Israel's Payments to Stop White Boycotts

Pro-Palestinian activists protest in London on August 2, 2014, calling for a boycott against Israel.
“He raised the concern that Israel might use advanced surveillance technologies, such as those sold to Mexico and used to spy on journalists there, against anyone perceived as critical of Israel.”

I heard one state will punish those (Whites) who boycott Israel. I came across a familiar law firm near where I worked in Chicago: Sidley Austin.
How could Whites send money to Israel, our #1 Foreign Aid, when they use it to make laws against us? It’s too bizarre for words. I’m sick and tired of being “punished” by Jews whether directly as in my book, or indirectly how they manipulate all our avenues to communicate. It’s no secret Jews methodically and mathematically arranged it and we were unaware and perhaps unable to withstand their mighty tactics they used for 1,000 years against my Polish people, the Jew “Kingdom of Heaven, Paradise, Golden Age.” For Whites (Catholic Christians) the Dungeons of Hell, non-stop, 24/7/365.
Autobiographically speaking, it hits home. I worked for a German-American 6th oldest legal firm in Chicago. They hired a Jewish woman, Ethel, who sat next to me. She came from the Chicago Sidley Austin Legal firm.  She hated Polish people. Yes I said “hated” with a passion. Never fear the Jews getting me for “hate” crimes, when their hatred is painful and genocidal. After 1,000 years of Jew banks controlling Poland their Secret Empire of White Slaves, using our women for mere sexual meat, and White body-bags for their wars, (as my Vietnam Veteran who fought Communism), their hate is beyond description. Never wonder why Poland is the first White country to go extinct with a 1.3 birth rate. The Polish government is giving them subsidies for Polish babies, but the women refuse to have any. I don’t blame them. It’s what my autobiography is about: “I was the unwanted White baby.”
I read a recommended book about how an Australian Pygmy tribe deliberately chose to go extinct, not become (White) slaves, and not mate again. If they don’t mate, no children will be born. It’s a protective instinct it seems for Polish Whites. It’s incredibly unusual since it’s the only Catholic or Christian country left in Europe. (See Jewish Communist Revolution in Russia against “all” Whites 1917, then Vietnam 1966) In my day, the Catholic Church encouraged massive amounts of babies.
Anyway, Jewess Ethel, would stop at my desk and continue her hate campaign against my people, hence me. (I didn’t stop at hers or bring up anything about Jews because I was Jew savvy at the time in 2001.) I end up telling her I’m Polish-American and I only treated her with respect. I said I didn’t want to listen about the Polish women at Sidley Austin.
It didn’t matter. Jewess Ethel hounded me with her rants (and you think I rant) about her hatred of Polish people, even their women. I finally had to go to her attorney and tell her this is prejudice, discrimination, and outright hostility right in the workplace. It stopped. The Jewess who I worked with before her, Robin, convinced me to meet her in Las Vegas to move there. I’m so naive, I fell for it, and I moved to Vegas. (the crime against me was unbearable also.) When one has no one for advice, it seems Jews are always around me. It’s almost an invisible force since my book details just some of it. It’s a real substance this Polish – Jew connection. (Jumpcut. When I temped at one lawfirm in Vegas, the front office had Mexicans and Blacks. At lunchtime the Whites were out. They didn’t know I walked in the back and overheard them knocking down White people. And we pay them. We can’t even say “White” or another race at work. If we say Jew, we’re ruined for life.)
I happened to see this article about Hillary and the Black Panthers I sent before this. (never wonder why she hated Southern Bill Clinton, her husband, even throwing objects at him in front of the FBI, but adored her Black men. Think President Obama.)
I also found the article below about Sidley Austin and Israeli payments to them. To ward off boycotts against a criminal state? I’m surprised every White Christian in the world doesn’t unite to boycott them, since the four gospels are about the Jews terrorizing and assassinating Jesus who only did the miraculous. (I believe Jesus was White but his folks converted to Judaism.)
What bothers me even more, is Sidley Austin appointed Michelle to “mentor” him. They raked in $300,000 +. “She” ran America. I heard a long time ago on the Dr. David Duke radio show how Obama appointed Raum Emanuel (last name means savior or Messiah, god,) as Obama’s first appointment. “Emanuel” not what Christians believe as our spiritual or highest being but an Israeli tribe, from my Poland, for 1,000 years now set to rule the USA. Whites better get used to it. We couldn’t get them off our backs for a millennium, what makes us think we can do so now. If we try, they’ll come back. Our children are already primed by schools to accept their status as slaves to the Jew and world.
While Michelle and Barach Hussein were high above in the Sidley Austin skyscraper on “Upper Wacker Drive,” Chicago, later directly below, on “Lower Wacker Drive” my Veteran from the Mayflower was eating out of dumpsters like a mere white rat. It’s symbolic of the heights the Jews pushed themselves and their non-whites to the top and our White Polish descent to the dungeons. From the article: (Spying on journalists?)
“He raised the concern that Israel might use advanced surveillance technologies, such as those sold to Mexico and used to spy on journalists there, against anyone perceived as critical of Israel.”
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