I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 26 Part 5

Hello Eurofolks,

Here’s this week’s movie for the chapter, “Jews Killed White Jesus NOT the Romans.”


To begin, this 26th chapter was to be about more jewish crimes as were the first 1,000 pages! After all, jews and jewesses controlled Poland for 1,000 years. Hence, a page for each year exposing their enslavement of my Polish ancestors.

However, Pastor Eli James of Assembly of Christian Israelites, distributed Bible gospel passages blasting the jews. I deeply studied each one and added pictures. This is the fifth part of Chapter 26 exposing jewish criminals. It started with illegal criminals then I expanded it to their crimes against Jesus. There’s also passages in Acts of the Apostles following the gospel about what the Jews did to St. Paul.

Book, “John 8: 44, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Joe Cortina was an IBM executive in the Palestine (jews named Israel) area. Here’s White Jesus (White Greek or Roman) with His mighty whip as He whips the jews out of the temple! Jesus whipped them out twice. 1. After He performed his first miracle at the Marriage Feast at Cana, when Jesus turned water into wine after the party ran out. Their wine was more like grape juice. The 2nd time Jesus whipped the Jews out was after he killed a fig tree for not bearing fruit. (Same with the jews. They steal fruit not grow their own.) After White Jesus whipped out the jewish bankers, the temple was empty. Then all the sickly, dying, diseased who sat around the temple outside went inside. White Jesus healed them all, the First Christian. There are 7 current jews and jewesses on the book cover. See below:
1. Picture: Book: “John 8: 44.” Jesus whips the jews out of the Temple. Hollywood mogul Steven Spielberg. (mogul is short for mongol. Jews are Turk Mongols not from Israel. They invaded Poland 1025-1945. Now n the USA. Jews stole the movie machine and monopolized every film we’ve seen since 1927. Poor, poor Whites haven’t had a chance such as our movies, books, radio, internet shows, etc. He stands with “2” awards under his fake Star of David. They aren’t related to King David, but Jesus was and so are we. King David had red cheeks or red hair as Adam the first human.
Picture 2: “John 8: 44” book cover, bottom left. White Jesus takes His sacred whip to present day jews as He did 2,000 years ago. Paul Warburg, jew, started the 1st USA Bank system (12 banks) owned by “the jew and jewess” NOT Whites or Americans. I worked for the Chicago branch at 230 S. LaSalle, as the manager’s assistant in the computer department back in 1966 right before I finished high school. “War”burg’s first act: World War I! White suffering! 120,000,000 White Christians dead since.
Picture 3: “John 8: 44” Palestinian father holds his dead child under the jewish Israeli flag. However, it could be the body of any of our Whites who jews addicted through alcohol, drugs, tobacco, school monopoly, medicine, legal, dental, school system, books, magazines, news (all through 1 source Associated Press). Through jewish tyranny, our Whites are held back, forced to interbreed, and have no other reality than the so-called “Jewish American Dream,” which has turned into a nightmare.
Picture 4. “John 8: 44” book cover, deceased David Dees. Corpses! jews led the way for the death of 120,000,000 White Christians since their Red Communist War against White Russia. And it was called “White Russia.” Jews destroyed 50,000 White Christian churches, which Putin was trying to restore. Jews destroyed almost all the European churches and 200,000 in America dead or soon to be extinct. The only churches left must bow to the 92% non-Whites, jews, muslims, and worship them! Not our highest but liver and kidneys.
Picture 5: Right Bottom: White Jesus has his whip out on the jews. (figuratively not literally.) He has his hand over jewess American princess on a pedestal, J.A.P.P. we called them in South Chicago as their slaves “adoring them.” She headed the entire USA banking system. It’s Private. Even our President’s can’t tell her what to do as 7,500,000 princesses around the world. Same in Poland. Same in Jesus’ days. Our White women should be furious to our abject slavery and prognostications. When jewess Janet Yell-in took in all our tax $$$ then gave it to her jewess friend, (fiend) in the USA House of Representatives who spends all our money, Nita Lowey. Now “Yell-in” owns all the $$$ the Whites have slaves for for 400 years! My husband and our sons’ ancestry goes back to 1620, Mayflower Ship. What do I have to show for. If a jewess wants to print book, all 15,000,000 other jews support and help her.
Picture 6: “John 8: 44” cover. White Jesus’ words,”You jews have made My house a den of jewish and jewess thieves.”My book chapter is, “I’m Fearlessly White, 1,000 Years with the Jews,” Chapter 26-5. This is nearing end. See other 53 episodes with Pastor Eli James on archive.org. Barbara Ann Nowak. The film chapter was about Jewish criminality, but so were the first 53 episodes. Then Pastor Eli distributed many Bible Verses from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John showing “Jews Killed White Jesus NOT the Roman Italians.” Then I researched them so deeply, it resulted in the 5th part of Chapter 26. Anyway, jew Sheldon Addelson is on the bottom right of the book cover with is “star” of David. Star criminals maybe not good stars or role models for our children. Would any sane, strong, loving White really adore a jewish criminal? Why? We can break our slavery chains. I did. You are cut from the same cloth. Jew Adelson moved to Vegas with a few million. Jews stole Vegas and framed the Italians who owned it as a decent place for fun. Blacks were allowed to perform. But after the Jews took over they put in a black with a patch on his eye for Whites to “feel sorry.” It’s not your or my feeling. It’s a foreign substance on us and it has no power. Just blow it away not a hammer at it. Then be your best and get along with other Whites for our survival. Jew Adelson took his $$ and went to yellow God-hating China where they bombed 450 Presbyterian churches (Probably White $$) in one Chinese city alone. The richest jew now has “mega-casinos” and addicted the yellow people to gamble. However, when the jews tried to enter China, 1095, the Chinese massacred them. They never returned until after Jews won World War I and II, then the Chinese Civil War.
Picture 7: “John 8:44” our USA non-White, jewish Supreme Court, who make every law Whites must obey or else! Never before in history has a White race suffer so much thinking we’re fine, happy, or rich. In a blink, jews and their imps can take it away. But if we stick together, we have a chance. Our US Supreme Court – 9 justices. The top, jewess mother!!!! Then these four, and no I said no White Protestant male in a former Protestant country. I want both Protestants, Catholics, and all Whites to get along. We don’t have to live out a jewish drama or suicide of our nations. When the last White male Protestant Supreme Court Justice stepped down, (age 94 John Paul Stevens) black muslim barrack Hussein Obama put jewess Elena Kagan to take his place. Her Polish ancestry, might go back to the worst tyrant mass murderer of all time, jew Kagonovich!!!

Bible passage, John 8: 59. Jesus answered, “I tell you the “truth,” before Abraham was even born, I am![a]” 59 At that point the jews picked up stones kill Him. But Jesus was hidden from the jews and left the Temple.” It my words, White Jesus disappeared: bodiless, invisible Spirit. White French artist, Jame Tissot, uses the color White (which is said to be the color of God and highlights the painting.) When studying a painting, follow the color White with your eyes. White Jesus declares He’s the White Son of God who made and loves Whites. Jesus stars in white flowing robes. When He sees the devilish possessed jews are picking up stones to kill Him, he turns His back to them and points up to Heaven. He became invisible! The white staircase casts light on the hidden evil in jews that even in Jesus’ day, only He exposed it. The devil is subtle and seems to come to us as our own thoughts. I turn my thoughts to a God or what is highest since jews deranged our thoughts. White artist James Tissot highlights the white rocks to show the solid hatred jews had against Jesus and now all Whites. White Jesus points his hand toward, heaven, God, to bring justice but moreover for His protection and power. God is Omnipotent, the only power in the universe of that which is “good.”

Hateful, racist, Jew guard slaps innocent White Jesus. Jews did this another time during six trials against him. How utterly heartbreaking for an innocent holy man, God’s son, to suffer under the jewish devilish hands. Some translations say the jews hated Jesus so much they hit him with their fists!!!! And for this, we send $32,000 a year for each evil jewess, jew, and their wicked children in Israel! I hope to God we Whites find our way to unite and back to our Creator and our highest. “Love one another!” not the jews, blacks, muslims, mexicans, red Indians, hindu, and yellow God-hating Chinese communists. God made all and He’ll take care of them!
“What is Truth?” White Roman Pilate asked White innocent Jesus. As Whites, Caucasian Christians even, we must ask ourselves that same question in every aspect of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and hearts. We drown in a sea of jewish lies, and our reality must change for our survival. Read my Chapter 25 of my list of White martyrs who “told the truth” as I have done and we suffered for it. We must be rewarded for having the courage to step forward and read, write, publish, and speak the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. We risked our lives, employment, freedom, our finances, families, friends, and neighbors.
Eighteenth Century White John Valentine Haidt painted rich Jew King Herod Antipas with a rod and three palaces filled with gold, mocks White poor Jesus as the jew soldier beats Jesus with a rod.
Jews Killed White Jesus, NOT the White Romans. Here we see evil jew King Herod torturing Jesus with a bloody crown of thorns. Why didn’t Jesus say anything? We had to see just how bad the jewish hidden evil really is. Now, 2,000 years later, with the Internet, we Whites can experience history as it really happened, not covered up.
White Roman Italian, Pontius Pilate tried every means possible to stop the jew hoards screaming for White Jesus’ crucifixion, execution. He was competition to the jewish establishment and it’s the same way today. Their evil is hidden and even seems “good.” It’s been this way for over 100 years. We Whites (under jews) call “evil” good, and “good” evil. Pilate brought Jesus out in front of the rioting, stamping, screaming jews. He thought if the jews had any decency, they would have freed Jesus. Ah! But no! Pilate’s famous words are “Here is the (White) Man!” Here’s what the jews did to the White Man, Jesus! They must be tried in a world court of law without jews or their imps heading it. That’s going to be hard to find. In Poland, jews worked with seven countries against the White Polish people with wars and starvation. Jews are cruel as is his jewess wife, ancestors, and descendants. If we “allow” it as Mama asserted, we are equally guilty.
This magnificent and sorrowful painting shows White Jesus’ suffering and death among a few of his followers. All the rest of the disciples deserted him out of fear and terror. They instinctively knew the jews would eventually kill them, and they did one by one, except for John the Beloved, the youngest. White Jesus is blonde in this interpretation. His #1 disciple, Mary Magdalene, is overwhelmed with weeping and wailing and kisses the wounds on Jesus’ bloody feet nailed to the cross. When I was younger and attended church, in the foyer, we had a life-size replica like this of Jesus. And I’d follow the older ladies who’d kiss Jesus’ feet nailed to the cross. Mary, Jesus’ mother, tightly and lovingly holds her Son’s waist as she hangs on to him for her life. His younger disciple, John the Beloved, was with the others. Jesus said to him and Mary on the cross, “Woman behold thy son!” “Son behold thy mother!” He wanted John to care for his mother since women had to have someone to help them.
Josephus was a scholar when the Bible was written and the events occurred. He wrote about what happened when King Alexandra and Queen Alexandra encountered the jewish Pharisees! he validates the Bible writings.