Jew Gangsters Cheat Government

Quick note. I’ve already researched, wrote, and filmed about jewish and jewess gangsters. Their “women” teach their boys at a young age and now it’s their norm.

Questioning President Trumps’ finances

Even as far back as jewess criminal leader, Emma Gold-man, she masterminded the assassination of President White William McKinley. She also instigated the near assassination of Henry Clay Frick, #1 USA businessman. (Think of how they mocked both #1 businessman White Bill Gates, and White President Trump.)

I was looking up the two jewish master criminals, Murder Inc. Meyer Lansky & Leake! Lansky (sky at the end is jew, ski White Polish Christian.

“It’s estimated that by the end of the 1960s, Meyer Lansky’s net worth was over $300,000,000. But, due to his careful and clever bookkeeping, on paper Lansky was worth almost nothing.”

Warning to Whites: Jews brag about their evil against our people to worship them, even put up “museums” (Las Vegas) for the jewish gangers!