Jew Doctor raped me: Jew Dentist Sexually Fondled me 12 years old!

Grandma’s last name: “Polish Pawlowski.” Nobility. “Sky” at the end generally means sneaky jews who married into nobility as Jews got Carolyn Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump. Same 1,000 Polish story repeats itself.
The Canadian Alberta judge ordered Pastor (Polish Pawlowski) to kneel, self-hatred, self-condemnation, and basically suicide himself for his COVID narrative.
Grandpa was Polish Russian General who arrived in the USA in 1902. Since Jews forced alcoholism on Russians for 200 years, Poland’s addiction, war, and great human depression for 1,000 years, it was no surprise when I read Grandma’s death certificate. Died of cirrhosis of the liver. Polish women and even Southern USA women used alcohol to relieve war injuries under Jewish dictators as we have today. Grandma distilled green vodka in the bathtub during Prohibition. Think Jews in Poland 1,000 years: alcohol & wars the only products. 
Attached is Grandma’s death certificate. Maiden name: Pawlowski same as the victimized Pastor in the video. Note the doctor who signed it was Jewish Dr. Stern. Across the hall was his Jewish cousin, also dentist Dr. Jacob Stern. Autobiographically speaking, I went to the dentist when I was 12 years old in South Chicago, where Jews illegally immigrated to through holocaust lies after 1945. They already had their Polish White Christian slave population.
After dentist Dr. Stern injected me he then grabbed my breast and fondled me and said, “You’re sprouting nicely!” Women never talked nor did I know about sexual things since we were to be virgins when we got married. Now Jews made the White woman’s sacred womb a sewer for their and the world’s anti-White sperm. We don’t know the difference between good and evil. Grandma Kopaczewski Death Certificate.jpg‚Äč

Name Pawlowski like Grandma’s. Jew doctor raped me; jew dentist sexually fondled me 12 years old!
The ancestry department sent me this crooked birth certificate what shows Jewish Dr. Jacob Stern’s signed grandma’s last document. His cousin sexually fondled me when I was 12 years old.