Jew Communists Again Cover up Katyn

I had written of the Jews stabbing my Polish King in his sleep around year 1300.
Assassination Polish King
I had like a premonition of the assassination of the Polish President and top 95 elite of Poland at the April 10, 2010 mysterious plane crash near Katyn massacre. It was to be a coming together of Russia and Poland since (Jew led) Russian Commies were given Poland by British Churchill. I had written that I thought the President of Poland and first lady were assassinated. Along with top 95. Odd but the only one who seemed to gain from this mysterious crash was that a Jewess was made the First Lady to replace the White Catholic Christian who was assassinated with her husband.
Thus the Iron Curtain of “Silence” over Poland as mentioned in movie Katyn DVD, in the interview tab by producer Andrej Wajda. His words, “How could an entire large nation like Poland be silenced.” Jews have done that to Poland since before year 1025-1945.Those Jews in 1945, wanted Palestine for their faked claims they were Chosen in Bible, (when it fact the Whites are but it’s been deliberately held from us.)
Here’s clips of my orders to Amazon in 2009, up until December, where I sent out the DVD on “Katyn” to friends, family, etc. The movie showed the German Nazis “innocent” and the Jew led Russian Communists guilty of massacring 20,000 of Polish finest men on April 10, 1940. The Jew- blamed the Germans.
You can see the various dates in 2009. No one believed me. No one watched them. My own copy I tried to ask people to watch it was returned with a “No.” For I blamed the Jew Communists. It proved to break open for me that what I had been writing was true, (however controversial) against the Jews and the lies of World War II written by Jews, which is all we have in our minds, The movie can be found free online. I bought 4 more recently to give away free. Also see the Lech Walesa from Poland who brought down Communism along with Pope John Paul II, (Polish Pope) wrote to me on Skype.
Now, here is a link below showing the assassination by Jews, (perhaps of Britain, or Russia, USA, in fact all 3 working together probably) of the White Polish President Sikorski after he got hold of the “Katyn Massacre” Documents during WW II.
(I’m trying to be brief.) Just some personal notes on youtube below:

  1. Polish President Sikorski, who fled Poland into France, then Britain, and was in charge of a Polish army, was assassinated after he obtained the documents for the Katyn Massacre. The Polish currier’s name is here and a few names below is my last name of “Nowak.” Here’s what I clipped off the movie. Jan Nowak, and above Jan Gralewski who brought the Katyn documents to Polish President in exile, Sikorski. Both killed in this mysterious plane crash 1943 in heart of WWII.
  2. Sikorski Assassination2016-05-27 at 4.26.57 AM

I just discovered something this minute. As I discover, I blog it immediately. Jews control comic books. Daddy worked for Jew publishers in Lincolnwood, IL. near Chicago where we lived. Ernst Zundel who vicious Jew Warman prosecuted in Canada because Zundel figured out the Jews lied about WWII, mentions how Jews controlled comic books to make the White Germans monsters for adult men and boys to “hate.” I also discovered (see this website and search is on bottom) where I watched all 139 episodes of I Dream of Jeannie and showed how Jew producer used the “slapstick comedy” series to spew their hatred against US Air Force stars, Major Nelson and Major Healy. I sent to FCC in DC an entire binder as a complete example of how Jews destroyed the White male and got us to “laugh” about it. In that series the guest character’s names were always something to do with history. For example a funny character at NASA was a man named Sikolovsky. But researching it I found he was a Jew from Russia who came close starting World War III just 3 years after Jews destroyed Europe in World War II. So carefully read what this Jew comic book character is all about an “insect” race. They change Sikorski’s name (which is Polish Christian ending in “ski” to Polish Jew whose name ends in “sky.” “Sky” means the Jew married into royalty of Poland like Jew raced men married the daughters of our American Royalty, President Kennedy’s daughter, Carolyn, and President Clinton’s daughter.” Chelsea.  Use your own mind to read into what Jews are talking about which is not comic book material but their own thoughts.


Sikorsky first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #156 (April 1982), and was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum. The character subsequently appears in The Uncanny X-Men #161 (September 1982), X-Men Special Edition #1 (February 1983), The Uncanny X-Men #166-167 (February–March 1983), #174 (October 1983), The New Mutants #50-51 (April–May 1987), X-Men Spotlight On…Starjammers #1-2 (May–June 1990), The Avengers #350-351 (August 1992), Excalibur #116 (January 1998), and X-Men Unlimited #32 (September 2001).
Sikorsky is the physician aboard the Starjammers’ starship, The Starjammer. Sikorsky is a Chr’Ylite, an insectoid race, possessing two bulbous composite eyes, an iridescent green carapace, transparent insectile wings on top of their bodies and mantis-like appendages. Sikorsky resembles a very large dragonfly, or a very small helicopter. He is given the nickname Sikorsky by the Starjammer’s captain, Corsair for his resemblance to a Sikorsky helicopter.[volume & issue needed] When he speaks, Sikorksy’s words are usually captioned in a square box instead of a rounded word balloon, a technique that indicates an artificial or robotic voice. Whether this is because Sikorksy is somehow robotic in nature or simply requires advanced technology to communicate with other life forms has never been clarified.
Sikorsky can fly, can mentally scan the interiors of living beings’ bodies, and has high empathic ability. He has mastered medical science far more advanced than that of Earth. For example, he is responsible for moving Professor X‘s mind from a ravaged body into a freshly cloned, healthy one that could also walk.

  1. In the youtube, Polish President in exile, Sikorski is traveling to Middle East. He had troops in Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Beirut. It’s said that Sikorski was anti-Semitic, or more accurately, anti-Jew, which no one will utter that hyphenated word.
  2. A strange occurrence, a Ivan Maisky, Secret Chief of Police, (Russia)  (who the movie said lied and lied in his memoirs about not being there at Gibraltar) meets with Sikorski. On Maisky: “At the height of the anti-Jewish frenzy surrounding the Doctors’ Plot, Maiskii was arrested and charged with espionage, treason, and involvement in Zionist conspiracy. Although Stalin’s death saved his life, Maiskii’s incarcaration was prolonged by his association with L. P. Beria, who had wished to see him installed as foreign minister in 1953 but who himself fell from power and was executed later that year. Pardoned in 1955, Maiskii was reinstated at the Academy of Sciences, where he pursued a successful career until his death.” From Jew encyclopedia     Also note the name of “Beria.” I met a Polish immigrant from Chicago at Dr. David Duke’s 2008 European American conference (shut down by Black Christians who threatened to quit the Whispering Sands in Memphis for their services if they allowed Whites to “organize.” Since Black Obama was an “organizer” in my old neighborhood of South Chicago for only blacks, it sees the hatred Blacks are filled with against Whites and how racist they are. The female Polish immigrant I mention showed me a book about the most horrible of all the Jew Communist bloody butchers of Whites, “Beria.”
  3. Polish President in exile in Britain gets the Katyn papers blaming (Jew-led) Russian Communists and saw the list of names of those shot with one bullet to the back of the head or buried alive. He recognizes the names. Sikorski was now in a position to break up the Polish-Soviet Alliance.
  4. 1942, British “Jewry” to condemn Hitler convinced Stalin to cooperate with Jews so Jews could emigrate to Palestine.
  5. When Polish President in exile, Sikorski, boards plane to return to Britain, something else in placed on board, and something taken off. Also some else gets on board but the plane was in dark shadows so this was secret.
  6. It was turning point for Poland in war. Churchill and Stalin excluded Poland from then on.
  7. When plane was driven into the water and all killed except pilot who miraculously was found with life-jacket on, there were British $$, pounds, floating all over the waters. (bribe?)
  8. How was Ivan Maisky, Allias Ivan Mikhailovich Maiskii, visit covered up and he lid about even seeing President Sikorski the day of the crash.
  9. It was then decided that Poland would be handed over to the Russian Communists and an Iron Curtain of silence and limitation of travel and communication to be put on Poland.
  10. It was then published about the “liquidation of Poles.”



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