Jew as World Parasite: German Archive

I just discovered that there are two kinds of lice. Being a gas chamber truther, that fascinated me.


I’ve had several longs blogs about parasites that I got rid of.

Jew Zuckerberg’s Facebook imprisoned me for 30 days. I had a meme that read, “Mama said the Jews are the filthiest people on the earth.” She would know. After Mama lost her government jobs after World War II, she became a slave to Jews as my Daddy did. Indeed, my mother had to quit school in 5th grade and was their White Catholic Christian slave in South Chicago (New Jerusalem.)

In addition, Mama washed Jewess’ floors on her hands and knees and brought the dirty rags home filled with lice. I did several blogs about how I got rid of bugs, rodents, worms, and diseases in gardens, homes, and even #1 companies.

Head or Body Lice?

You can skip to the bottom for the link or read a few paragraphs making a science out of Jewess body lice and showers.

I had head lice and nearly scratched my scalp off. We Kopaczewski-Nowaks didn’t have $.25 to buy Fels Naphtha soap to kill head lice. I researched and discovered Jew Joseph Fels invented it. That didn’t surprise me.

If we are going to raise this to a PhD level of thinking and analyzing, there are head lice and then body lice. It’s only the body lice that caused the deadly typhus that killed the Jews, not gas chambers. 

Ah that magic moment when all makes sense, why the Auschwitz Poland showers were so important. To prevent the mass extinction of Jews in World War II. Typhus comes from body lice bugs, not head lice. That’s what Jews were loaded with.

In fact, most casualties of World War “I” were also typhus. They claim it was because of living on close quarters. A Polish guard that is employed at one of the World War II Polish camps, told me the Jews were injected with typhus. Sounds reasonable since there was a 1924 ban on Jews in the USA.

You think the Jews would be grateful that the German National Socialists provided free showers, food, cake and ice cream, electricity, communication, and soccer games to play with the Nazi leaders, not the soldier grunts. But no they said those Auschwitz showers were disguised as pipes for the deadly Zyclon B to spew out and kill 6,000,000 Jews in 1 1/2 years!

 By the way, with the heat over 100 for several days, our local Weather Alert says to take cold baths. I am. I’ve had two Vegas heat strokes and if I don’t take care of myself, no one else will. Also, I don’t want to get “body lice bugs” but stay immaculately clean.

German Archive

Here’s the German archive article on “The Jew as a Parasite” written by Adolf and Alfred Rosenberg.

Only for the smartest is this picture of the three kinds of lice. It wasn’t the National Socialists who killed the Jews it was the army of lousy ” Body Lice. Jews must now extract trillion$ from the President of Lice, whoever she or he may be. Surely it’s a Jewess or Jew Cohen, the head Jews.

Thanks to the Jewess I had the Head Louse on the left with the two bulging eyeballs. Did you know Jews also brought rats into the USA on the bottom of their boats?

The poor crab louse is more of monster type of creature that doesn’t fit in nature. Ok, below is the article.

Distinguishing Between Crab, Body, and Head Lice - Pests in the Urban  Landscape - ANR Blogs