I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 1 Review

Below are the film and pictures for my book, I’m Fearlessly White Chapter One Review. See my blog for prior Introduction film.


Famous Chicago Radio Announcer Bob Dearborn encouraged my authentic self.
Ancestry: Auntie Mary’s Wedding. Mama is on the floor, far right.
1819 Engraving of the German Hep-Hep Riots after Jews arrived with pottery and trinkets. Why were the White Germans upset? First, the Jews will use small lures to obtain citizenship and then take over the country, especially the banks. It’s true in America today. Jews began arriving in America en masse about the same time. Now President Biden’s top 12 choices are jewish. His Vice-President is married to a Jew. The USA’s top government banks, Federal Reserve Bank System, House of Representative Bank, and US Treasury all jewish “women!” White ladies, wake up!
Wailing at my deceased veteran’s grave.
Drawing “An Actual Reality in Poland.” Autobiographically speaking, it reminds me of Mama on the left, me, Daddy. The mother gazes at her husband to “stand up to the Jews,” as Mama asserted to Daddy. The boney little girl is looking up to the Jews. The father’s ragged, overworked, underpaid, and treated badly as a White Polish slave to Jews. In contrast the hefty, happy jewish couple are dripping with White’s gold.
Note in the Jewish 1931 movie, “Dracula” wears a jewish Star of David. The White Aryan-looking star, Dwight Frye, (Renfield,) is his victim. Once Dracula conquers the White man Christian man, Dracula doesn’t wear the Star of David in the movie anymore.
James Brown, black, who Jews dubbed “the hardest working man in their monopolized show business,” violently raped his White songwriter, Jacque Hollander, holding a shot gun!
Jews’ infinite rapes of White German (and all) White and Caucasian Christian women (boys.) Note the lust filled bag of gold. His other hand drips blood over the White German Catholic/Protestant women in the drawing. “Disaster broods in their wombs.”