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Today, a Jewess, Janet Yellen, controls the entire Federal Reserve Bank system, which controls all the White and USA $$$ and our taxes. It’s a private bank and Jews have done whatever the hell they pleased. Her ancestry has probably with ancestry back to my Poland where the Jewish banking families made my white Polish Christian people not just the worse slavery in history, kept us in constant war for 1,000 and the suffering and torment which goes with in, kept us illiterate, starving to death, as even I experienced starvation in South Chicago as folks were slaves for Jews, but we were “silenced.” First an Iron Curtain after WWII (Poland was the heart of the war, not poor Germany.) Then through their “anti-Semite” laws. There’s 3 major religions: Christian, Muslim, Jews. Both Jews and Muslims are “Semites” so this bill is “against White Christians) or the “anti-Christ.”
I’m just going to report on Von Brunn as a White Race Pioneer because of the “Murder at the Holocaust Museum.” I clearly say I’m not violent and never even hit my kids nor to my knowledge, ever intentionally hurt anyone or anything in my entire life in thought or word or deed. Jews commit all the crimes against Whites in our own country and we have to remain silent.
Jews and their imps kept my Polish people in constant war, starvation, rape, kidnapping, misery, and we are to remain silent? Jews and their banks kept USA in wars: Civil War, World War I, II, Korea, Vietnam, and our men can only put their tail between their war torn legs, as the Communist shot off my Vietnam, VietKong,veteran husband’s testicle and shrapnel on his inner leg and smile? My husband’s last words, “There’s no help for the White man in this country and I’ll kill myself and show them it’s about “men” and not about “money.” Where’s our White man’s manhood while all the other races and religions can tout theirs? How can the USA sleep at night knowing what we have “allowed” as Mama would say?
It seems the Jews were involved in the demolition of the World Trade Centers. Jew Silverstein bought all 7 buildings, one year before and had them over insured for double. Two planes hit two skyscrapers, and three fell. Worse the other 4 weren’t even hit and the Jew got paid for all seven. And Whites are held in a straight-jacket while the world laughs and scorns us at our utter stupidity. See if Israel or China would allow the takeover of their countries, when both have physical barriers: China 13,000 foot wall, and Israel, mines and a wall all around. Have they driven us mad for no species as the White Species has been brainwashed over and over again, 24/7, to accept this God-hating Chinese Communist and God and Jesus hating Jewish Communist takeover not just of our country, but our White male which is a symbol of war. They have been battling us and our White male didn’t even know. And now if we don’t save our White male this will be a third world country. I say “fourth” because even the lowest on earth who live off the land don’t have it so bad since they are still in tune with Nature and will survive another 10,000 years. We have no such means, not even one!
Von Brunn also went to arrest the Board of Directors at the Jew controlled Federal Reserve Bank which is their private bank, doesn’t have to answer even to the President of the USA or our Supreme Court! Died in prison
I  don’t condone violence. Nor do I want to be a victim of constant violence my entire life in the USA and in Poland as slaves and constant white bodybags for Jew wars. I’m ready to ask asylum in any country. They wouldn’t dare treat her highness the JAPP, Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal as I was treated. But one must realize he suffered from terrible, terrible discrimination in the USA since he was “German,” and people saw him with the Jew defamation name of “Nazi” as they labeled me “Dumb Polak.”
Just to review the facts to save the WHITE Race and expose the JEWS and their ilk when necessary.  We need both sides; JEWS’ and WHITES’. Von Brunn tried to make a citizen’s arrest on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank. Today, JEWESS Janet Yellen runs the banks which holds all the WHITE money. Autobiographically speaking, in 1966, I worked at the Chicago branch of 12 Federal Reserve Banks. White Von Brunn also exposed JEWS on the Holocaust and shot the museum up. He was 89, his son disowned him on world-wide TV. Von Brunn shortly died in prison in WHITE shame and WHITE guilt, just months later so none of his works would be read. I don’t condone violence. I’m too creative. I don’t condone the JEWS Wars from my Poland year 1025-1945, 9/11, USS Liberty, Patria Ship, World War I and II for JEW Rights, JEW and Yellow Vietnam war which drove my deceased veteran husband and father of my only two sons to WHITE suicide. All the work camps, JEWS misnamed death camps, were on Polish soil, not Germany. That’s my ancestry and I study that, so this belongs here to debate what really happened, not just the single JEW side we have now.  We need two Holocaust museums: the JEW version we now have and the WHITE Christians’ version kept secret until today, especially Poland’s Christian side.
Here’s Louis McFadden on the Federal Reserve Bank.
Second Link: https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/white-james-von-brunns-book-jews-say-kill-the-best-gentiles-whites/

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