"Instauration" Elvis

Here’s continuation from Wilmot Robertson’s magazine, “Instauration.”
Elvis also studied Communism (not knowing it was Jews or perhaps for the first time today, maybe he did the way he said the Jews were out to take over the world.) I’m a big Elvis fan and do tributes to him on stage as one of my 258 self-made / designed costumed entertainment for Chicago, Vegas, Miami, DC, Memphis, Branson.

Elvis would often tell us that Catholics were the demon referred to in the closing section
of the Bible. And although he hired Jews and had many Jewish friends, he was convinced
the Jews were out to take over the world. Marty Lacker, who worked for him, was
Jewish, and Elvis would always say, ‘Well, Marty is one of the good Jews.’ But deep down
Elvis is very prejudiced and he made no secret about it in his talks to us.”
Elvis: What Happened? Red West, Sonny West, Dave Hebler as told to Steve Dunleavy,
Ballantine Books, 1977.
Page 17-bottom

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