme Court Justice, and he was just a token White, 94 years old. When I sent over night packages to the Supreme Court  to vote against accepting Barack Hussein’s phony birth certificate – the court was loaded with Jews (head 1/2 Jew) / Jewess, Blacks, Brown. The Jews and their imps hijacked the Protestant male built USA. And make it “good,” or “God.” Jewish G-d. Even the White female works against the White male. Worse, Barack Hussein, put in Jewess Elena Kagan, making “0” White males. Kagan is descendant of the Jew Communist who helped takeover White Russia. Kagonovich, who killed 10,000,000 Whites.
Federal Reserve private bank, not USA or White’s treasury, last 3 heads, Jews and now a Jewess. They can control trillions of our dollars mathematically, but lie about the 6,000,000 number of Jews killed in work camps in Poland – Germany.
2016 – White Christian Ken Hanes, friend I met at seniors center. Missionary to Israel and Jews in Russia for nine years. He went there because they are big sinners and crooks. He said even the Rabbis of Russia are crooked and responsible for the crime in Russia. (our fellow Whites, Russians, damaged by Jews worse crime in world today after Jews finished them off with booze, drugs, wars since 1917 in the Jew Revolution against White Russia) He said the Rabbi forge documents for citizenship wherever Jews want to go. He said many of the Israelis are drunks and criminals (who are from Russian Revolution type, the Polish Jews control USA) Yet many of our present day Christians worship the Jew drunks as their G-d.
He also confirmed his friend was in World War II and opened up the camps. He saw the skinny bodies from starvation. But he said something which was a key idea. The railroads were bombed around the camps (our Allies did that) to force starvation and get Germany to get on his knees. (my words) He said his friend said it was my Polish people, skinny and in the camps, were sent to repair the railroads to alleviate the starvation and Typhus (No medicine.)
For example, Anne Frank, which is a household word around the world thanks to Jew marketing and advertising, died of Typhus, not raped by White German Christian men, or beaten, or hung, or murdered. She died of lice bugs, Typhus. I emailed one of the guards at one of the Polish camps who told me the doctors injected the workers, Jews, with Typhus to create this epidemic. The Jews ran the medical in Germany, and even in my Poland and now in the USA.
There’s the names of the most criminal spies of USA, Jonathan Pollard and the Jewess and Robert Eisenbergs, who gave the USA atom bomb plans to the Jew-led Communists of Russia. Jew Eisenbergs were executed. 1953
Jew gangs: Meyer Lansky, worse in USA history, Stern Gang, Purple Gang.
Jews responsible for the illegal drugs, legal drug overdose, booze, tobacco, porn, gambling, constant wars with (White Christian) bodybags . . .  first 1000 years in my Poland and now 200 years USA.
There are many more Jewish criminal names in history on my blog and yet to be uncovered as detectives
About 2010 – I worked in Vegas at a temp firm. They sent me to a legal firm owned by a French woman. There was an office manager and another temp, named Rose. I don’t remember last name. Once the French attorney was out. I had no problems with her. But the other two white women did and they got up to chat and complain. I don’t talk White or Jew but listened. The manager said she didn’t like working for the French woman, and wish she could go back to working for her former Jewish boss. Rose, the temp, said she too “loved” not just to work for Jews, but she was their sex lover for 40 years. The other woman admitted the same. I was astounded but anything goes in Vegas. But to admit the Jew lawyers were committing crimes with their White secretaries, and what are the odds it was both of them. As my niece Jeanine. I’m telling you, I’m the only one who got out of that snake pit, and issued two Complaints against the doctor. Don’t these White women know their womb is sacred and the tremendous and heroic responsibility which lies on their shoulders?
2012 – My first attempt at volunteering for politicians, Republican, Ken Wegner. He had me host a 2 hour radio show also. I introduced new ideas for the Republican Part, 2012, and they wanted me on Vegas Executive Committee. Perhaps they re thought the Republican Party and got Trump elected. Ken didn’t know about my writings, he had my commercial go out 900 times to Vegasland of my Jewess opponent, Shelley Berkley, was a dream come true. I discovered she had more trips to Israel than anyone, 6. She was so confident, she then tried to run for State Senator, Nevada. But after the deluge of commercials, 900 times, even richest Jew, Sheldon Adelson, said he wouldn’t back her; he couldn’t stand her. The Jew man is getting the message.
In the commercial I ranted against her trying to put a 55% death tax. It would only affect Whites. I used to work for Jew accountants. It seems as if the Jews build in loop holes for themselves, which White (Christians) are totally unaware of.  But as Mama said to me, “You are smart and you are intelligent.” I’ll say the same to the Whites of today, especially my readers: “You are smart and you are intelligent.” Mama would also say, “Don’t sit on your brains — Use Them!” She only went to 5th grade and like me, had no Jew TV, radio, magazines, movies, which were only tools of Jew’s mind control over us.
Jewess Shelley Berkeley made the most trips to her Israel, her first love, more than any other House of Rep. Here’s the breakdown of her trips. Don’t Whites think about any of these things?
I wrote her once a short statement: keep your Jewish men away from our White women. The next thing I knew, my legal temp agency assigned me to work for her ex-husband who had apparently dumped her for a White woman and had more kids. While there, the supervisor of Berkley and Berkley confided in me when the Jewish lawyers went home. She said she was a former nun, married to a former priest. I don’t talk White or Jew, but listened and emphasized. She said she had a son 12 years old in a good Vegas school.
But she was very angry rightfully so. She had to work long hours at the legal firm. Her husband, also. She had to pay full price for tuition. Blacks and browns got it for free. The Jews, and other races which were doctors or had high paying jobs, could easily afford it. All the other races, whether at the top or at the bottom, didn’t have to work as she did. They could spend time mentoring their children. In advanced math and science, her son was the only white male. She couldn’t go to the PTA conferences, or help with homework, and other projects.
Her son was good in tennis but she had to pay full price $90 a week. The other mothers could play with their kids to advance them, she and her husband had to work. Her white son, compared to the other races, with extra care, was beginning to lag behind. Here’s a commercial I did in Vegas exposing Jewess Shelley Berkley. Double Click.    (Unable to load audio commercial. I can send through email though if you contact me. It’s historical.) Illegal discrimination which is “hate” against White Species.
2013 – August. I dressed in a white wedding gown as Princess Diana, House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, Vegas to sing with Rock Star Rock Band karaoke as I did for about 8 years. In the interim I started by blog and Facebook and I began exposing the Jews 2009. By 2012, I wrote the draft of my autobiography, including Veteran husband, which alerted the dangers of the genocide of the White Species. But it wasn’t until 2013, I got the money to self-publish. I had been ill and taken time off from karaoke. When I went back, the Drummer, Max, came up to me and simply said, “You know I’m Jewish.” Jews are voracious readers and read my blogs. My first long emails in 2002 went to the Media and I didn’t know they were Jewish, so what I’m writing is no surprise.
I did a tribute to Elvis, American Trilogy, but for the first time on the mic at Gilly’s on the Strip, I said, This is a tribute to Elvis, whose relatives are Confederates. The Confederates lost and so did my husband to the Chinese in Vietnam. To me, it doesn’t make him less of a hero. A Jewess named Goldsmith, manager at Gillys, read the riot act to me. She brought 4 blacks to the front tables and wanted me to apologize. My folks are from Poland and I won’t be intimidated into false White Christian guilt for things that happened in the past when my people weren’t here. I didn’t apologize. But was certain they were going to kick me off the Strip.
But I still got dressed two days later as Princess Diana at the House of Blues. I had a luggage with me for a second costume, which I put in a small storage in which didn’t have a top. It’s always been empty, except for this date. A drum stick. Right away I thought Jew, Max, the drummer. When I went to stand to the side of the stage, what looked like a transvestite man, dressed as a woman attacked me. She / he held my right arm with a vice like grip and just went berserk and kept beating me on the butt and my spine. A friend who has studied the Jew crimes, Pastor Eli, says Jews always leave their calling card. It’s no fun if the White doesn’t cringe in fear and know it’s the Jew we fear but can’t talk about.
It seemed as if I died with a seizure later, and then E.R’s, and semi-crippled, waiting to die. All this covered up by everyone even as far as DC. Here’s the link. Since Jews started the House of Blues, meaning only for Black blues, or Jew blues, I introduced and said on the mic, you know there’s plenty of Whites who sing the blues, and I’m one of them. No one has ever beaten and crippled a Jewess. Instead, we worship them.
2017 – I protested the Jewish only Holocaust Museum, in Washington DC. I had a two hour talk with the curator who was a Judeo Christian. I wore my white Veteran’s hat for my husband and set it down on the table and told him my husband’s spirit was with me and screaming from his grave for justice. I asked him where the Polish Christian version of the Holocaust was since 69% of those in the camps were my kin and I’m a descendant. He had never heard a (White) Christian speak up, just the constant 24/7 whites of the hysterical Jews. To keep them quiet we do whatever they want yet we wouldn’t allow that from our own White children.
When one goes into that Jewish only museum, for only they have rights, not Whites, one sees a bin of shoes. How do we know they are Jews and not Catholic Christians, Protestant Christians, Gypsies, homosexuals or lesbians, or prisoners of war. I even heard once on my Grace Internet radio a broadcast from Poland where the hosts talked about how great it was Israeli Jews were paying for more shipments of old shoes and artifacts. It meant business for that country, so poor at the time.
The museum is on Federal Land and paid for with taxes. Yet there’s a law for separation for church and state. That applies to synagogue and state but until now no one called the Jews on it. It’s illegal. Plus it’s only for them and not the other 90% of the people in those camps.
I protested two days, and had a megaphone the second day. I was interrupted by about 25 staff, police, black women, Jews cursing at me . . . a good White woman who saved her White husband’s life, according to the Veteran’s hospital in Maywood, Illinois, near Chicago. I had two signs “Save the White Race” and “Jews Lied About the Holocaust.” “Where the Polish Christian version?” Since my Poles were Jew’s slaves for 1,000 years and taught to obey the Jews and the few Polish Magnates at the top, will they come forward for the first time since 1025 and have freedom of speech to disclose what the Jews have done to them?
I then went to the airport, so I still had my sign. I got through security and if they would have taken it away I wouldn’t have resisted. I sat in my chair and put the sign down and listened to music. A woman with “Women” on her shirt (which is a protest sign for feminists) called the airport security. Four blacks demanded I surrender my protest sign. I gave it to them willingly, but I asked them politely, “You scream ‘Black Lives Matter,’ don’t ‘White Lives Matter?’ The one dark man said he would kick me off the plane for saying that. It’s hell to be outnumbered and not a single white person in the seats came to help me especially since I had my Vietnam Veteran hat on for my husband with his name and Purple Heart embroidered. Only “Save the White Race” is outlawed in the world, and that is extremely evident today.
A black woman, who rules over me her White slave, then forced me onto another plane and I had to pay twice.
Here’s my blogs for my review of this event:
2017 – Since this incident, I witnessed Amazon, who has never banned a book, ban over 100 books regarding the (White) debate on the Holocaust. Many of our pioneer pro-Whites for the last 50 years have had their websites shut down, their YouTubes de-monitized, PayPal and Credit Card companies refused to extend only Whites credit. Non-Violent Whites.
I saw the first large White assembly as the Constitution protects, get attacked by a Jewish mayor at Charlottesville, Virginia, Mike Signer, his Black Vice-Mayor, Wes Bellamy, and he newly appointed head of the Charlottesville, police department. Not only that the Jewish and Black mafia brought denied the right to assemble there by White veteran General Lee who lost the war as my white husband lost the Vietnam war to Chinese Communists and Jewish bankers. The Whites got a federal injunction which permitted it.
When the Whites met, the police denied audio speakers for those who were going to talk. Antifa, (funded by the richest Jew, George Soros) attacked the Whites there, as did Black Lives Matter groups. How is it Blacks burn down cities and no one dare utter a sound. But pulverize the White males (and good females like me) and the Congress and President have a Joint Resolution condemning only the Whites in our own country. I’d never stand for this in my own home, how do we stand for this in our home country we all built and love? Here’s several blogs

2017 – Jew rabid Rabbis forced Amazon to shut down White historical books either exposing Jews or Holocaust history. Lulu shut down printing of one such book. Credit Card companies shut down ways for pro-Whites to collect money for books. PayPal shut down which is hate against Whites. Taking down websites, youtubes. It amounts to any possible way for Whites to communicate with each other. Jews made sure they took over every possible tool of mass communication. Radio, Movies, Art, Entertainment, Movies, TV, Magazines, Billboards, Advertising, Marketing, all forms of news and book publishing including all the agents for above. Hence we Whites have only one flow of information, words, and pictures for our minds. World War III between White male and female. White children, through schools, divided from parent’s teaching. I see now clearly, which I couldn’t understand before, how my Poland was silenced from 1025-until today.
Miscellaneous Jew names who hate in the USA and get off scot free or have statues of criminals in Israel which White taxes pay for through billions of free money and a ton of money from White countries for Holocaust Jews only, not Christian White victims who were perhaps 85% of the “workers” in the camps.

Here’s 950+ quotes and warnings from White people on Jews. See Black preacher, Louis Farakhan and Jew Brother Nathaniel, etc. Youtubes exposing Jews. Also see Muslim shows which expose the horrors of Jews against Palestinians inferior slaves. Picture the horrendous treatment of those people since 1945, only 72 years. My Polish people and me had them 1,000 years and it’s hidden.

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