I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 24-4

“Jews Persecuted White Martyrs.” I designed this mega-chapter for the fearless White people who researched, wrote, published, spoke, suffered, and died to help save Whites, even Caucasian Christianity.

Here’s the link to help nourish your fearlessness and encourage other Whites. I’ve written this White martyr list alphabetically. Below are pictures of some of my book entries.


Jesus hugged White martyrs Channon Christopher and Christopher Newson whom blacks kidnapped, tortured, murdered, and hardly punished.
House of Representative Dr. David Duke was persecuted by Jews. When his high school teacher told him to be in a debate and take the Confederate side, he discovered a different version of the White Civil War.
Fierce White women’s author and crusader, Elizabeth Dilling: “The Plot Against Christianity – The Jewish Religion and Its Influence
German-Canadian Ernst Zundel waves to you from the grave. The Canadian government hired him, a graphic artist, to present a good German image. Society badly treated them after World War II. In his research, he discovered six million Jews didn’t die. Arrested, jailed, deported, died in shame back in Germany. I crusaded to save his works piled in his garage up to the ceiling, but his stepson, perhaps Ukrainian Jewish, refused to cooperate. It’s paramount that my work and research are saved at least to debate. We only have the jewish side of their “American Dream” reality.

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