I’m Fearlessly White-Final Chapter 27-5

Hello White Folks,

It’s time to rejoice, cheer, be grateful, and get to work on helping to save the Endangered White People. Even and especially Caucasian Christianity, which the Jews destroyed to declare themselves, our “messiah.”

I’m utterly grateful to Pastor Eli James, Assembly of Christian Israelite, who called and volunteered to interview me about my book. Over 60 episodes against all odds. I’m grateful to God that my 23-year research has been film published on the worldwide archive.org. Here’s the final link: Thanks from the bottom of my heart as we travel onward to the heights of White Love. We need all the help we can get!


Pictures below:

White Kingdom of Heaven here on earth! If the First Pilgrims (Saints and Professors) had it, we can too. However, we’ve come a long way and can improve it. What would be the Kingdom of Heaven to You! It starts with our daily, hourly, and sometimes moment-by-moment thoughts and actions. I discovered long ago that our “feelings” are not “facts!” Heaven: paradise, bliss, happiness, ecstasy, joy, blissfulness, blessedness. I’m “glad” now for a closure to the past except to learn from it. But looking forward to the next minute, hour, day, eternity!
Jesus is surrounded by good angels above as he resurrects from the dead. Figuratively speaking, Whites must now resurrect. Mama said, when I was a little girl, “They are spiritually dead!” Something happened to the White people before, during, and after World War II. I understand the lack of spirituality and religion since it was intentionally wiped out or distorted in our minds. It’s easy for jews to control the population. Especially with “fear” tactics. My ideas are for the opposite, “love!” Religion must now try to meet the needs of our White people. We must do our part. I’ve given plenty of ideas in the final two sub-chapters. In this picture, the soldiers guarding Jesus’ tomb are jewish! You can see their deathlike terror and unbelief in their eyes and bodies. They were knocked over by Jesus’ spirit as heavy stone guarding his so-called beaten corpse resurrected. With joy, I “try to see, feel, and think God, good, in my heart and mind. If we dwell only on the human scene, it can only be mortal. But if we raise our motives, thoughts our feelings will correspond. Nothing human is perfect and perfectionism is hard to deal with.
Barbara Ann Nowak & Michael Jokobowski Duncan. We’re Polish but his father was Scottish. My book, “I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews” was his biography. Since I put his life in chronological order to write his story, I had to do the same for mine. It’s the hardest act a person has to do. It started in 2001 when I won a spirituality contest, “If you were to write your autobiography what would be the title and why.” It was right after the American 9/11 tragedy and I was in a state of heightened emotion. I never wrote. Yet I managed 300 words and won the contest. An Italian leather journal. Yet, after I received it, I couldn’t write a word. I’d stare at the blank pages. Then, a good (God) thought came to me, “Go to CompUSA.” It was across the street from my Chicago downtown skyscraper. I wasn’t looking for anything but was led to an eMachine, Hewlett Packard, forerunner computer. (I’ve been on computers since 1st-year of high school.) I began writing my historical emails to the famous Chicago radio DJ. Now, my writing is completed, although hopefully will be edited.
You read my name right: Barbara “Patton” like the murdered most famous General George Patton. He said he wanted the US to enter Germany, but the “higher ups” said the Jew-led Communist Russians should take over Germany. Their people were the most religious, 60/40 Protestants/Catholics. Smartest. Polish 2nd. Jews destroyed Germany’s religious ideas as well as kept the White race purebred. Even dogs and cats enjoyed it, as did all the other races. On April 15, 1993 (tax day), Roadway Express, a #1 transportation company, awarded me my Certificate of Completion for “Quality Action Team Leader Training.” Then, I led a team at a satellite. Roadway gave me an unlimited checkbook to implement my ideas. I came up with 25 but only needed $$$ for one. The QAT teams were invited by American Dr. Deming but rejected and found their way to Japan, then China #1. What I learned in business I applied to my 2-part brainstorming ideas to help save the Endangered White People! The sky is not the limit!
I wrote a parody of the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer.” The words fit almost perfectly to what I experienced as a White untrained and prohibited author. It’s dated April 13, 2023 on archive.org. Pastor Eli James the moderator for my book, and I sang a duet! What fun! “Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?” When an author wants to submit a Query to see if the party is interested in helping with the book, the letter should start with that heading. Beatles: “It took me years to write.” Barb: “It took me 23 years to write!” Beatles: “Based on a a novel by a man named Lear,” Barb: “Based on my life about a gal named Barb and so I need a job so I want to be a Paperback writer!” University PhD said Whites can’t write anymore.” They stopped teaching grammar 30 years ago! King “Lear” was a “tragedy” about an English King. He divided his kingdom to his three daughters. It’s deep and depressing and later changed. Sounds like my autobiography.   Lear opts to become homeless and destitute, goes insane, and the French King married to Cordelia invades Britain to restore order and Lear’s rule. (There’s an 1892 New York Jew Yiddish version (not Bible Hebrew) on Wikipedia.org.) Beatles: “It’s a dirty story of a dirty man.” Barb: “It’s a dirty story of a large White clan.” Beatles: “And his clinging wife doesn’t understand.” Barb: “And at the whole world doesn’t understand.” Beatles, “And his son is working for the Daily Mail (News), Barb: “All I work on is daily emails.) Beatles: “Its a steady job but he wants to be a . . .. Paperback Writer!” Beatles: “It’s a 1,000 pages give or take a few.” The writer is revealing a secret. The jewish book monopoly doesn’t want books over 40 pages. Barb: Mine is 1284 to date up to 1983! Volume 1. Should I lower my IQ or teach our White Youngers (and all) how to read and write and respect! Beatles: “I’ll be writing more in a week or two. I could make it “longer” if you like the style.” Truth: if the Jews don’t want the 40 pages, 1,000 pages, he mocks when he says he’ll make it longer! Beatles: “I can change it ’round and I want to be a Paperback writer.” He’s willing to do anything to get published.
I’ve seen this sign in Chicago bathrooms. Did any one care or read? I made sure with both my baby boys I didn’t drink, smoke, drug, drink alcohol, ate healthy, and studied and prayed God’s metaphysics as Jesus did. Prevention before the disease starts is a bonus toward attaining our true perfect healthy loving nature we already include. Also, when I was pregnant with my first baby, the medical was giving White pregnant women a dangerous drug to stop common morning sickness. Although it is a difficult illness. I didn’t take the drug since I was already into healthy living. Many of the women who did take the prescription had deformed babies.

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