I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 3-part 1 Review

See the paintings I mentioned in the film below the link.


Jews shot up the White Caucasian Christian holy pictures of White Mother Mary and Baby Jesus and other saints. In contrast, Jew God-hating Karl Marx, the Communism founder, said after the White Holy statues and pictures were destroyed, he would have his pictures, symbols, and statues worldwide to replace us.
The St. Mary Magdalene Church front wall had a gigantic mural of the Jewish crucifixion of Jesus. He never forgave them. He said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do. And the parted his garments.” The “They and them” were the paid White Roman-Italian soldiers who didn’t even know who Jesus was. However, as the other two races and religions thrive, Jews and Muslims, Whites, and Caucasian Christianity have been destroyed in World War II. It was a racial and religious war.
When I performed in Las Vegas for my Christian costumed karaoke show, I purchased a White baby Jesus. The Internet had them in other races. I believe Jesus was White: Greek or Roman. I’m wearing an angel costume I made/designed. I made the halo of White feathers on a twisted wire hanger. The wedding gown was probably the dress the famous Anna Nicole Smith wore at her wedding to an 89-year-old billionaire. I made the skirt with the tailing red ribbons to accompany it. I carry a golden wrought iron cross of Jesus. I sang, “Oh, Holy Night.”
This painting was given to symbolize the possibility that Jesus was White. March 1886: Oil painting. In the 15th century, Sultan Bahazid II gave it to Pope Innocent VIII.
“For Fear of the Jews.” Jesus’ disciples ran and hid in the room where the Last Supper was healed before Jews tortured and crucified Jesus in front of an audience. They had every right to be “afraid.” Jews eventually murdered them all. However, after Jesus’ death, he appeared to his disciple, Mary Magdalene, who helped support him and his cause. She’s shown in the painting practically flying into the room to tell the disciples the astounding news of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.