Jew Feinberg Headed the 9/11 Compensation Fund

Jewish Wikipedia says (our god and guru and only since Whites aren’t allowed our own communications) Jewish Feinberg headed the compensation for the 9/11 fund and distributed the money. Bad enough the World Trade Centers’ owner, Jew Larry Silverstein got twice the amount of insurance money ($8 billion: $4 to rebuild and $4 for his pocket and the jewish world-wide syndicate.) What money avenues don’t they control? If only I came from Poland a jewess? Think of it. She’s never suffered a day in her life and all I’ve had is suffering as her slave. But now it’s all Whites in one form or another. The United States of Poland has become the United States of America. I guess it’s easier for Whites to focus and adore them or blacks, Mexicans, etc. than to tackle the hard problem of saving the endangered White species. 
Another jewish news article said he “cried.” Of course, they read my emails, blogs, and even radio call-ins since 2002. I was told Jews make up their news as we all do that.