I’m Fearlessly White 26-4A Jesus Beats Jews Out of Temple

Hello Eurofolks,

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Jesus: What a White Guy! Today atheism is the norm in the USA and moreso in Europe. Without moral leaders or compasses the Whites are lost, divided, and conquered. Jews and their Chinese God-hating Communists won. It’s why jew Communists killed all 22,000 of Poland’s leaders, religious, and officers on April 10, 1940. Katyn Massacre. Some Whites buried alive if the single bullet to the back of the brain didn’t kill them.

Pastor Eli James and my links are below.
First is the 3-minute clip of one man, Jesus, Who physically battled the jewish bankers out of the temple. Jews and now jewesses have controlled the top USA banks since 1913. All our White money and taxes going into the treasury and being spent where jews and jewesses decide! (Israel-China?) There’s nothing for Whites or White Christians. All LAWS against Whites (especially Caucasian Christians nearly dying) except the bill I submitted to the Washington DC Congress, 2018. 
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Below: White Jesus Goes Wild and Beats the Jews bankers out of the Temple. After the temple emptied, all the sick, lame, crippled, dumb, blind, deaf, sinning, and dying went in. Jesus healed them all.

Please see the pictures for this week’s episode of my book on the last video:

You’ll see me analyze this on Thursday’s filming of my book with Pastor Eli James, Assembly of Christian Israelites. I cheer, cheer, cheer Jesus on at the beginning of my book interview below: