I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 20

Pictures and link from Chapter 20: Link to click and watch.

Queenie (52 pups; last 13 Champion Pedigree,)sons, and me. Professional photo. There was one with my veteran husband also. When someone smashed my car window in April 2004 and stole his hand-written manuscript about being a White homeless veteran and how they had to band together to survive or even die, our family photos were with it and stolen also. 

Barbie, sons, and my friend, Queenie, 52 pups, last 13 pedigreed with Champio Von Nassua’s Sherpa.

The German artist drew a Jew who looked exactly like Jewish Norm Dolan, a boss who seduced me in 1968. The rest is in this video. My niece was married to a Jew, so rich his name appeared on my Bank America Credit Card statement letter. He used her for breeding: looks, sweet disposition, high IQ (brothers both straight-A students. She left school as I did for marriage. Three presidents’ daughters married rich Jews: Kennedy, Clinton, and Trump. He screamed at her after she gave him 20 years of marriage, “I want a divorce. I have a Jewess I’m going to marry, gave her a 3-carat diamond, and will travel the world with her.” Being a devout Catholic, her friend gave her a Mother Mary statue (Jesus’ mom.) Big, White, heavy. After putting it on the bedroom dresser, the Jew jumped out of bed, grabbed one of his smelly socks, and covered the statue’s head. My niece tore it off and it went back and forth. He then lamented, “Look at the statute’s eyes! She’s looking right through me!” 
Nonetheless, after the divorce was finalized, he threw her out of the house, and although he never did a single day or minute of hard work, he lifted the statue and threw it in the back of her car seat. That was ten years ago. Afterward, my niece became so sick she had to live on a hospital machine daily for four hours. She’s at the point that she’s destitute, denied disability, and is dying after running the medical gamut of doctors. She has to work but can’t even stay on the job for any length of time.
Also, when she first married the rich Jew, they had a party. Sister Joan thought he did or said something disgusting and truthfully called him a dirty Kyke! (Jews defamed my people who slaved for them 1000 years “Dumb Polacks” and named the Germans “Nazis.” But call them a “kyke” or say “nigger!” “spic,” and Jews have the Whites trained so terribly, they both would attack us.) My sister never could see her daughter or 1/2 breed grandchildren again. The Jew never saw my niece again in 10 years but is traveling the world with his Jewess, flaunting and bragging about her 3-carat diamond. And the rich Jews said he’s never been so happy in his life. Well, if 3 White women had the entire US Treasury, Fed Reserve Bank, and House of Representatives bank, maybe we’d be happy too!

Jewish boss who seduced me looked exactly like this German drawing. Jews hung the publisher of the White newspaper for telling the truth.

Another truthful German drawing: 
The Jew my niece married looks like this. I only saw him once at Sister Joan (Jeana and Mayor husband, Johnny)’s 50 wedding anniversary party. The Jew accounting and computer supervisor 1968, who seduced me and helped cheat the customers, looked just like this also. This isn’t German or Polish hate. This is “truth!” 

Jews drugs and seduces White woman as happened to me in South Chicago by them twice. It was when the Jews brought in their “Let’s hate White (Christians) sex revolution, and use the White woman’s womb as a sewer for our sperm.

All my best, Barbie