International Jew: Con'd Chapter 3

Jewish Empire: USA headquarters; From Henry Ford’s book ‘The International Jew.’ “Judaism is the most closely organized power on earth, even more than the British Empire.” (Judaism is ‘not’ the Israelites from the Bible, the Whites are but have been intentionally damaged.)
All-Jewish. Henry Ford refers to the Jewish World Empire (1920’s) as “All-Jewish.” They control the world from all points of the globe… but I might add… thru the White faces who now have Jewish minds and souls. In other words, possessed by the Devil herself.
Jews & Tobacco. For every White person that has been addicted intentionally by Jews of the dreaded tobacco, with it’s horrendous suffering and misery of cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, swollen glands, colds, the agony of heart attacks, get restitution from the Jews. I talked to someone whose dear mother, my age, has had to have a lung implant, but is suffering terribly. She smoked her entire life. Here’s what I have and I am not even researching hard of 3 instances of how Jews intentionally addicted the Whites in the USA (and world.) If the Whites are part of this conspiracy, let them know of their Jewish mind and soul. Better to live in a trailer park with a clear conscience than in mansions.
Here’s from Henry Ford: “International Jew” on the first Jews who were on ship with Columbus.
” Luis de Torres was the first man ashore, the first to discover the use of tobacco; he settled in Cuba and may be said to be the father of Jewish control of the tobacco business as it exists today.” (year 1492)
In my previous writings, I said the White Puritans who settled USA in 1620 wanted to be “free” of the deadly damage and misery the Jews “dictated” on the Whites in England with smoking and drinking. They wanted a “new country” where they could live as God as made them. Healthy, well, and not needing anything, but food, drink, air, etc. Sort of like how even black Africans who have 15 babies each do today. They are no where near damaged as Whites are. Jews do “not” smoke the cigarettes they and their descendants of today, that they pushed on us. That is why each and every descendant of any Jew who was involved in this 600 year conspiracy against us, is guilty, must pay reparations and punished and brought to justice. If Jews can go back 60 years for their faked Holocaust blackmail, we will go back 600 years and even all their money cannot excuse the pain, suffering, death and agony of the cigarettes and tobacco pushed onto us unsuspecting (White Christians.) But the Jews found¬† a way to “outsmart” the Christian Whites who wanted to save our species like Hitler did, and since the Puritans ran them off the lands of America, Jews grew their tobacco (with Black slaves or lazy workers) in Barbados. Then Jews could keep a constant supply for both the men in USA and Europe, Australia. Think of where the Whites could be today if we were free of our Jewish masters. Surely we would be in a state of decline, but at some point we have to stand on our own two feet. If we die as a race, we die with dignity, intelligence, love, prosperity and health, and not what they have turned our race into.
Also, Jew Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Eddie Bernays, used “mind techniques” to first get control of a small island of people, about 30,000. When they saw how it worked, they used it on the women to get them to smoke. And to think of those women who smoked and had babies in their tummy!! How many generations just from women alone where the damage was done even while in the womb. Yes, hold the Jews responsible. And all their descendants. Study the Jews’ ancestry and for every one of the Jews today whose ancestors in Poland enslaved us, indebted us, turned us into smoking fiends or drunks intentionally, as far back as 900 years, those Jews today must pay the price. And we can also get them for murdering Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago. Think of this the next time our taxes pay for the operation of a Jewish religious Holocaust Museum in Washington DC or all the 6,000,000 Jews who get Holocaust survivor money from Germany, USA, Poland, Russia!!!!
Here’s a pix where Jews collect tobacco taxes also. And “these” Jews and Jewesses are your gods today. Your “idols.” It was almost prophetic that the TV show I was on, “Jenny Jones” as Queen of Karaoke, was taken by a Jew from Chicago and turned into American “Idol.” The Jews use this word “Idol,” to transform our natural feelings and thoughts of having “one God,” into worshiping them as a “One” Messiah.¬† Or as Henry Ford of Ford Motors said in the 1920’s…. “All Jewish.”
Here’s a picture of the devil that intentionally destroyed you or your relatives, ancestors, friends, fellow White people who you don’t even know or care about, and all for Jewish “gold.” It’s time to return that gold to pay for the damages done to me and my race.
I clearly remember autobiographically speaking that I once worked for a Jewish woman scrubbing the floors. She actually came to pick up Mama, but Mama couldn’t stand the Jewess and got herself drunk on Christian Brothers brandy as if “that” would somehow save my poor uneducated mother. So the Jewish woman grabbed me at age of 12 and took her to her home. She enjoyed intensely watching me on my hands and knees at her feet looking up at her, scrubbing her floors. It always gave her a feeling of Super-human superiority over me.
The terrible thing was that I was starving and needed food, I needed stockings or gloves for those icy Chicago winter days. Instead, I took the $.25 and bought a pack of cigarettes. Already addicted. It took 5 times to throw off the habit, the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I did it out of anger. I saw the girls who addicted me no longer smoked and it made me mad. What really makes me mad was as the nun at school said, “Don’t show me the person who sinned, show me the person who “started” them.” And that was the Jew. And all their descendants and that means mother and father in laws, cousins etc. Why. When my ancestry was done my Grandma and Grandpa have over 1300 descendants, but that includes “all” who co-mingled as a family, not just the blood ones. So, “all” those relatives of the Jews from 1492, until today, must be held accountable. And we haven’t even gotten to the ones that addicted us to booze as the 55% of the Jewish population in Poland were employed in getting my ancestors drunk! And the damage done to the children with alcohol fetal syndrome.

Jews have done intentional damage to Whites since 1492  when the first Jew landed in Cuba.
Jews have done intentional damage to Whites since 1492 when the first Jew landed in Cuba.

“The International Jew.” The only persecuted Jews in the USA, were persecuted by the Jews themselves in “human sweatshops” of New York. Hence even the Jews of today no longer have to black mail innocent Germans or Americans, Poles, or Russians, but their own people for their misery.
Jews are said to be “philanthropists,” but think, in the sweatshops below, it was Jews who organized these dirty, exhausting jobs. So if they gave a few pennies towards their own people, big deal, why didn’t they change the system that enslaved their own. That is pure evidence that the Jews would have clearly had their own people starved to death in the Work Camps, not Death Camps of Germany, and also their Jewish doctors injecting them with “typhus” disease to create such a pathetic picture of dying Jews that the USA would gladly invite them in en masse to takeover USA as the Whites “allow” the invasion of Mexicans over our border.
Also the “philanthropist” Jews that donated paintings to any American Museum and their descendants must be held accountable for all those paintings they “stole” from the Russian museums and castles when the Jew Bolshevik Communists took over Russia slaughtering 100,000,000 White Christians. Those paintings should go “back” to Russia, France, England, Germany or wherever else they stole them from. Their descendants must pay retribution and be held as guilty if there is to be any sense of justice to begin.
From Henry Ford of Ford Motors book, … the Jews are “cruel, insensible and inhumane,” but it comes out of their “business” techniques, which now rule every single White person’s work ethics today.
Jews have taught you that people like me are “crazy,” when in fact they are and perhaps have driven you crazy also. “Some proposals of industrial reform appear as crazy to him as would a proposal to credit one base ball batter’s hit to his opponent’s score, just as a matter of humanity.”
“Jews don’t assimilate.” That is why Jews have dictated to us that the Brown Mexicans who are supposed to be “less smart” than us have outsmarted us and do not assimilate either… unless they can snatch a White man or woman for a husband to race-break us.
Jews cultivate a feeling that they “don’t belong.” I think that has permeated my own being and I must change that. I “do” belong to whereever I live, family or friends, Whites of course, although Jews have damaged the Whites so badly they neither want me to belong to them or damaged me that I don’t want to belong to them either. That will have to be worked on and if I put my mind on it, perhaps it will at least improve even a little.
“A Jewish American is a mere amateur Gentile, doomed to be a parasite forever.”
Here’s even a better picture in German I believe of the Jewish gold and the White skeleton who the Jews have addicted for 600 years. Get the restitution for all the damages done to your ancestors for 600 years just as Jews try to make us feel guilty for a holocaust or even black slavery which never happened. Jews and Blacks lie. So do browns, yellows, etc. Get used to it. They use it against to replace us in our country, parks, beaches, mountains, businesses, relationships, jobs, etc.
Jews must be held accountable and give restitution for 600 years of intentional damage done to us Whites
Jews must be held accountable and give restitution for 600 years of intentional damage done to us Whites


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