Jew Docs: Injects White Redheaded Baby

I bought a copy of the front of an old Saturday Evening Post a long time ago. I scanned, edited, and in 2011 blogged. 
Delighted Jew doctor & his jab are the stars of this photo as are the terrified White parents and “delighted?!” White baby boy.

Jews controlled medicine since Poland, Germany, now the USA & all White countries. Harvard was a theological White Christianity University – Now 67% Phd’s jewish. 
How many Chinese, 92% non-Whites, women? All getting government and religious privileges. How about “alternative medicines?” Equal or superior rights as Jews kept whites down to elevate themselves & non-Whites.
Note the dear victim is a redheaded baby, who should be like a wonderful unique White flower for us to cherish. The baby is laughing as all jew sitcoms have been anti-White yet we laughed our way into genocide. 
The White baby is a boy. Butt naked. Homosexuality. It’s in everything that I’ve seen in rock Youtube since the 1960s where I began. 
The White mother covers her face, well, partially. She’s peeking through two fingers not caring in the least if her baby boy has babies. A university degree is behind her head. 
As a White Polish American slave to Jews I was expelled or nearly expelled the last three times I tried to take English classes. Yet Blacks have 100 all-Black universities – an all black intentional female school. 
What about Whites? All we have are potent “images” that plague our minds, the real victim of the COVID. The more it’s kept in thought collectively, the more it will spread. We live in an individual and collective thought world.

The hatred against White Redheads is something I addressed almost immediately in my writings since Oct. 10, 2002. My CVS high school friend was a beautiful and sweet redheaded Marilyn Neff. Here’s the 2007 YouTube “RedHeads Protest Wendy’s” below:

Jew doctor ready to inject White Eager red-headed baby