I’m Fearlessly White – Chapter 2 Review

See book pictures below video link.


German National Socialist Ladies with baby buggies. World War II was about having White babies. Whites lost! I also had a buggy like this that I purchased second-hand, called a pram. See below:
I purchased a used pram white baby buggy to take my son out for daily walks in Illinois, 1973, as the German gals did in National Socialist Germany pre-World War II. The Germans wanted healthy, happy, and many babies otherwise they’d be extinct. That’s happening now, in 2023, to both White World War II contenders, Germany and Poland.
Mexican artist’s gigantic mural of a painting of a masked monster blunging a machete blade in a little happy White dove. Also, in the painting is a little white girl in a coffin!
PolishQueen Jadwiga axes the prison dungeon door to get to her 14-year-old lover Wilhelm. They talked her out of it so she’d marry the Lithuanian King Jagellio to unite both kingdoms into one.
Autobiographically speaking, Daddy died of lung cancer and starvation. He smoked Pall Mall cigarettes, and Jews brought the black workers for the tobacco plantations to get White (Christian) males, then females, addicted. Damage to the Whites as well as our offspring since 1650-now. Yet Jews and Muslims, nor the other races, have been destroyed like that!
What It Looked Like Wednesday: Father Baker's Boys
Fr. Baker and his orphaned White boys helped save 6,000 White babies. He also saved 600 shamed White pregnant mothers who may have jumped off Niagara Falls or thrown their newborn unwanted White babies in the Buffalo River.
Just as this German pre-World War II baby starved under Jewish bankers, so did my Polish-American parents and their twelve children including me!
Pews Research Table confirmed my 26 years of research and writing. The dangerous statistics: Whites will be a minority in the USA by 2050. It’s worse. Jews, Muslims (both different races and religions) Hindus, and 1/2 breeds are included in the White Table’s figure!
Drawing “White Man’s Burden.” A White man is carrying a black native up a strenuous hill to make sure we pay for the black’s education, food, rent, phones, utilities, churches, candidates, drugs, alcohol, homes, apartment buildings, laws for them, best jobs in advertising, marketing, sports, entertainment. While the Whites quickly descend into genocide and extinction.