Jesus Whips the Jews Bankers out of the Temple

Jesus got a whip to beat the Jews out of the Temple
Jesus Whipped the Jews for they used the temple not for religion but for banking and trading.

Jesus & His Whip on Jew Bankers. I’ve written about this before, but was led to look it up again. I found the New Testament, Bible story, written in plain language by Maria Valtorta. It is really compelling and vivid. It was strange but I had finished in my autobiography about the last time my Viet Vet husband and I met before his suicide. We were both broken down. I was again living in poverty even though in the condo skyscraper, the violence against me was atrocious, and was bed ridden with severe pain for about four months right before 9/11.  I was older and harder for me to find work, for city jobs were going to young blacks and browns as my deceased Viet Vet found out. He also was 60 and unable to find work, kicked out homeless by Veteran’s hospital where he threatened suicide. I tried like hell to make it as a karaoke hostess, only to find out I had to work for low wages carrying all my heavy equipment and costumes myself. Being an older woman, the city was merciless, for my purse was stolen 9 times in 9 years, my karaoke new TV, my brand new Shure mic, Karaoke discs, people even stole my karaoke jobs right right after I was hired. Stole two of my husband’s attempts to write autobiography about being White, Veteran, and kicked out homeless in Chicago. We were both older as Marta Valtorta writes in this essay on Jesus and the wicked evil Jewish banksters and how he whipped them out. She talks of how Jesus “loved” this weeping, poor old couple, which is how I just wrote in my autobiography before I read this.
She writes that the Jews used the Temple of God not as a “religion” but as a Stock Exchange and Black Market. Jews still hide being “religion” when in fact it is the worse Mafia the planet has ever seen. I bet the Jews don’t get away with a 1/10 with their Yellow Commie Chinese God-less people then Jews did with unsuspecting White Christians.
In banking there was the “legal” rate and the “Jewish rate.” What would Jesus have done to Jews if he found out that all the money the White Christian descendents made for 100 years here in USA and 1000 years in Europe went directly into Jewish bankster hands for “their” agenda the takeover of everything the Whites worked for including their women and children?
Jews especially gouged the poor and the old. Take a look at Jews and the nursing homes, the gouging of White vendors while paying their fellow Jews three times the price for White Medicare to pay for. Whites don’t suspect a thing. Or lawyers that manipulate the old White money and distribute it to the young blacks and browns who did nothing but have black or brown skin to deserve it. Jews taught White youth to “hate their parents,” but Jews don’t. Yellow Chinese Commies love their elders and parents. So what happened?  It is what drove my mother over the brink seeing such disrespect.
Jewess Democrat Shelley Berkeley running for Senator of Nevada wanted a 55% death tax absconding the older White money and leaving nothing for younger White generation! Jews made sure all the laws protect their investments so they can leave big treasuries to the next Jewish generations as they did in Poland for 900 years! She cheated the taxpayers giving her doctor husband special privileges because of her job as House of Rep of my district!
In this essay Jews all worked together against the poor unsuspecting “foreigners” perhaps even White Gentiles from Greece? The Jews would give the 1/2 blind a wretched lamb no one would buy for they couldn’t see the condition. Jews wouldn’t take it back but replied with nasty words and rude mannerisms as the Mexicans did to me when I took back the tires I just bought for twice they want flat and I could have spent $20 for new ones guaranteed for 50,000 miles! Hell to be poverty stricken, perhaps someday Jews will know and they won’t have even each other for comfort.
The story calls for “Strict Justice” and that is what I want to see in my life and with the Jews takeover of the USA.
There’s a great painting on here.

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