“It’s a Wonderful Life” “50 Things You Didn’t Need to Know”

I just blogged about the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” However, I found this Youtube. I saw it yesterday and even though I have to watch what Jews forced on us in different scenes like the “really funny” black woman at the bank where our audience most favorably, not for White actors or actresses, it was a good movie for helping to save our White males, especially boys, and our people. In metaphysics, we magnify the good. Evil coming to the surface gets destroyed.

What makes it interesting is that I accomplished a 30 study, written, researched, edited, and published My Analysis of the Movie Trumbo.” I wrote how 24 different Republican government officials and committees exposed the evil Jews who seem not only “good” but as our “gods.” In this video, the speaker said that (White Communist writer,) Trumbo helped rewrite the script to what Jewish Hollywood wanted from the self-published jewish book, It’s a Wonderful Life.

What bothers me is that they chose desperate, suffering the agony of World War II, suffering PTSD, as I have, as the main desperate character, Jimmy Stewart.

At 5:59 in It’s a Wonderful Life, Jewish actor, HB Warner, slaps young George Bailey. It was the Jew Warner Brothers who conned me into a TV show that horribly figurative slapped, mocked me as the Queen of Karaoke, and turned the audience against me holding protest signs. Left me weeping since I never had TV or knew about how evil Jews operate. The Jew slaps were real against the White boy and drew blood in his ear.

The black raven bird strategically appears. But no one suspected. Henry Ford “Knowing is the cure!”

Autobiographically speaking, I was a Chicago background actress. On the set, Home Alone, (I think “3”) the Hollywood Jews had the snow machine and fake snow, as in the movie discussed.

Alas, when the movie was made the criminal couldn’t benefit from the crime. However, he “didn’t repent.” While people insist I repent, no one dare stand up to the Jews. Mama said to Daddy 1,000 times, “Stand up to the Jews you coward.” You have done that.

Jewish Sheldon Leonard played the evil Nick at Martin’s bar. While Jews made real-life gangster movies we thought were fiction, were really about and for the Jewish and Jewess profit. See my book review blog, Rise and Fall of the Jewish Gangsters, Alfred Fried. Once the Jews took over treasuries and learned how to act and dress like Whites they replaced us with the 92% of the non-Whites, non-Caucasian Christians.


It breaks my heart when character George Bailey, returning veteran, began to pray and actually sobs. PTSD. How sad! I have to stop writing and stop my tears as I watch his agony. I suffer for him, myself, and you who I risked my life for.

At the end of the movie, George Bailey, grateful that the entire city helped save itself and their mortgages homes, drops to his knees in Jesus’ “Lord’s Prayer.” He didn’t pray “My Father,” but “Our Father,” yours and mine whether we know it or not.

The last scene shows George’s veteran brother returning from World War II for Jews and non-Whites. The Beethoven hymn, “Ode to Joy” was chosen, which became the European anthem but nixed. Odd but Jews destroyed European Christianity and Jesus Christ (White) by 1945. They can’t even say the words “Jesus” Christ. Erased off the planet but we have the crap the Jews have filled our White minds with.

Sadly, the movie went to Public Domain watched repeatedly, but now Jews who all all TV stations, Hollywood, newspapers, radio, (once invented and owned by White Christians men and women) NBC, owns it.