I’m Fearlessly White: Jewess Murdered Me!

To begin, I share my ideas to help save the White people, especially Caucasian Christianity.

Next, here’s my interview with Pastor Eli who kindly offered to interview my autobiographical research for the last 15 months.


On August 19, 2013, a jewess lunged, grabbed, beat, crippled and murdered me in front of the jew MGM Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Casino, House of Blues. I wore this White Gown and Crown for my invention, “Costumed Karaoke.” I’ll have a separate video on the entire episode coming up in a few weeks. However, this particular picture was right by Chicago Cubs Park. I bought the gown at the Salvation Army a few blocks from my Magnificent Mile skyscraper condo. It’s Anna Nicole Smith’s gown to the 89-year-old billionaire. Her constant companion: jewish Howard K. “Stern.” Jews rule us with the most powerful weapon on earth: the mind! He made a horrible video of her spaced out on drugs and made her look like the lowest creature in the solar system. I read her Will. Her jew live-in lawyer put in it no one could contest his Executor role! Anyway, on a supremely positive note, I’m in a White diamond-like crown and the biggest White dress God led me to. It’s even bigger. I have the largest hoop bendable underskirt made to make it flare out. Why the jewess hated and killed me I’ll never know. My prayer to God brought me back to Life. More in a few upcoming episodes.
The day the jewess lunged, grabbed, beat, crippled, and murdered me I was about to perform a loving costumed karaoke tribute to White Prince William, Princess Kate Middleton, and their new Baby “George.” I’ll have a special video on that horrific jewess crime against me. I thought of the man, “George” Jewell from England who worked in the palace, emigrated to Chicago, and developed the #1 catering company to the stars. He hired me to hire only Whites in 1997. The government had padlocked his food warehouse and offices for tax non-payment. He said the temporary agencies only sent him black and mexican tuxedo staff, and they ruined his company. He hired me as the Human Resource Director of Human Development and secretly hired only Whites at the local universities. Recently, I traveled back to his company and I must have helped save it. It’s still in business. The song I sang before I died the next morning, “Don’t You Want My ‘White’ Baby?” by Human League. I realized the rock band’s name, “Human League” is perhaps prophetic. There are baseball and hockey “leagues”. Now we can have worldwide White “Human Leagues!” See video with lyrics, “Don’t You Want Me Baby,” Or “Don’t You Want My White Baby!” I have a book chapter, “I Was the Unwanted White Baby!”
Autobiographically speaking, I mentioned that when I sang the song, “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin, I had out-of-body experiences on stage. Around 2012. Years ago, White German Ferdinand von Zeppelin invented the flying aircraft. I’d perform on the Vegas Mandalay Bay House of Blues Stage, RockStar, RockBand karaoke. It was one of the longest songs I’ve done, 8 1/2 minutes. Polish Christian Lil’ Wally Trilogy 11 1/2. When I sang “Kashmir,” as I got to the word “Mama,” I automatically threw my head back and left the planet without a rocket ship! The band members disappeared, their instruments, the people, stage, my body, and all that was left was my “feeling,” “singing,” the band’s musical invisible notes, and audiences heightened anticipation scent. Also, I sang the lyric, “Father” and I thought of his weeping as Mama beat him for killing her unborn baby by kicking her in her pregnant stomach. After World War II, the USA economy collapsed and we became White Polish slaves to South Chicago jews and jewesses who starved us and addicted us. As in Poland: 1025-1945, under jewish 100% control, war/alcohol & its side effects, and starvation deaths were our only products. The good “Kashmir” lyrics, I add “White,” “To sit with ELDERs of a gentle Race.” All other races/religions respect their elders! “But not a word could I relate.” It’s obvious I can’t relate to others since I’m not jewish media brainwashed but write from my life and reasoning. “Oh, ‘ White baby,’ I been blind Oh, yeah, White mama, there ain’t no denyin’ Oh, ooh yes, I been blind Mama, mama, ain’t no denyin’, no denyin’ All I see turns to brown (non-Whites 92% of the world! our White babies down from 33% to 3% since World War II. Also end of Christianity and Jesus Christ. “As the sun burns the ground And my eyes fill with sand (I changed to my eyes filled with tears) As I scan this (all White lands now overrun and interbred) wasted land Try to find, try to find the way I feel. I still have feelings.
Preview, I’ll be singing “Final Countdown” by “Europe!”

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