Jesus' Enlightenment & Healing the White Greek Woman!

Jesus Heals White Woman. Also Syria and Jesus: With the entire world filling up all the airwaves of their constant 24/7 hoaxes of war, explosions, etc. I recall hearing name of “Syria” in the Bible with Jesus.
The first is about healing all over Syria. As I wrote, Jesus stayed away from the devil Jews in Jerusalem for he knew they were after him just as they were after his cousin, St. John the Baptizer who Jew King Herod beheaded!
“New International Version
News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed; and he healed them.”
From the Message Bible it says Jesus taught the “Truth of God!” I write the Truth and never have lied or exaggerated which makes it “boring” compared to all explosion and Sci-fi not only on Hollywood Jew movie screens, but Jew manufactured reality we live in called “news.” Let’s change the name from “news” to “jews” and we will get a clearer picture of our reality.
“God’s kingdom was (Jesus’) theme–and beginning right now they were under God’s government.” (Boy do I wish I could see that in my lifetime, not just witnessing the rich Jewess also from Poland as my Master/mistress, living in Kingdom of Heaven in USA as Poland, Germany etc.)
He also healed people of their diseases and of the bad effects on their lives. (The damage done to us by Jews, tobacco, booze, porn, gambling, sugar, TV, movies, new for Whites to self-suicide at their command.) Word got around the entire Roman province of Syria. (So we see Syria could have been White, certainly Gentile, and Jesus could have been White. Jesus was not born in Jewish Jerusalem, but in Bethlehem and lived in Galilee which was Roman or White.)
“People brought anyone with an ailment, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Jesus healed them all.” And for his teaching and healing which would have put the Jews out of business in controlling the people in the area, Jews arrested, imprisoned him, tried to break up his meetings, killed him. Just as Jews have done to many pro-Whites speakers today, the few that we have that could withstand the severe Jewish pressure!
Here’s the other passage of Jesus and Syria:
“New International Version
The woman was White Greek as her daughter!!!!! Not a Jewess.
But since Jesus was a racist, or believed in the Jewish religion, but might have been White raced, he admonishes the White woman for asking for a healing since she was not converted to Jews as the entire White race are Jews today.
This White Greek woman had a daughter who was possessed with a devil.
“The woman was a Greek, a Syrophoenician by race; and she besought him that he would cast forth the demon (evil or devil) out of her daughter. It’s odd but when I signed myself into mental hospital for help for depression I told the Jew that I thought “I” was evil. And yet I never hurt a soul only ‘helped’ and ‘loved’ to the point of exhaustion. Perhaps seeing Mama over the brink as White slave for Jew it affected me for I probably thought she was evil beating Daddy, smashing up the windows etc. The Jews never thought of themselves as “evil,” but “Princes and princesses” and converted us to worshiping them as even gods! I remember when I needed medical papers for a lawsuit for the Dalkon Shield, IUD, that damaged my womb and had to be taken out with cancer. (another way Jew doctors bring down or damage White population and mothers and babies. Many women lost babies or dead babies, like Alice Cooper singers.) I didn’t actually sue there was a fund available for the multi-billion dollar company was shut down. I met a lawyer at church for I missed the deadline and he sent papers for me and I was awarded $$$. I was then sterile after the IUD and surgery of my cancerous womb! But when I looked through medical records to give to attorney, I came across a sheet that was from the Jew doctor that raped me. On that sheet he wrote that I said I was depressed because I thought I was “evil.” You can only imagine how it upsets me now to write of Jew’s evil’s and keep that in my mind when it should be erased and I too can live happily ever after with positive or spiritual thoughts. When my book is over, I hope to leave this all behind, for I won’t take any more White or Jew abuse. I’m old and let the Jewess suffer now like I did and with compound interest for Jews understand $$ language and interest.
Jesus, still hanging on to his Jewish religious beliefs, said that the woman should stand in line and take her turn. He said “the children (meaning religious Jews from Bible) get fed first.” And “If there’s any left over the dog’s get it.” Yes he referred to us unknowingly as dogs. Jesus was human in many ways. His life was a “growth” in truth and spirituality, not born with it. He had to study, pray, learn, practice. His life began to open up to the treachery of the religious Jews, but not until they arrested and crucified him did he see the full extent of the wickedness of the religion he belonged to and the Jewish “race” of people and how far they will go to the point of murder to stop anyone from discovering or spreading any resistance to them!
The White Greek woman said, “But Master (meaning Master / slave for there was nothing wrong with those terms only Jews made Whites believe they were “evil” by having Black farm workers (or shufflers pretending to work and misnamed slaves.) ….. “Don’t the dogs get the scraps dropped by the children?”
“Jesus was impressed.” Do you see Jesus’ awakening to the idea that other people were children of God not just the treacherous Jews who he was hoping to someday convert and change. They don’t convert or change. They remain as diabolical yesterday as today as tomorrow. Jesus: “You’re right! On your way! Your daughter is no longer disturbed. the demonic (evil or devil) affliction is gone” She went home and found her daughter relaxed on the bed, the torment gone for good.” Ah, what a happy ending. Perhaps the White woman’s problems today can be healed also for it is said “we” have to change to save our male and race! The woman was a Greek, a Syrophoenician by race; and she besought him that he would cast forth the demon out of her daughter.

Jesus probably was White but a convert to Jew religion. It was this event that began to open Jesus eyes that "Whites" were children of God, and that the Jews were just religious demon imposters posing as the 'Chosen Ones'.
Jesus probably was White but a convert to Jew religion. It was this event that began to open Jesus eyes that “Whites” were children of God, and that the Jews were just religious demon imposters posing as the ‘Chosen Ones’.

Anti-Semetic & Ancient Syria! Jews would like nothing better than to repeat news 24/7, have White people ‘talk’ about it our only form of communication, and then send our White boys to war, White Treasury (already bankrupted) and then turn the Middle East Muslims, 1 billion of them browns, into another Yellow Commie China!
But there is a “real” side of Syria. And I don’t stick up for them, and not even for all the Whites for I’ve seen really bad sides to them.
From Jew Wiki on Syria. The Muslims, who if living in White Europe, need to be sterilized as the Browns and Jews do also. (Remember the Jews said if first of sterilizing or smartest White Germans after they tried to save White species, World War II.)
5,000 years ago, there were 20,000 clay tablets made with their language. At least then people could talk and communicate to one another not just rattle off some Jewish jingle and hear the same thing from 4 different friends on the war in Syria today.
It is the first “Semetic language.” So here goes the Jews whines, cries, moans and slaps that Whites are “anti-Semitic” when they mean anti-Jew. Although since Jews opened up the borders of Europe and American to take in a billion Muslims as we go extinct and their “Middle Eastern Slaves,” I’d say I’d be careful of “both” the “Semetic Muslims and Semetic Jews.” That isn’t “anti-Semitic” but they are anti-Christ, especially the Jews.

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