I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 26-4 Jews Killed Jesus NOT Romans

Hello European American folks: Eurofolks!

This is the 54th episode of my book, autobiography and biography for deceased veteran husband. He shed his blood for our country. Only 1 of 100 has done that. He received the Purple Heart Medal of Honor for his bravery fighting the God-hating Communist Chinese bodies and Jew bankers. This is what our history books must tell you but don’t. Jews control book publishing since White Daddy slaved for them

I created this me of the First American President, George, and First First Lady, Martha Washington. He’s White. In the Bible, the first man, Adam, means “red in the cheeks.” In the Bible, Israelites were White, not lying Jews! I created and sewed a hat like this one and an outfit. It was difficult since I came from a family of 12, were Polish, White slaves to Jews, and had failed clothing. They kept us starving poor as they did in Poland for 1,000 years. It will happen to America and all Whites if it’s not reversed. I did it out of love for Whites although couldn’t say “White” on the biggest USA karaoke stages! Why? When I visited their mansion and tombs, both guides knocked the president down for “having black slaves.” Really. The Yellow Chinese who took over Africa, the next worldwide breadbasket to feed their 1.5 billion people, said they had to hire blacks for the plantations. They said the blacks are lazy, filthy, won’t work, and have to be babied like children! I sent my opinion back admonishing them for not “praising” the White leaders. We do the same with White Biden and White Trump. The world makes cartoon fools out of them. Who knocks down Biden’s top 12 choices: Jews and Jewesses!!!!!??? No one dare speak in our so-called free society. We’re terrified of jews and it accounts for our high illness, death, suicide rates.
Here’s a closeup of the costume I sewed and designed as a tribute in costumed karaoke for First Lady Martha Washington. See the Meme I made above. I sang “George Girl” by the Australian Seekers. Watch “Geogy Girl “THE SEEKERS (with Lyrics) YouTube
I designed America’s First Lady, Martha Washington’s White wig. I use my hands when speaking for emotions, communication among Whites.
Pastor Eli James, a Chicago friend, and I discussing “Jews Killed Jesus NOT the Romans!” We’ve got the Truth on our side!
Mama symbol, left, me looking to the Jews, White Daddy (12 children) looking to their jew employers, (slavers.) The jews wear gold even on their shoes, pearls, rings, healthy, happy, hairdo’s. What the jews did to ancestral White Poland for 1,000 years until 1945, they are in full swing doing the same in America. It’s only a matter of time! Poland is the only Christian country left in Europe!!! Jews killed Jesus Christ not only 2,000 years but at the end of World War II When they took over White Europe and America!
White Jesus calls so-called Jews evil! They had threatened, arrested, intimidated, whipped, slapped, beaten, crowned Him with thorns, and executed Him in front of an audience.
Jesus promised the evil Jews, “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in hell!
Jealous jews screamed at White Caucasian Jesus, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” They are responsible for 120,000,000 White European American Christians since their war against White Russian 1917-now. 200,000 American churches will either shut down or barely exist. No so for jew synagogues and muslim mosques the other two united and main religions!
Jesus said, “Father God, forgive “them” for “they” know not what “they” do, and “they” parted his garments. In the drawing you can see the White Italian Romans gambling for White Jesus’ 1-piece tunic. Jesus forgave “them” NOT the Jews who executed Him!